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    Hey Prometheus,

    The Stella I have been talking to is from Simferopol and she is 24 yrs old has brown hair but now it is blonde, has a younger sister and works as a lawyer for a car company but who knows now since the other two girls are very famous on here so it is hard to say if she is a fraud or not, that is why I am asking if anyone else knows more about her or have had the same experiences as I did.

    I have heard of other agencies that are very good now but I am a little hesitant to go forth and try them out, anyone have any good info other agencies that are legit.


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    I visited a branch of CC for 1 week last summer. The girl I met was 100% legit. Met me at the airport...
    Remembered every single letter I've ever sent to her and told her.

    I'll tell you what the problem is with some of you L-O-S-E-R-S. It's plain as day really. Some of these 40-50 year old losers think they can just fly over to some other country and hit it off with these hot 20 year olds. Wake up and smell reality. Keep believing the bull**** the agencies feed you in regards to "age and looks don't matter" and you'll always end up in the dog house.

    These agencies cannot control these girls. These agencies are BUSINESSES like any other business. It isn't about the AGENCIES , it's about the girls. They cannot tell these girls who to like , what to do , when to show up.

    I was writing with a girl some time back from CC. It was hilarious. She was talking about how these 50 year old losers constantly write to her and think that she would actually be interested in them. I told her that her profile read seeking: 20-55 and she said she had told the agency to change it to 20-30 and if any guys past 35 write her not to bother her about it.
    She even sent me letters from some of these guys to show how pathetic they are.

    The girls ARE REAL , they just don't want to be bothered with losers like any other girls any place else.

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    I would like to share a little info about myself. I am 29 divorced with no kids and I am a current member at CC with credits left for emails but hesitant on writing back until I find out if this woman is legit or not because of all the bad press the site is getting so I am being CAUTIOUS at the time.

    Thank you

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    If you want to find out anything - get on a plane and find out. Letter writing for more than 3 weeks is bull**** and accomplishes nothing. The real deal is in the meeting not in the letter writing.

    Every large company has bad press. It's completely unavoidable when your running a large scale business. Some of it might be true but theres also lots of it that is complete BS.


    I judge things on my own personal experiences and not on the experiences of others. Commen sense is your friend , unfortunately most of the people who do this type of thing are dumber than a door nail and easily taken advantage of.

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    I too have received letters from elena g,elena m , daria,valyuska b, and marina b. The letters i have received are word for word the same as the rest of you guys have received. I was even making plans to go to ukraine to meet 5 of the girls i have been writting. i have now canceled those plans and i will will contacting cc about their scam and turning them into the better business bureau in new york. I just discovered this web site by mistake and i am glad I did. i have spent thousands on photos, gifts, and e-mails to these girls over the past 2 years. thank you so much for the information so i will not spend more.

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    quote:Originally posted by howard darby

    I too have received letters from elena g,elena m , daria,valyuska b, and marina b. The letters i have received are word for word the same as the rest of you guys have received. I was even making plans to go to ukraine to meet 5 of the girls i have been writting. i have now canceled those plans and i will will contacting cc about their scam and turning them into the better business bureau in new york. I just discovered this web site by mistake and i am glad I did. i have spent thousands on photos, gifts, and e-mails to these girls over the past 2 years. thank you so much for the information so i will not spend more.
    Don't go to the BBB. ! They are utterly useless and in the pockets of the big organisations. Hard experience with them taught me that !
    Join with me. I have a lawyer set up in America ready to Sue CC. If you join me it will make our case stronger. ! In fact anyone on here who has lost money, send me an email and lets get together to get our money back ! There is power in numbers. !

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

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    helskar she is also writing to me and i was going to visit her in march what if we all show up the same day--hdarby1015
    quote:Originally posted by helskar

    quote:Originally posted by Glimmertwin34


    Kind of funny in a way eh? So, you still going in March? Let's fly together and see what happens! LOL It would be fun....Do this, write Valusha (sp?) and say you want to visit her the first week of March. I will do the same and see what happens. I have 10 credits left and am going to write one sentence letters to them...saying...

    I am coming to visit you the first week of March; are you available?

    I will see what kind of a response I get and will happily post them here. I am sure the CC staff..head crook...reads these things too. I wish that there was more that we could do to stop others from having this problem in the future.

    How funny you are the three of you...??? just contact me and you will get the possibility to contact "her" in person...No need anymore to use the brothel of that "Great Emotional Pimp" living in New York...Mister Crook is an American citizen...!!! By the way. So may be you will see then "what kind of designs" she really has in store...for you & us. Is she existing and how many clones she has...? For sure the head crook reads these things too, and they are even a few quotes of its personal make on this site...I did wrote to Silver yesterday and did get no answer or demand since...I wander if you really want to know about her before spending time & further money... That girl in particular does write a lot...How long do you think it takes for her to write such letters even in her own native language... I think quite a bit of time...She is at least writing to four men... It must be a full time job, don't you think...?

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    I am new to CC and this forum. My thoughts for now are these...

