I meet with one girl on the muslima.com this is dating website
her name is gergana zhelyazkova another name ashi
date of birth 11/03/1989
we chat nearly week and on last sunday she said i cant lives without you and i would like to come and meet me in London .
i booked her ticket from wiz air
she called me at the day time as told me that she is in bus and going to the airport .
from the airport she called me again and tell me that everything is fine she got boarding pass but airport authorities are not letting her to be on board because she haven't got enough money to show them and because she is young girl and she might traveling aboard for doing bad things its just to make sure that she have enough funds toshow money and when she will get to the London Luton airport she will give me back and i should send her as soon as possible 1000 EURO otherwise she will miss her flight i believe on her and i run to the money gram send her 1000 EURO and she collect this money straight away and i called her she said yes i got the money but now still they are not letting me to travel because i didnt pay my last year social and health insurance and i am really sorry its too late already and i cant travel today and she closed her phone .
any how she played with my emotions so my friends please be careful of this person.kind regards