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Thread: Fast lady

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    Default Fast lady

    Fast, fast lady
    A new fresh scenario rising?

    A ridiculously young, sexy and model-like woman, claims she is about to get passport and visa for my country.
    - In her third email.
    She has also advised me to just wait for flight-number, date and time of day, for her arrival.

    She also claims her employer pays the trip as a "fringe" for her. For a well done job.

    When and in what way is it likely she will "screw" me?
    What stunt is still left to be made?

    So far I've told her nothing of significance about myself.
    Reason: - I'm still waiting for answers for some questions from her.
    She's "madly in love" and I, have not yet offered a single compliment, to her.

    And she's too good to be true, so she's probably not true.

    Any ideas guys?
    Anyone been approached in this way?

    See ya

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    I guess if she is paying for everything, then you won't be out much. I have a feeling she will ask you to pay for tickets as she is setting you up for that. But if she doesn't then go ahead and meet her. She will be on your turf if she does come, you can always just walk away if she starts to scam.

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    Could any female be THAT stupid? To think I'll pay anything, after only a few days email writing.
    For christssake, I got her first ever email just one (1) week ago. Almost needless to mention, she contacted me first.

    A neat trick thou, first she attached a "amateurish" photo, she's wearing a baggy, tasteless, ill fitted frock. I replied out of politeness, despite her young age..... To cheer her up.

    And compare that to yesterdays (latest) brilliant photo. The saying "less is more" was appropriate. Meaning less clothes = more skin:-). Her advantages was really emphasized.
    She should have some credit for that.

    See ya

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    Just approach it all with caution. Safety first, isn't that the maxim?

    Remember that, even if her employer pays the travel expenses, she still has to qualify for a visa to visit you. Does she have a travel history already?

    And if she doesn't make you part with a few hundred here, a couple of thousand there, still make sure you two get to know each other properly before you co-habitate. There are, alas, even worse things she can do to you once you're engaged or married. You could find yourself homeless, asset-less and facing domestic violence charges.

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    Hi there,

    I experienced some correspondence with very fast and all promising girls, but it turned out to be kind of scamming very soon.
    At least I have to confess that the girls (or whoever) have a pretty rich phantasy in telling stories and finding excuses.

    My only good experience so far has been with a suspicious girl from Ukraine who nerved me with a lot of questions at first before agreeing to anything.

    See Ya

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    It was a scamming attempt. A fast one. Some unforeseen additional, last minute, travel-expense showed up that she needed help with, at an instant

    I wish they made some more effort to earn their dollars.

    Become curious, in love, volunteer to visit abroad, finding that some 150? is missing for the travel to become real.
    In 1 1/2 week and 5 emails flat.
    A new Olympic record?
    Report it to Athens?

    See ya

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    Lucky that I am already broke! I received a reply to my Yahoo personal from a 26 y/o Russian girl. She has sent me several photos (descent ones). We have been exchanging email for several weeks. I suspected it was a scam from the begining, but I tried to be open since I am lonely. The kicker for me is when money gets involved. Her letters were very convincing too. You should be able to find them on stop-scanners.com now. Anyway, as the scenario goes, she had to take a vacation, and would be so lonely without getting to hear from me since she doesn't have a computer at home. SO she decides to come to see me. She is paying for everything. She grew up in orphange and someone left her an apartment. She never answers my questions or replies directly back to my emails. Now she only needs me to Western Union over $450 dollars to finish the travel expenses. I must change my website now, and stamp stupid across my forehead in all my pics Very beautiful girl though. I think she has sent me 13 pictures, and a copy of her B1/B2 Visa. I just wish she was for real, but her letters are almost identical to some I have seen on stop-scammers keyword search "my soul!". I would recommend you avoid anyone that emails with the following address: olga@muzwagon.com SHE IS A SCAM!!!!!

    How do you meet real Russian women?


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    How do you meet real Russian women?
    I think is very hard a real Russian woman. After the first experience with a scammer, Now, i ask 2 questions. If their answer i continue, otherwise stop immediately my mailing.
    Now i found other 2 scammer, all drunked at the first e-mail, (check-their and found them on antiscam sites) don't answered me to my stupid questions. Maybe another one. For to be sure i stopped with her too my mailing.

    I think that is better change nation for find a real woman, Now, I begin to have serious doubts on russian woman. [?][?]

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    Hi guys

    I'm also beginning to think that the whole idea of finding a woman in Russia is a complete waste of time and emotions. It's really a lot of emotional distress to be writing to a woman and trying to develop a relationship while you're full of doubts.

    How does one meet real Russian women? Anybody can help us?

    Another country? Maybe it's a good idea... anyone can suggest one?


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    quote:Originally posted by southamerican

    I'm also beginning to think that the whole idea of finding a woman in Russia is a complete waste of time and emotions.
    woowwww maybe i found her! Woooooowwwww In one day four mails!!! Strange but i true!!! And also i too nice !!

    Write a something of special like a nice funny poetry, . If she's right and understand all, You'll find her. So the scammers you know quickly, always the same thinghs say them. bla bla bla. [8][8]

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