First reported as Fawzia Mamudu

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Name:Fawzia Mamudu
Also reported as:Salamatu, Merina, Agyara Zakari, Anita Bentum, Racheal Melpdy, Raof Osmon, Sandra Doyle, Diana Obeng, Dina, Ruth Quarcoo, Rauf Osmon, Mary, Mabel Maiden, Gifty Kissi, Comfort Darko, Ernestina Danso, Hannah Brookson, Marlene Kramer, Helen Amoako, Heina Smith, Grace Shirley, Rubi, Matilda Hamenu, Candice White, Candice Wilson, Jennifer Sulemana, Jennifer Morton, Sarah Ntreh, Olivia Perry, Rita Boateng Nielsen, Dorice Bruce, Carol White, Millicent, Shemay, Hope Boateng, Christine, Withney, Regina, Janessa Moore, Claudia, Farida, Augustina Badekomah, Rebecca, Comfort Dordunu, Shemai, Pearl Dorcas, Jennifer Orelia, Faisal Samiratu, Lensy Evans, Mary Asomani, Sandra Hattor, Sarah Bello, Randy, Comfort Adwoa Obiribea, Mary Hall, Susan Barrett, Mary Tashaa, Rabiatu, Bernice Obeng, Chloe, Shantel Agyemang Perry, Janet Arthur, Regina Asiedu, Elizabeth Larry, Emelia Adomako, Madison Ivy Scott, Andrea Smith, Cheryl Lewis, Lina Yussif, Ann Scott, Juliet P. Marshall, Jackie Smith, Erneststina Danso, Lizzy Larry, Ellen Maame Efua Dadzie, Liana, Esther Quartey, Fulera Yussif, Serena, Linda, Florence, Jemima Sarpong, Caroline, Emmanuel Antwi, Emma Marcia, Gifty Mensah, Jennifer Tetteh, Jennifer Merkle, Victoria Anderson, Joyce, Aisha Adam, Victoria Honest, Lucy Kumbi, Eugenia Amile, Victoria Dagba, Portia McMelly, Mercy Aryee, Suzanne Croft, Jessica Mike, Janessa Troy, Baba Rachid, Rebecca Gbovers, Bright K. Dzidzienyo, Princess Diana Kumah, Zee Ohenmi, Alice Smith, Abigail Garry, Jesse, Jessy Norman, Lisa Berry, Dermis, Nancy Jack, Fawzia Mustapha, Cathrine Balima, Rose Morgan, Cynthia, Faruza, Precious Mensah, Lily, Precious Ashong Williams, Diana Bill, Darlene Haden, Patricia Sarfo, Jennifer Sarkodie, Naomi Page, Bridget Nelson, Beatrice, Matata Coffie, Hali Pher, Joanne Bergamino, Lingiana, Hairiya Abdulai, Brenda Morgan, Brenda Williams, Zakariya Issahaku, Priscilla Landreth, Korku, Yahya Namau, Jewel Nana Gyasi, Elizabeth Bryan, Portia Dufie
Variants of name(s): Abby, Abi, Ana, Andreea, Anechka, Aneshka, Ania, Aniuta, Aniya, Anja, Anka, Ann, Annah, Annia, Annushka, Annuta, Anny, Annya, Annyshka, Anushka, Anuta, Anutka, Anuytachka, Anya, Anyka, Anyta, Anyuta, Beatice, Bernicee, Beth, Bridgett, Bridgette, Candis, Carolina, Carrol, Cher, Christina, Cloe, Cnythia, Cyntia, Daina, Dermys, Diane, Dianna, Dinochka, Dinulka, Doris, Dorris, Elisabeth, Ema, Emaa, Emmaa, Ester, Fauzia, Gracie, Hanah, Heleena, Helem, Helena, Helene, Hellen, Hellen, Hellena, Jannet, Jassica, Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenipher, Jennipher, Jennufer, Jenny, Jennyfer, Jesica, Jess, Jessi, Jessicca, Jessie, Jessyka, Jestica, Jimima, Joice, Joyice, Juilet, Julliet, Khloe, Liina, Lili, Lilly, Linde, Lizy, Lizzy, Luccy, Luci, Lynda, Maire, Marie, Marieh, Marry, Meri, Merry, Mery, Milli, Millie, Naome, Nusha, Oliwia, Olyvia, Pat, Patrica, Priecilla, Priscella, Priscila, Prissy, Rachael, Rebacca, Rebbca, Rebbeca, Rebeca, Reginna, Ruby, Sala, Samdra, Samirato, Sandrah, Shirly, Susanne, Sussan, Suzan, Suzann, Suzzane, Vica, Vickky, Vicky, Victoriya, Victorya, Vika, Viki, Viktoria, Viktorija, Viktoriya, Vikusechek, Vikuska, Whiteney, Witheney, Withney, Zakaria
Approximate age: 32
Known location(s): Accra (Ghana); Agona Swedru (Ghana); Kasoa (Ghana); Koforidua (Ghana); Kumasi (Ghana); Lagos (Nigeria); Tamale (Ghana); Tarkwa (Ghana); Tema (Ghana)
Also claims to be in: Dallas (USA); Fruitland, Idaho (USA); Canada; Geneva (Swizerland); Chicago, Illinois (USA); Port Louis (Mauritius); Coventry, West Midlands (UK); Houston, TX (USA); Cortez, CO (USA); Colorado (USA); Alexandria, Virginia (USA); Baltimore, Maryland (USA); Kent, Ohio (USA); New Jersey (USA); Pasadena, CA (USA); Bronx, New York (USA); Florida (USA); Singapore; Australia; Malta; Montreal (Canada); Texas (USA)
Address(es): HN 598 AM Amasaman, Accra, Ghana, 00322
P.O.Box 01065, OSU-Accra, Ghana
c/s 0122H Debby Av., Accra, Ghana, 00233
P.O. Box NG148, Nugua, Accra, Ghana, West Africa
424 Nima Kanda high way, Accra, Ghana, 00233
6 Nyamebekeyere road, Taifa-Accra, Ghana
P.O. Box 01065, OSU-Accra, Ghana
Mango street 22, Agona Swedru, Ghana
4945 Elmore Road, Fruitland, Idaho, 83619, USA
47th Mahogany Street, Accra, Ghana
Likely mid-20s, Accra, Ghana
2 room apt in Cobb Close, Coventry, West Midlands, UK
P.O. Box 2314, Mamprobi, Accra, Ghana
Abeka Lapaz str., Accra, Ghana
p.o box 14483, Adum Kumasi, Ghana
112 Bia street, Community 22, Tema, Ghana, 0233
Kanda High Way 441, Accra, Ghana
House 6 Block 9 kanda Highway, Accra, Ghana
P O Box 463, Mile 7, Accra, Ghana
PO BOX 92 Moku Valley St., Western region, Tarkwa, Ghana
Kokrobite street 3, Accra, Ghana
37 Military Hospital ave., Accra, Ghana
Dansoman High street, house number DC347, Sahara, Accra, Ghana 461, Tema, Ghana, West Africa, 0233 461, Accra, Ghana, West Africa
24 block Bush rd., apt 7, Accra, Ghana
P.O Box 4156, Accra, Ghana, 23321
Blk 13 Plot 50, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana, Western Africa
Phone number(s): 23326601710
E-mail address(es):
Found on website(s):
Available media:
Available fake documents:

