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    Default Odd but is this a scam? Red Flags went off.

    I was recently in correspondence with someone I had been messaged by on zoosk. It went to email from the start and their profile immediately vanished. It was listed here in the United States and the person stated in email they were in Russia. That alone was 3 red flags from the beginning. Normally i'd ignore such and not send any further emails. Thought to myself, find out for sure just to see if they start asking for money. Below is the first, second and third email letters they sent. The first one was rather confusing cause most scammers I've come across immediately start with something like the second in terms of an email letter. I started to do some research the more the correspondence went on to see if I could determine if this person was lying or if they were telling the truth about who they were and where they lived, their profession, etc. What I found was that the person in the photos they were sending me had multiple VK profiles and several other social media sites with different names for all. Some hadn't been active for a few years time but the most recent ones indicated the person in the photos lived an entirely different city and that they were currently outside of the country. The whole time, the person I was corresponding with kept claiming to be in Orenburg when I asked them again where they currently were. I checked the email headers and traced the IP Address to Moscow, Russia. That seems terribly far away from Orenburg, Russia to say the least. At the end of one of the more recent letters, instead of using Ekaterina they also ended up using the name Tatayna. Another red flag was a photo I asked them for was photo shopped or had a really shoddy mspaint job done to make the appearance of a sign in the photo. Checked it with a photo manipulation tool online just to confirm what I thought. There have been so many red flags, however this person has not directly asked for money. They were definitely trying to use the typical romance con to convince me to do it on my own (to which I did not), it was at that point I suggested visiting them in russia instead of them coming here. They were surprisingly open to the suggestion which made me think that perhaps this may be a Pro-Dater (though that is still a con job to get money and/or gifts). I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this and if they have ever come across a scammer using the below person's photographs at all.

    I attach a photo. do you know me? This is a real email?
    Hey! your name Static? I have a whole day spent at work. You have a rest today?
    I attach a photo to the letter. If you have enough photos. I can send you more? In return! I would like to receive your photos. Ok?
    I met you because I like your profile.
    I would like you to answer some questions.
    1 What are your plans for me?
    2 for what purpose you were on a dating site Zoosk?
    3 You want to meet with me? First, let's get acquainted? We get to know each other!
    I am Ekaterina, I am 31 years. I work in a beauty salon, barber shop in. I spend most of their lives at work. Because of my busy schedule, I had no time left on the man's quest. Why are you still single? All women look only at the money and wealth? I'm right? Unfortunately, the world is now gone all the money. True love, even at this point no one appreciates. But I'm not like, I like the red Mustang 1985 issue, buyout dusty and in need of attention. Do you understand? I want to find a good man and true love! People say that to find someone with whom you're ready to spend the rest of his life, the Internet is simply unrealistic. But I heard a lot of stories about how people learn about the Internet, and often find their soul mate, my love! Build a family, have children, and live a happy life together! I believe in it. You believe?
    I look forward to your response.
    We are friends for? Now I'm your friend!
    Hello my friend Static! I am very glad to get another letter from you. :-) And my spirits rose at one point! Incidentally, I was worried, what if you do not answer me more! Suddenly I do not like, or maybe hurt you than ever! But I am happy that our contacts began, and has continued, I hope that in the future our relationship will go just fine! What we could get to know each other better, and then meet in reality! I'm very glad!
    I'll tell you about my day today. This morning I woke up, went into the shower, then cooked breakfast. For breakfast I ate eggs, Spaghetti, drank a cup of tea, and went to work. In my city it is very humid, the snow melts, the sun is not present on the dirty street. I want to at most all puddles have dried up, and finally it was summer. What weather do you have? What did you eat this morning?
    Well, now I tell you not much more about yourself! I live in a small but very beautiful city.
    Under the name of Orenburg, located in Russia. Through my city runs a small river, called Ural. You ever heard of my city?
    Clean and beautiful city! In it live very kind and helpful people! I love my city, and if you find it on the internet and look at the pictures, I think he is just like you. :-) I would like to look at your city on the map. Tell me the name of your city? I will watch and read about your town.
    People come to my city that to rest once and do not want to leave him. :-) I love my city, and I am proud that I live in it!
    I am currently in Russia, and I do not never been in your country. But I dream to visit your country in the future.
    I am a hairdresser. :-) Do different people, different hairstyles. :-)
    Frankly speaking, my job even very funny! Because some hairstyles are such unusual. :-)
    But we can say that my work is an art to create beauty and admire the result. :-)
    I very much like my work! every day at work gives me pleasure. :-) I meet a lot of interesting people, as many of my friends come to me, do hairstyle. :-)
    So boring does not happen!
    I hope that our acquaintance will not stop! And we also will continue to recognize each other. :-)
    Now finish your letter with impatience will wait for your answer! My friend Static hope you like me! And I'm just going to look forward to your picture.
    Write me, do not forget me. Your Ekaterina.

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    Default Re: Odd but is this a scam? Red Flags went off.

    Just managed to find the person's actual profile. This is a scam hands down. If anyone comes across these photos by the person claiming to be Ekaterina or Tatyana Romanovo with the email ekatemya@gmail.com do not reply to them. They'll claim to be in orenburg when this person is nowhere near that city. They'll claim to be in their 30s and the person in the photos is not. They definitely just started using these though so be on the look out for future attempts on any of the dating websites and if you do, please post them here to help others be aware of this.


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