    Valyusha #4287 sent an email to me on my Yahoo account, which ended up in my "Junkmail" folder. I never heard of her or CC before. Thought that was "odd". She directed me to seek her out at the CC site.
    So, sure, I signed up to CC because it was "free". Well, analyzing this further, it is OBVIOUS Valyusha cannot speak or write English! How can she write me an email to my Yahoo account! In the email, she INSISTED we continue communicating with her via CC and not through Yahoo! I could care less about #4287, but am interested in some of the others on the CC site.

    Now, I am sure a lot of the CC ladies are legitimate. I am also sure some are not. Caution needs to always be applied. Yes, CC is a business venture with lots of expenses and they need revenue to survive. During this time, I do not see a complete evil-intent with everything. Are the people in this forum representing a majority or views? Sure, there are apt to be bad experiences from CC and from some of the ladies.

    I very much respect the postings on here so far. The truth light has shined. Many good ideas are coming forth, in regards to strategy, and what to look out for.

    As for the CC being down for 3 to 4 days now, the thought of a government shut-down has occurred to me, even before I found this forum today Sunday, January 7, 2007. Sorry, I am in the IT field and there should be no excuse for this length of shutdown from a technical point of view, if the site is properly managed.

    Good day!


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    quote:Originally posted by Prometheus


    Well it makes me feel better to hear that someone else is writing Lyudmila S #4001 as well. I am not the only fool. I did pay for the new photos of her on the site, so hope you enjoy them.

    She told me that a relationship had gone poorly for her, and that for a period of time she did not correspond with anyone. Then over time she led me to believe that I was the only one she wrote to.

    But I had my suspicions. Have you noticed that about half the time a letter to her is replied to within the hour? As if someone in the office is cutting and pasting an answer, as fast as they can charge another letter credit?

    Has she told you about the foolish friend who fell in love instantly with an unsuitable man? I got that letter twice.

    Stories about her brother's death and the grief that her parents feel?

    Stories about Nastya (Anastasia)?

    Every year I got the same letter explaining what International Women's Day was, that New Year's is celebrated like Christmas.

    She was also fond of talking about meeting friends outdoors for a meal or drink. I kept wondering where her daughter was with all these social forays!

    Now here's one that is good for a laugh... the Russian girl on the agency's homepage with pigtails who is painting? She's a porn star from a Russian website called "Best F*****d Teens." So that should be a red flag about who you are dealing with. I'm all for using stock photos, but a porn star?
    Hi Prometheus,

    Well, what a fool I am. I am also in shock. [:0] I too have been writing Lyudmila #4001 for 17 months, and realize now I have wasted tons of money on correspondance and gifts. The deception has been excellent, as she seems to respond properly to most of my questions. Once in a while she even sends personality questions/tests, jokes.... Also, she expresses no strong emotions or fake attachment, making her all the more believable. I had no doubt she was writing other men, but to me that is understandable. While it appears she may be real, I can see now that her letters are probably supplemented, hybridized, or embellished by someone else, maybe "Diana" who claims to translate all my letters. Someone there seems to know me pretty well by now, even if it is not Lyudmida. [B)]

    Anyhow, I have gotten some of the same stories about all the picnics she goes on with friends. I ass-u-me her mother was babtsittng. I As far as the quick responses to all my letters, she always claimed her work office was next to the Agency's so he could answer at lunch. The story about her brother dieing...never heard that one. Now she supposedly lives with her parents because the apartment was too expensive.

    Well, now what do I do??? I already have plane tickets to fly to Kiev in March and supposedly meet her in Zhitomyr. Good thing I did not buy one of CC's packages, as I had my suspicions, more about CC than Lyudmila. I don't want to waste the plane tickets, so I am inclined to start writing other women ASAP, just not with CC. Any suggestions? Even if there really was a Lyudmila and I still wanted to meet her, the agency says it will charge $50 for the meeting, and $100 for translation of my background info. It seems to me I should drop my pipe dream and not waste another penny on CC and "Lyudmila" I wonder how many other guys fall for the "Lyudmila". Maybe she is just paid to write letters, like others have stated.

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    I was very pissed when I came to the undeniable conclusion that I had been duped by "Lyudochka," and I deleted everything on my laptop concerning her, cleaned out several hundred messages in my CC inbox, turned my profile "off," and said (to myself) "DURAK." I wish I had saved them all, so I could post them as a warning for others here.

    I did save one of her questionaires... do you recognize this one?

    Do you have a desire sometimes to be someone else?

    What are you proud of the most in your life?

    Are you satisfied with the place where you are living now?

    Have you many close people that you can rely on?

    What is the person who is the most interesting for you in your life?

    She had the story of the old friend who refused to pay back a debt, the foolish friend who fell in love and got married immediately, a boss or supervisor that was a little too friendly. She "adored" the movie Perfume.

    If you do go see her, ask if she's still enjoying the lingerie I sent her. Take a few photos for me if you go, since I'll never see her in it!

    There is definately a real person associated with the profile, as she was photographed with my gifts, which I then paid money to download copies of.

    I had two names associated with translation of her letters,and there was definately a different "feel" depending on the translator. Send me your email, and I'll give you copies of these photos. There's a couple of nices ones you can pull out and ask her about when you meet her.

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