Added report(s)

Report N1 (added on September, 19, 2011)

Typical scammer that needs money to pay bills or pay for the Doctor.

Mike (USA)

Report N2 (added on October, 25, 2011)

This scammer uses fake documentation to persuade You to send her money through western Union. This person professes love and then she wants money for ticket to United Kingdom and for the visa. She falls in love quickly and after few weeks of conversation she wants more and more money.

James (UK)

Report N3 (added on December, 9, 2011)

This lady is at this moment writing to me, I intend to keep it up as she is using stolen photos.

Tim (England)

Report N4 (added on January, 5, 2012)

Gal that tell you how much she lovesyou upfront looking for you to sent her a webcam then as soon as gets your $50 then she must have a camera or other $50 gifts as she is so destitute.
if you do not love her to refuse to send her money she has to have $50 weekly to liove you. this scammer is out of this woirld in demands for moiney and never give you her promise. please heed my ecperience my friends.

Jo (USA)

Report N5 (added on January, 10, 2012)

FAUZIA made intiial contact via yahoo messenger without ever telling the web site she had as her information source. I have seen her photos on untrue which has a sister relations with amateurmatch. Her ploy is that typical romance scam offering photos and yes asking for money for her sex photos and yes she wants to come to me. Yet in her many chats she brings in her close friend as the photogher that need camera to make the pictures and yes both will offer photos for the gift. Yet as we start to get close to the money her friend MERIN gets drowned by a beach visit and thus Fauzia wants money for the Funeral expenses. . Then as fauzia calms down she has to go visit her mother who lives out of accra and yes her sister SALA a nice blond wishes to cut into the arrangement while Fauzia is out of town. Very unusual arrangement for multiple people to ask for money. very professional how this manuver was handled on their part.

Jo (USA)

Report N6 (added on May, 16, 2012)

She initiated contact by IM on filipinocupid dating site.
Nearly 1,5 months I contact with her and actually keep contact with her.
I noticed some strange things; she don't want to contact with video call, only two times and very shortly she did it at the beginning about 10 seconds than she said her webcam not working, when I request it couple of times she said she bring one from friend in a few days than she contact with video call only for few minutes she show me her body structure and close. She says she is choosen me for rest of her life and wants to live with me but honestly she didn't have any money for passport, visa, medical reports and insurance. I asked her how much they cost and she says she will investigate and next day she says EURO 520 and want to help. Everyday she is talking about this couple of times. I asked her abt. bank account, she says she can only receive the transfer with Western Union (she gave Above mentioned name and address)
Finally I said her I have some expences for now and on June I can send . We still keep in contact I didn t say anything that I know that she is a scammer.

Turgut (Cyprus)

Report N7 (added on June, 7, 2012)

She contact me on the dating site secret. told methat her father came from Bremen and she lives with her mother in Accra. We have only two short videochats and she told me that her camera is bad. Also her Ipod is demaged and she likes music very much. She wants to have a gift for her birthday on 10. June, we wrotw about two weeks and all the questions i asked she do not answer, only the things in Ghana are difficult. So i promise her to send an Ipod with DHL Express to Accra. I stay for the next days in contact to know if she get the present.

Harry (Germany)

Report N8 (added on July, 17, 2012)

First contact with her was about may 2, 2012 on dating site i hook up, said she was a nurse, working late shift thats why she could talk all night, asked to buy her airtime so we could talk,from there it turned into a regular thing talking on messenger, then went to cell phone usage. Got to know her good, then problems with her mum came about, wanted money all the time for food stuffs and her mum's hospital bills. Then we got close and she wanted to come to U. S. and then the price of money went up. Never gave money for visa or passport, or plane ticket, said she had her own private travel agent she used. still did not send money, so mum back in hospital, then found out what I thought all along, several dating sites working a couple of e-mails, and alot of other men as well,So I joined here to find out just what I thought all along! Also have some of the same photos she emailed to me that are already on your file.

