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02-03-2015, 12:08 AM
Hi Guys, just would like too share with you,about my experience with this agency,and too warn you all about them.
In short:
I meet a lady,and wanted too pay for her to visit me in New Zealand.
So got a travel agency (Meyuan Travels China).
So they told me too send them roughly $3000USD ,for her airfare,and VISA,and there fees, so I did.
Then they told me too send another $5000USD, too help with her VISA, that she needed to have that much in her bank account , too support with her VISA application,and that I would get it back,(yea right still awaiting).
So I did, I sent it.
So all off a sudden , my wife to be, came back from visiting her family, and told me that I needed another $8000USD too pay her family, for the "dowery".
She has never mentioned any thing about a Dowery before, so I told her why , mention it now, and not a year ago.
So I told her "no",and left it at that.
I am still waiting for my $5000USD ,to be paid back into my account.
But now feel that this travel agency ,is working in cahoots with my women, too scam me,and take from me as much as they can get.
All moneys have bee paid into there bank account,(Meyuan Travels China) , and paid too Mr Wang.
They have frightened too take legal action against me, if I posted my story about them on this web site, I say "bring it on guys!!".
So its my opinion, that they are just out too scam men, from over seas out off there money, and are working in cahoots with women too get this done.
I should have known , looking at there web site:
Its got 2014 on it, so it must be a bogie web site.
Any way, this is my dealings with them, they have been very rude,and very disrespectful too me.
So I just want to warn all you men out there, "dont" use them, or you will lose all your dollars.

Owen Wallace

02-27-2015, 03:22 AM
Just an update on this situation.
I still have not received any moneys back from Meyuan Travel Agency.
Nothing at all.
I suspect now that they have pocketed all off the $10,000NZD that I sent them ,which is around $8,000USD.
All moneys was paid straight into there nominated business bank account in China.
Also I have not herd from my lady in over 4 weeks now, which i am starting too now think ,that this travel agency and/or Mr Wang are putting up fake womens profiles ,on dating web sites too scam us white western men.
Very bad news this travel agency is,I would stay well clear off them.
Will keep you posted if I get anything back from them ,(yea right!!).
Or any more emails from them.
Thank you

03-30-2016, 09:51 PM
I had a similar situation with Tour Dreams out of Kungur Russia, Kseniya Shabardina was acting as both soon to be and Tour.dreams. One person saw my post last weekend and asked for help and Low and behold I stopped him from getting ripped off.. I only got nailed for around$900.oo. Not as much as you.