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10-25-2007, 07:30 AM
Joining the so-called NETDATING for a while..I did meet not only one time but few times the male scammers although i have heard from some real men about their experience about the female scammers from Russia..ect..but this also happen to us..the real and serious ladies who want to expand our search just for the real love and the right partner..
Do I need to attach ?their? photos as I am sure that they never use their own photos but just copy from somewhere but they do have the similar profile?a stable ..decent man with a good job/position as a trap for the lonely ladies..but I can announce their email addresses?
I did meet many male scammers with the same story that they are all widowed with one kid who lives full time with them ?besides they don?t have any relatives..parents are all deceased..no brothers or sisters..and after a short time to contact with us ..they very soon starting their business trips to Nigeria..Ghana?ect..and the climax comes when either his kid kidnapped or he is attacked and lost all money..passport?ect and we ( the ladies ) are the only person he can trust ..rely on and help him thru this harshly situation by sending him some money ( just a humble sum around 400USD to maximum 1200USD ) to rescue him and his kid..
Another new story that he is the officer of a company or government who work oversea and his next tenure would be in your country..and he needs to buy a house in your country before he comes and ask you to help him with the money transfer?( asking your account number.. ect ) and before his huge sum of money come thru your account then you have to pay the so-called token fee to his bank in Africa..not much..just some hundreds USD ( 1% on the total sum transfer to your account )
Another funny story that the scammer will very soon to invest to your country and would like to transfer the money to you not thru the bank but thru some so-called diplomats who will come to meet you face-to-face to hand you a sealed box with the huge sum of money inside..and you have to pay the traspotation fees to get this box..Im order to assure the story is true..then the scammer will ask you to give them/him your ID number..telephone and you have to show your ID to the transferer/diplomats when you come to get the secret box?
The scammers? common denominator is they don?t have time to exchange emails with you to undertsnad deeper your viewpoint..character?family or else like the real man on the way searching for his partners?.but just the simple preface to introduce about them and their jobs/situation for next step..
We still saved and stored all the scammer?s emails and chats?as a proof..care to read ?
Here is some of the email addresses that my friends and I have experienced on the way searching for the real happiness..
So..my all dear ladies ?.although we really need a shoulder to lean on but never let the lonely feelings fooled us..we can continue to search by our real heart but with a lucid mind?
1/ Gentle_scott02@yahoo.com
2/ Kellybaker101@yahoo.com
3/ Antonio_Melluzo57@yahoo.com
4/ Rehurdson4love@yahoo.com
5/ Fred_x94@yahoo.com

10-26-2007, 12:24 AM
Hey lie_finder, same thing every guy knows, or at least should, when they ask for money, say b-bye!

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