Jay (USA)

Report N9 (added on July, 27, 2012)

She initiated it, she send me a mail. She wrote in different styles, so I thought there were several persons writing to me. And she didn't talk (at phone) the way she was writing. Money was sent by western union money transfer. She didn't ask for money, but wrote how bad her situation was so I needed to offer her some money. At last her mother got a very bad heart disease and needed operation immediately or she would die. She asked for 8.500,- , but I didn't send for the story was to strange and she couldn't tell me anything about the disease or the hospital. Money was sent to Alex Amankwah, P.O. Box 01065, OSU-Accra, Ghana. She wrote that he was working at the wine-store of her mother and was like her brother. I ended the story for it became to strange.

Daniel (Germany)

Report N10 (added on December, 27, 2012)

Found her through photo match up. One of the pictures in your database is exactly one she had sent to the victim.

Jennifer (USA)

Report N11 (added on March, 14, 2013)

Contact was initiated by me. She closed her account on passion immediately after we had contact and expected me to do too. Called my almost immediately "My Love" on gmail-chat. Wanted to hear my voice, called me a few time by phone and showed herself with everything on webcam.
Aa\fter a few days started asking for money for het telephone and internet bills. Also to buy a new computer and let her friend make more pictures to send me. Also wanted money for visa, to come to Holland and stay with me forever. Here is where I stopped. Asked het if she was after my money and she agreed not to talk about money again. We'll see how long it takes ....

Robbert (Netherlands)

Report N12 (added on May, 28, 2013)

She says that she that she works for a bank in Accra, Ghana and that she has access to $45,000,000. She will come live with me and we will split the money if I send copies of my photo ID, name, address and telephone number.

William (USA)

Report N13 (added on May, 28, 2013)

Contacted this evening by 38 year old on OKCupid. Using name of getmetsip. Looked at photos on website and found exact same photo listed. Web page had many photos and a couple of passports from Ghana and one document (visa I think) to Austria. Also had several documentations of events.
While I was researching I was also communicating with her on OKCupid. We were setting up a meeting on Monday. I asked for her phone number and address to meet and never heard another word. Must have become suspicious.
I didn't know if you wanted me to list names from passports here or is that something you will research. I will if you want me to in followup email. I did use the name Ernestina Danso from one passport as both first and last names appeared on your website under the name Maame Paker.

Stephen (USA)

Report N14 (added on May, 31, 2013)

This girl has at least 2 profiles on the flirt on site, same pictures but she only sends pictures from one of the profiles the one you contact her on, she wants travel money from Ghana but she asked me for money and I got a friend to call her as we'll after a week just as with me she loved him to and wanted ticket money and visa to visit him same experience I had.

Bruce (USA)

Report N15 (added on June, 27, 2013)

Wants money for Internet bills and food. Also has sent me pictures.

Ronald (USA)

Report N16 (added on July, 10, 2013)

Sent me face papers about a gold exchange. In her dads will. Needs money up front to pay the lawyer.

Ronald (USA)

Report N17 (added on August, 14, 2013)

The bank manager so if it arrives at western union then i go to him to receive, his name is Osei tutu emmanuel.

Bilal (Lebanon)

Report N18 (added on August, 30, 2013)

Grace tries in every way to make you fall in love and get you to believe in her, and then ask you to send money for airfare or other. The money she asks you to send via Western Union in the name of Roy Wallace, who she says is a friend to pick them.

Kim (Denmark)

Report N19 (added on August, 30, 2013)

Contacted me on yahoo. Said she seen my contact info on one of those dating sites not sure witch one,fell in love very quickly wanted me to send her money so she could come to the us and we could be married. She has done video chat and showed me her dog named Zoey, got naked and told me she is a virgin and never been with a man because in Accra they are abusive to their women. Now on a daily basis she asks have you saved the funds for me to be with you? Even went as far as to have her mother text me why am i making her daughter very sad. I'm so glad i checked this site before sending any money. Thanks Stop-Scammers You saved me from a big mistake.

David (USA)

Report N20 (added on September, 25, 2013)

This woman contacted me with a picture other that the ones she eventually sent. She uses scenario 1 starting with small requests. She also uses texts and phone sex. She informed me her name was Matilda Hamenu and that she is half Egyptian with the other half being half Ghanaian and half Canadian. The truth is the woman in the photos she sends is and is quite American. She uses the phone to contact you to get online if you are not on. She also calls and does phone sex.
I had to search nearly the entire Ghana contingent on stop-scammers but there she was, thank you again stop-scammers.
At one point in our conversations she informed me that she got hacked and not to use the but to change to the Strange then I got a contact from also. So, 2 scammers were apparently using the same email.

Robert (USA)

Report N21 (added on October, 7, 2013)

She is trying to get me to send her money for food but giving me her brothers account and says shes from canada.

Dravenlee (USA)

Report N22 (added on November, 6, 2013)

This person is in yahoo messenger. id messenger sulemana.morton, jennifermorton529. but the pics is of a camgirl.

S. (France)

Report N23 (added on December, 11, 2013)

Told that she wanted to marry me and sent marriage papersshowed visa and passport that where fake and she said she was going to fly but was arrested in UK as she was having five kilos of gold with her and then she needed to have 26000 euros for making a document for showing that it was her gold so she could come to meand i had to make half of the money to the document
1 month after she was in Accra(Ghana) again and now she wanted me to sent her money to her internet connection as she was going to be cut out from it so now i couldnt se her anymore at the same time there where another woman that came online and was on webcam and i could see that it was the exact same woman as the first i was talking with there but she told me that it was becourse she was hacked that i was talking with the first (rita) the new woman was called (millicent) and she want me to sent money to go and buy planeticket and i cant see her visa and passport until i sent her the money for the ticket.

Tono (Denmark)

Report N24 (added on January, 15, 2014)

This lady wanted to meet me through a dating site. Though the site had a chat room, she asked my mail address, pretending she had no time and proposing to communicate later.She then immediately unsubscribed from this site. We then had some pics exchange about ourselves, then she had to leave for Ghana, to pick up some items her father had left before passing away, but ensuring we would meet when she would be back. Once there, the items to pick turned out to be gold. First she wanted my address to ship the gold, which I didn't give, suggesting to use a professional funds transportation company. She agreed and suddenly she needed 2'500 Euro to achieve the amount to pay for the deposit in, of course ensuring repeatedly how happy she was to have met someone to love and to care for...
All this lasted about one week. I quickly suspected a scam issue, but wanted to see how far it would go. I then explained I would not pay and the game would end here, since I was convinced about the scam intention....

Silvio (Switzerland)

Report N25 (added on January, 15, 2014)

Typical african scammer.

Mick (USA)

Report N26 (added on January, 24, 2014)

2nd attempt from the same scammer. New pictures of a different woman but I am sure it is the same person. Previously know as Louisza Carrey. Only contacted me a week ago and is already asking for money to upgrade her internet. Tried to get me to buy her a new cell phone for her birthday. If she contacts you and it is night time there try chatting on web cam. You will notice the sun is shining in the window.

Keith (USA)

Report N27 (added on March, 14, 2014)

i have invested $31,220.00 to get her to me.
She now claims she is in New York city.
i sent her $500 to get a plane ticket, she conveniently lost the money getting on a bus.
She wanted me to send her another $500, i refused.
I offered to come and get her by car. She refused.
I offered to fly there, Her meet me at the airport and i would get us tickets back. She refused.
It is obvious to me now.
She will never come here.
I cannot get a land line on the motel she is at, address either.

Jeff (USA)

Report N28 (added on March, 14, 2014)

I was contacted on the 7th of March by Comfort Dordunu. She sent along photos and right away I new it was a scam as I recognized the photos from a previous contact. I played along for a few days and then she asked for money.

Jimmy (USA)

Report N29 (added on March, 20, 2014)

I received a contact request from Pearl in QQ.
Her profile told me that she was from Finland. So I answered her "hi" with "kiitos" (which is "thanks" in finish). Unfortunataly she doesn't know much from Finland. Her parents moved to South Africa and now she is studying for a nurse in Kumasi: Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.
We had a normal chat about works, familie and she told me about the environment in Kumasi, the weather, TV, etc; yes, I am interested in the way of live in other regions in the world; just to know how they spend their life.
Remarkeble is that she goes to church on sunday and she believes "very much in God". In all conversations, she never uses capital letters, accept in "God" and "Him" and she tried to convince me that I should believe in Him as well.
We exchanged photo's which looked pretty normal (she sitting in the kitchen and she sitting in a chair). After 2 days chatting sometimes, she told me that here birthday was comming. She needed a new phone, because her old one was broken. In first instance I sent her to ask her parents, but they just had bought a new one, which was brooken now.
In the chats after that, she sometimes returned on this subject wher she asked if I could send one from Holland.
Sometimes she sent me a new photo, which were always remarkeble good; they just look professional.
Nearing her birthday, she asked if I would give her a present as well so I wanted to send her a birthday card via e-mail.
After about 5 days she told me she liked chatting with me. And the day after she asked if I wanted to marry again. She did forgot that I already was married. So some sad stories from her popped up. Almost no friends anymore and suddenly her live became a bit sad. After a while she asked me if I had a cam. Yes, I have and after she had fixed her cam, we had a video session, without voice. But even she knew that there was no sound, she kept talking to the cam, meanwhile we were just normal chatting. For 5 minutes, we were just chatting and she was happy to see me. After 5 minutes, the cam-connection just dropped. The day after we had a cam session of 14 minutes, again without voice. And again she asked me to send an iPhone during the chat.
Now we enter the stage that she started to miss me when I am not available. The chats become more personal and the request for a new mobiele becomes more frequent. Changing the subject becomes more difficult. When I told her I wouldn't send a mobile, she started asking for the money. First $300, going down to $150, $100. I kept telling her that she could expect a present, which can be delivered via the internet (a birthday card or so). She starts playing with my feelings; I don't like her enough to help her, isn't it possible to help a little (not even $100), etc. But at her birthday, I did forget to send her a card. So I decided to send her $25 for her birthday via Western Union. But she was busy, so she asked to send it on the name of her brother; Joseph Awotwe.
She promissed me to send me a birthday present as well.
Then she told me she was out of phone credits; they call it "airtime". Of course, very sad and if I could send 4$. Ok, I send her some credits via
A week passed with chats about normal things as study, shops, etc.
I pointed her on my birthday and indeed she was forgot. So what I wanted to have and I requested a present without value, just something she could send over the internet. She came with the idea to have a video chat. The day before my birthday, she asked airtime again, in a way she had enough airtime for the promissed video-chat.
Some days later, I received my "video-chat". Again, no sound, so we had to type again to communicate during the chat. After some time she started to give me a striptease show and I detected a tattoo on her back. That was the last thing I expected; what now? It was my "present" from her to me! Ok, she showed me her big boopies and meanwhile she asked to send her airtime. That was the moment that I didn't trusted it anymore. Nearing the end, she even could juggle her breasts with two hands and asking me money for air time. On my question who was typing at that moment, I didn't got an answer.
After 18 miniutes she told me she was tired and the connection was brooken. I started to look up the pictures she had send to me. These were all photo's from Briana Lee. But she promissed me another show after a short chat (of course about buying airtime; now 50$). Now she loves me and it would be good for both of us, etc. But I already knew that she was scamming me now. So I promissed her to send new airtime tomorrow. After 10 minutes chatting, she has put on some cloths again and a new cam-chat started. This time, she was waering fully other cloths and even her hair had a different color. Again a striptease, however her room was totally changed. To be honest, I enjoyed myself. Not because of the show, but because all the stupidities. After 9 minites, her airtime was low. I asked her if she had ever heard about Briana, but she didn't know her.
The day after she was shocked that the airtime didn't arrived, so I asked if it was possible that it was in "the other room".

Arthur (Netherlands)

Report N30 (added on March, 24, 2014)

Got email from her on Feb 23, 2014. She was very nice for a couple of months then asked for money to pay her current months rent and the next months rent. Said she was going to be thrown out if rent was not paid in 4 days. Needed 500 pounds. This kept up for the next few emails. Very desperate. Would not give exact address so I could come visit.
I refused to send money but would visit. She then got very nasty in her language and said I was definitely not rich if I could not even spare 500 pounds to help her out.

Peter (Canada)

Report N31 (added on April, 1, 2014)

I initially specified asked never money, then suddenly it started with passport, visa, trust with later and money for plane ticket, as it so far as was then that they should fly, and me all this woman met on the Zattoo of Facebook, sent, Photo's of passport, visa and flight data.

Brotzer (Switzerland)

Report N32 (added on April, 8, 2014)

She is saying her father died and she has 85 kill of gold has fake security from pioneer security tamale ghana.. fake pass port from london wales.. says her real name Ira lensumah evans.. and says she needs money for all these documents then she will come marry u says she has buyers for gold wants to have gold dhipped to u and 25.5 million she will trust u with.. till she arrives... but 1st she needs ur money..

Lonz (UK)

Report N33 (added on April, 8, 2014)

She Scammed me 100 Thousands dollars.

John (USA)

Report N34 (added on April, 17, 2014)

She want me to send her $1500.
She get in love in just two days.
Send me lots of pictures.

Piotr (USA)

Report N35 (added on July, 11, 2014)

Here is an obvious scam. I have more. This is all I get! Nothing but scam artists mostly in Africa, It's frustrating.

Robert (USA)

Report N36 (added on August, 19, 2014)

Lady has picture of voluptuous dEcolletage, tries to BUDDY you on website. Starts chat via website but wants to get right off onto Yahoo, whatever. She explains she is very desirous of you, and will drive from Houston TX to (in this case) Palmetto FL. Then comes the remark, You have to send me money for the gasoline.

Stephen (USA)

Report N37 (added on August, 19, 2014)

I am a regular on a website called QQ- i enjoy working with people in Asia on English. I was greatly surprised when an African lady showed up and for fun i accepted her. Just like others reported- from S. Africa now a nursing major in Ghana.

Peter (USA)

Report N38 (added on August, 19, 2014)

I was on X hamster looking for contacts when she initiated contact by asking to get to know me, this took over 2 weeks as she was there when I wasn't and I was there when she wasn't,(I still have that conversation on that site) she asked if I had a Skype account as she did not like talking on that website, we got talking on Skype for a while(we had to type as she said the internet signal was not strong and needed a new computer and it would be better. I sent her ?300 and 2 days later she had a new comp and sent me photo's of it, communicating was still no better.
I did find it strange while communicating with her/him that her education level was quite low as she did not understand every day spoken English(she kept telling me to use smaller words) we corresponded till today 17/08/2014.
I sent her/him GBP 300 for a computer, 200 for her birthday, I offered and she said no and the day after she asked and I gave, 1000 for a new passport and a visa to visit the uk and to clear some bills she had before her visit and 500 to put toward her flight to see her mother in Australia, flight was today.
The money was sent Comfort Adwoa Obiribea on 4 separate occasions to western union on 211 Obiaba street, Tema, Ghana.
On the odd occasion we did manage to look each other on Skype the reception was very poor, picture would freeze and no sound or garbled sound and the girl in the video that I was seeing was not the same girl as in the photo's I had been sent.
I am still trying to communicate with her to keep her interested and telling her if she needs anything she just has to ask and I will be there for her, in the mean time I am trying to get info on how we can get this person apprehended when she goes to pick up the money, but nobody seems interested?
I contacted this site twice asking for info as what to do and had no reply.

Matt (USA)

Report N39 (added on August, 25, 2014)

This woman started texting 6 months ago and said she was a counseler and a missionary for the chruch and wanted money for the chruch i sent 30.00 dollars at first and when she recieved it she was mad and quit texting so i runned her photo and to my surprise she was a porn star shes on there now posing and then she was on datinglinks also as susan barrett and mary tasha that web site datinglinks has a lot of scammers on it she uses the chruch to try and get money so any one who sees these names please be careful ok there cheats and scamms if you go to both sites shes on there now i hope these woman get took down someday for there crimes she sends the name so be careful.

Charlie (USA)

Report N40 (added on September, 15, 2014)

I think I'm getting scammed.

Jean (Canada)

Report N41 (added on September, 24, 2014)

This is more like it an attractive woman. If you want to try to scam this is the way. This scammer first appeared in Christian CafE without a picture. The scammer was thrown out very quickly. I got a suprise when this scammer appeared again with identical profile and this time with a picture. I didn't bother trying to do a report the first time as there was nothing to go on but the second time with a picture was abit too much to resist. My main reason is it is sad to still see many men just thinking about looks and then the bedroom and getting scammed. So if any pictures in Stop-Scammers and what I have written saves one man then it's worth it. Men need to use their heads more. Incidentally I don't belong to My Flirt. The picture I received in CC was the same picture placed in My Flirt. This scammer has obviously just used a picture of an Hispanic Lady to try to scam. This is what I mean by using ones head. Do abit of detective work and one thing don't send money. Even if you have been writing to someone for 2 yrs. Some female romance scammers keep men dangling for a long time.

Paul (Australia)

Report N42 (added on October, 8, 2014)

I met this beautiful girl on Naughty Dates. I was contacting a woman who I thought lived in Atlanta. Shantel then contacted me saying that she had started the account when she was visiting her girlfriend. We have visited online extensively through Yahoo Instant Messenger and she presents a good consistent story. Some strange things occur though, it is evening and the light out her window doesn't make me believe she is in the same time zone as me. She is in her apartment, but cannot get to her phone to call me. She is a beautiful young woman giving an inordinate amount of attention to me. Although she has not asked for any money, I just can't believe that she is really interested in me.

Frank (USA)

Report N43 (added on October, 15, 2014)

Made contact in yahoo messenger, said wants to marry an older man. Has ask for $$ and a new computer. so far. I am still talking to her.

Gerald (USA)

Report N44 (added on October, 15, 2014)

She sent me a picture which i found on your website.

Martin (Netherlands)

Report N45 (added on October, 27, 2014)

Hello to you all
I met this woman (Lizzy Larry) on Facebook and the second evening from our chat she already started to ask me to sent 850 dollars to some shipment company, I checked that shipment company via google search but did not found it so this so called shipment company doesn't even have it's own website, strange don't you think.
this woman (Lizzy Larry) claims to be a citizen from the USA Baltimore, but she was on her way to Nigeria to collect the inheritance of her late dad (yes here we go again famous old story hahahah) this woman sent me 6 photos from herself and after I got her photo's I checked them, I was very negatively surprised about the outcome because this woman I found so many times under many different names and with so many different mail addresses its not even to count on 2 hands I found many people who has report this woman being a scammer her newest mail address is ( be very careful when you meet this woman somewhere on the internet she looks very nice with nice breasts either, but this woman is nothing else then a dirty gold digger.

Peter (Netherlands)

Report N46 (added on December, 10, 2014)

Always another scammer.

Andrei (Sweden)

Report N47 (added on December, 31, 2014)

She is using pictures found elsewhere. Usual tip offs, calls you Dear and loves you from first minute she saw you. Wants you to be her "King Forever" claims to be from Finland. I new she was lying immediately because she had no knowledge of real Nursing school. Played her for two days before I got bored. What a douche bag...

David (USA)

Report N48 (added on January, 7, 2015)

Well all i know is she is useing stolen pictures and it looked and smelled like a scam so i blocked her.

Thomas (USA)

Report N49 (added on January, 7, 2015)

Goes by a variety of aliases, buxom, curvy, long black hair, tan, black eyes, provacative photos are give aways, starts with the same simple scam helping mum and gramma sell things in the store in Accra, there to look after her deceased father's estate.

Timothy (USA)

Report N50 (added on February, 13, 2015)

Usual money scam, fake pictures.
Name of receiver:Tawiah Zakari
Country :Accra
Ghana Zip code : 00233

Jimmy (USA)

Report N51 (added on February, 13, 2015)

She made contact true internatinal cupid. corresponded with her for about 3 months on and off. stop when i stop sending money. im so stupid. got hooked back in. spend almost $2500.00 Spent money for phone internet Now she wanted money for passport wich i sent before but her everything was false. Got scammed twice by 2 ladies from ghana probaly work for the samE guy. Im so frigin stupid i have blocked her from my phone and skype and told her that i found out about her and sent her some of her own photos of her scam.

Daniel (Canada)

Report N52 (added on February, 13, 2015)

Claims to seek serious relationship.

Steve (USA)

Report N53 (added on March, 4, 2015)

It all started visiting the website asiandate. I was just looking and found this semi white woman and read her profile stating she was from a Swedish/American background. I didn't know this woman but found out about her through my sister in law. After 1 month of general chatting she informed me that she loved me. Ego boosted! Wow I thought as well as the new batch of photos I received. From then on the video conferences slowed down as her laptop was playing up, other things as well! I thought okay it's all good, we can get it fixed. She got it fixed then and I got one more video from her that was the last. Then she mentioned about her inheritance and I had told her wasn't interested in it. I should have twigged then as she kept pressuring me about it. Telling me her father had died 2 years before and her mother owned a restaurant. Will attach these 2 photos she sent. Telling me that he was a mining consultant for gold mines. But then came the sob story about her inheritance. Stating that she had to be married to get this 6 million plus inheritance. Yep you guessed it we got married. Paid for that. Then the lawyer got in on the act a Mr Dennis Owusu. Email address is, He had explained to me all the proceedings and legalities of the inheritance. Yep! Sucked in again, paid 500 for deposit to open a bank account all in my name. That's when the alarm bells should have gone off! After a few days I received a text stating the account was setup and ready to withdraw the money and send to her. On receiving the email from the bank to login, (email attached) I couldn't transfer the money to get Emma Emmanuel out of Ghana. I emailed the bank asking why? ( Website I couldn't get into the site with windows explorer so downloaded Google chrome to access. So I logged in. Username: ghshore Password now is emmame48. The reply was I had to pay 34+ thousand to get the 6 Million+. Emma wasn't replying to my texts then so did some searching around and found similar stories. Fuming I was and contacted you and other sites reporting it. I know it won't stop but at least it will slow them down. I could go on for hours but I think you know it all from other reports. I haven't attached the emails of our conversations as I did delete them in anger. Also I have included a photo of 1 of her friends. Leticia.

George (USA)

Report N54 (added on March, 4, 2015)

Another Ghana scam attempt.

Joe (USA)

Report N55 (added on March, 4, 2015)

Ellen contacted me first time on 8/29/14. I didn't answer her until 1/17/15. We started writing back and forth. I was suspicious of being the person whose picture I was sent. She sounded like a black African, but she claimed to be originally from Finland and her parents were dead, and she was being cared for by a friend of her mother's. I got the hard luck story about her mother's friend losing his job, and they were broke. I fell for it and sent her $1500.00 by Western Union. I became more suspicious. I hired a company to check her out. They reported she was a fraud. I told her that I didn't believe she was who she said she was. I told her to hold up a piece of paper with my name on it. She did. I started to believe her. But now she is asking for more money. She called me at my home three times. I could not understand her African accent. I told her I could not send any more money. She persists in asking for money, not for herself, but for poor peole that she is helping. This gets better. She said she was a nursing student at a nursing school that has no record of her being there. I did a search on her name and came across your website. I found her listed as Fawzia Mamudu with an alias of Ellen Maame Efua Dadzie. Dadzie is the name of the guy who is taking care of her. She uses the name with her current email as Ellen Maame Efua Dennis. She gave me her mailing address as the one listed above, the PO BOX 92 one. She also sent me many photos of her naked in various poses and asked me to send her a naked picture of me. I told her I wouldn't do that. To this day she is still writing to me which I felt was unusual since I told her I wasn't going to send any money. If you want copies of her emails I will be happy to send them to you. I have decent pictures of her, and I have indecent pictures of her, and I have emails with no pictures of her. By the way, in 2007 I was scammed by someone who called herself Sandra Anderson. That cost me $1500.00 I have one email of her with her photo if you want it. I'd love to know who that really was.

Peter (USA)

Report N56 (added on March, 11, 2015)

Met her at hookup on her profile it said to contact her at so i did. we strated chating and within two day she stated that she would lose her internet service if she did not pay her bill of 189 dollars. i told her that maybe it was best, that we were too far apart and that long distance relationships never work. she kept on and on about how she didn't want to lose me. she said that i was the best man she had ever met and that she had feelings for me. she kept messaging me and i said how was it that she could do that if she had no more internet ? she said she was going to the libary and using the computer. i ask how was it that she could when it was late at night there ? she said she was at her neighbors. she kept say how she loved me and want us to get married, how we could be togather. so i gave in and sent two hundred dollars. then she sent me some photo of her and said that i was her man and wanted to get married a live in the usa with me. then she stop messaging me. i was angry and kept messging her until she answers and she gave me the excuse that the power was out. then she ask for my phone number so she could call me and here my voice, so i was stupid again and gave it to her. after two calls she now need money so she could call. so i sent fifty dollars but she only called twice and then stoped. i got angry again and kept messaging her until she replyed. and again problems with the power. now she is ask for help again. this time she four hundred dollars to pay for school or she can not garduate until she pays for the class she took to become a nurse. i said i would have to think about it, then i asked for the name of the school and number as well as the admission. she has not gotten to me.

Marc (USA)

Report N57 (added on April, 17, 2015)

Scammed me out of sending her money over $500.

Danny (USA)

Report N58 (added on May, 22, 2015)

Always asking for birthday money, sent to her uncle as he is guardian, how much can i send so she can travel 1st class to london to see me.
on passport, bronx is spelt wrong, wants western union or moneygram only, to uncle name ASHMIYU AHMED 1694 DAVIDSON AVENUE, BRONX, NEW YORK

Carl (UK)

Report N59 (added on May, 29, 2015)

Wanting me to send money for food and airfare, blood test to get back to US.

Robert (USA)

Report N60 (added on June, 29, 2015)

Hello to whom may be concerned, I have reported a scammer this year with you and you have kindly posted it for me. Believe it or not I have just received an email from a person that was mentioned tome via the last scammer (Sophi Lartey Larry). I have received a couple of emails now and I am fully aware that this woman is in transgression with the last scammer. I NEED TO KNOW WHO TO COANTCT TO REPORT AND TRY TO CATCH THIS PERSON!. I am sending her email to you (Copied) to show you her intent. I do not have the first email she had sent me as I have deleted it already. The one I am sending you is the second one I have received.
I want to put and end to this scam and stop the people responsible. This woman is clearly as viscious as the Sophia Lartey Larry person. I have not contacted Suzanne Croft as I already know she is a scammer.

Doug (USA)

Report N61 (added on August, 18, 2015)

Reported on Ghana scammer site.

John (USA)

Report N62 (added on August, 26, 2015)

She Tried to get money from me. Video cam and the whole thing. I didn't fall for the Web cam not her. She has someone doing that!

Dale (USA)

Report N63 (added on November, 10, 2015)

She is saying she wants to be with you and she wants out of their so if u send money so she can leave then she will take care of everything there and said she will cash at as she has be working there as a nurse.

Nicholas (USA)

Report N64 (added on November, 20, 2015)

An Inteligent scammer have skype and show himself to the others.
The name of the bank is ECOBANK...swift code ....ECOCGHAC..ACCOUNT NUMBER 0063014409005502

Mario (Portugal)

Report N65 (added on November, 20, 2015)

My father is being scammed by this person who i have looked at a picture you have on this site and the person is the same as a picture my father has recieved.

Jack (Spain)

Report N66 (added on November, 26, 2015)

Start asking for monye to get food for a month and pay for house a typic ghana scam.

Warren (Sweden)

Report N67 (added on November, 26, 2015)

New pics of this so called Rukkalove. They are of a totally different woman.

Barry (USA)

Report N68 (added on December, 1, 2015)

This woman has not tried to scam me, but she initiated the chat, first on Skype and then gave me her e-mail stating that she was in Accra and runs a business there.She regularly requests my telephone number (I have refused)and she is definitely the same person as you have listed from Lagos.
Her pictures were also sent to me by a Elvis Attor, who claims that she met Jessy Norman in a pub in Accra and thought that I would like a pic of her! Elvis Attor will be the subject of a further report.

Euan (UK)

Report N69 (added on December, 8, 2015)

This girl said she was a Nigerian based american..And had visited her dad whom had stroke and couldn't move. We got into chatting for about a week when she finally said she needed to go back to Nigeria, when i asked when she will be back, she didn't say.Three days later she asked me to send money to her father so she could come to me.. I asked her for a live come, but i it looked liked she was playing me a video..when i asked the reason why that happened, she said her cam was old.. I believe and on the day i went to the bank to send her the money, i was told she was a scam..

Larry (USA)

Report N70 (added on January, 7, 2016)

Great Scammer with kindness. She knows very well how deceive you.

Mauricio (Portugal)

Report N71 (added on January, 21, 2016)

Requested to be friends on Facebook. I thought I recognized from once before. Sent me a picture. Ask for one from me. Sent her one and her reply that she loves me. That didn't set too well with me. After talking she told me that she needed money for foodstuff. Told her NO!. We continue to message back and forth. She sent me a few videos and more pictures. I had a gut feeling something wasn't right.

John (USA)

Report N72 (added on March, 8, 2016)

I think, based on the obvious red flags, she's bomb, lit and waiting to go off.

Tim (USA)

Report N73 (added on March, 8, 2016)

She will get to know you very well and ask for money for basic thing than ask money for visa and the information will look very ligit. Then she will clam that her dad was very she needs to mail 20kg of gold and someone will help her with the scam and will have someone from customs call you and from shipping place.

Solina (USA)

Report N74 (added on April, 1, 2016)

Here's the initial contact with "Cynthia in Australia" and spellbinding photos.

Tim (USA)

Report N75 (added on April, 15, 2016)

Three months ago I received a Skype call fro a woman calling herself Precious A Williams, the line was bad as I live in The Brazillian Rainforest. I managed to tell her to send me her email address which she did. She introduced herself, said that she was 36 years of age and was looking for a man named Bell to marry as it was her fathers wish. I explained that I am 71 years of age and she said that it didn't matter, she would send me her fathers letter of his last wishes. I later received the attached letter from Miss Williams who purported to be the Manager of a charity organisation called LIFELINE.I am a retired Scotland Yard Detective and obviously knew immediatly that this was a scam but played along. She stated that LIFELINE was formed by her parents who had died some 6 years earlier, her father had left her some 50 acres of land in Kumasi and on this land was an undiscovered Gold Mine.She told me that the land was worth $5 million.She also sent me an address in Sliema, Malta which would confirm her status. I checked on this vai Google Earth and found that the building of the address was a gaming house and had only 4 floors, the address for confirmation was on the 5th floor. I continued to play along whilst I made my own enquiries. She sent me lots of letters of love, photos clothed and nude and even a porn video of her dancing for me. Then came the sting, her dead parents hadn't paid the land dues since their death and she needed $2500.00 urgently. I kept her on a string for several days whilst I found all of her other aliases and photos on the internet.I then told her that I knew what she was up to and she admitted that she was a fraudster.I shall try to attach all documents and photos that I have. One other thing that springs to mind is that she uses LINE as opposed to WHATSAPP, She told me she had 'issues' with WHATSAPP, she also changed her SKYPE number.

John (Brazil)

Report N76 (added on May, 17, 2016)

Another scammer from Ghana. I am sure this is a man pretending to be a woman. They never hesitate to send nude pics. Always asking for money.

Barry (USA)

Report N77 (added on July, 6, 2016)

I received a call from Darlene Haden who is on Facebook using a photo of Brianna Lee. She kept in contact on facebook and I asked her for her email address which she supplied, She sent me another couple of stolen photos and a sob story of how her boyfriend had been unfaithful with her best friend. I sympathised and she told me that she had money problems, she asked me to send her an unstated sum of money by Western Union or moneygram. I refused and this morning she again asked me to send money, this time $1000.00.

John (USA)

Report N78 (added on July, 12, 2016)

She tall me have 35 years old, student, first time tall me no have money for food, next time for internet, and her computer broken. expend about 1000 canadiens dollars bouthg lapto and sent. now she waiting for wedding ring and money to travel from Ghana to Canada, she never gave me name and province let she live.

Carlos (Canada)

Report N79 (added on August, 11, 2016)

This report deals with Naomi Page who is scamming using photos of Porn Star. Naomi contacted me though a facebook address she was using in the name of Chretien Guy. She sent me stolen photos. I asked if I could contact her by email and she gave me a gmail address. We started to converse on Google hangouts and within just a few minutes she was asking me to send her cash via Western Union to buy a cellphone. I broke off our conversations at this point.

John (Brazil)

Report N80 (added on December, 30, 2016)

She is a very good romance scammer. never send her money, NEVER, you will have lost it.

Hansi (Germany)

Report N81 (added on December, 30, 2016)

She email me on mingle2 started chating on hangouts send pic of raven riley. Know right then stolen pics chated for almost 1 mouth. wanted 250 dollars i never sent it.

Joe (USA)

Report N82 (added on January, 4, 2017)

Lizzy initiated contact through her friend's Plenty of Fish account. Correspondence with the scammer lasted two weeks. Undying love went out the window quick when I refused to send $300 to help Lizzy retrieve a new atm card because she had lost her handbag in a taxi cab coming back from the airport returning from Greensboro, AL to Accra, Ghana (she had spent Christmas with a friend apparently). I refuse to send any money to someone I never met in person. Lizzy asked me to send $300 to... Name: Nii Yohan, Country: Ghana, City: Accra, Zipcode: 00233, thru Western Union or MoneyGram. No money was ever sent.

Robert (USA)

Report N83 (added on March, 24, 2017)

ScamPortia Dufie contacted me on VK.

Don (United Kingdom)