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    Hi Michael

    Thanks for this response, and the information. I joined CC in November (after my wife passed away), and have been writing to her ever since. We seem to have hit it off very well - personality-wise, and have told each other recently that we are only interested in each other, and no one else. She actually told me that she is no longer writing to other men. She also told me that she is in Moscow until April, and that any meeting will have to wait until then.

    There have been some inconsistencies in our writings, and once I accused her of saying these things to other men on CC. She got very angry, and sounded very hurt, so I patched it up with her.

    Now, CC seems to be down completely for many days! Do you know anything about that? Could you tell me what your most recent correspondence with Valentina has been, and what level on intendancy was involved?

    I was hoping that Valentina was legit and that we would be able to meet. You are the only person I have been able to find who was corresponding with her, and I'd like to know everything. Valentina and I have been corresponding on a daily basis, but not the sites are down!


    quote:Originally posted by michaelhile

    HI David, I am new to this site and stumbled on by entering Valentina and Polina in search engine and ended up here. I have been in touch with Valentina since last August. I was plannning on going to Ukraine last fall but was told because of work I should wait. Now she says she says she is in moscow for work and wants me to wait till April.I have been a little cautious and suspicious since the first few letters. I am familiar with some of the scams and when she asked for money for English lessons, flags went up. Letters have not been consistent. Some were word for word repeats of earlier questions. Some questions never answered, etc. In the mean time I have been in touch with a couple of different ladies from a very reputable agency. I used them last year and spent a whole month in Odessa tryin to get to know a lady I had written to for 6months. Had a great time, but sadly it did not work out. But I have not given up and look forward to my next trip. There is a large ukrainian community here in Oregon and have learned to speak and understand a little Russian, so have had no problems getting by while I was there last year. I also emailed you but thought I should post this too
    David A Desautel

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    Sugestr - if you are an Admin for CC, tell us why all the web sites have been down for many days!!


    quote:Originally posted by sugestr

    Also i want to show you letter from our president:
    To whom it may concern,

    Confidential Connections has been in business for over 4 years(1999), we have over 200,000 registered users. We have full time staff in 7 offices in the Ukraine. Our administrative offices (translators, web design and control is open virtually 20-22 hours per day) Every e-mail that is written to a lady, we personally call the lady and tell her of the letter. The lady has the option of answering the letter, in our office, in her home (with a printed copy) or by her phone.

    Most men (not ever seeing the Ukraine in person) forget how depressing life can be in a foreign country that has little or no income for its citizens. If I were a lady there the world outside my country looks good. Just like men who write to many ladies on the site, the lady's can write to many men on the site.

    We welcome you to view our free live web cams, which will show the TRUTH.


    All the ladies do exist. If she has been on another site, it shows on her profile. If a lady breaks any of the rules of her membership or is known to be a "scammer" she is removed from the site. We do not sell addresses or phone numbers.

    Your best bet in this "online dating thing" is to go visit the ladies and then decide for yourself. We cannot make everybody happy all the time but we try our best.

    Victor Filin Filin Yuk
    Confidential Connections
    David A Desautel

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    Hey Visable.

    You said you bought your ladie's information through 'AFA' WHat the heck is AFA??


    quote:Originally posted by visible11

    I met a lady in CC then I found her on AFA and bought her address for $12, but she told me she wanted contact thru CC and I told her I couldnt continue at $7 per mail so I offered to pay for her internet access and she refused so I concluded that she was a translator. She is a top 100 lady and she speaks english and spanish like me and never gave me her phone number thru her email that I bought thru AFA so, definitely CC is scam agency. I have concluded that all sites with credit based points like HotRussianBrides are SCAM because they dont allow exchange of personal info. Sites like BeHappy2Day are based on the same thing. Translators (even male ones) are the ones writing here. I have become disillusioned of online dating now.
    Take care!..

    David A Desautel

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    This Forum is the best forum!!!!! All of you guys are awesome!

    Here are my issues:

    1) If CC and FC web sites are down and done and the company is over, what can we do???? I still have email credits, and I would like to contact 2 of the girls I have been writing.

    2) Everything I have read from this forum still has not convinced me the 4 girls I write are frauds because they ask me questions about everything and they tell me specific situations with their families.

    3) Are their any good Ukrainian dating services, what about "kherson girls?"

    4) We all need to work together as a group here to help eachother out, especially if CC and FC bust, and their website is down permanently.

    5) I have already started to look at better sites to accomplish my objective: NEVER DATE AN AMERICAN WOMAN AGAIN, NEVER MARRY AN AMERICAN WOMAN.

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    Nice one! There's a night and day difference, isn't there?

    I think the CC "down" may be Ukrainian New Year coinciding with a weekend.. probably noone around to notice/fix the problem.

    If they were going bust they'd have kept the site open and pumped up the "Buy a New Year gift" emails to get some cash in.

    Ralf S.

    No bullets for Chaingun

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    I do agree this forum is great also.

    I have the same situation Jackspades as I know that one girl I speak to is on the level, the other two I know are frauds. I have many photos of the girl I am connected with and she is with her sister and family and friends plus they all look legit to me, so me confused once again?????? Also there have been many situations where I have gone away for a dying relative or just a b-day party or a weekned and she would always ask me how they were. I would mention this at least a week ahead of time (except for the dying relative of course, which is short notice) to her and she would remember the dates to when it was, unless this is the work of the translator or manager writting this down but how do they have the time to read each individual letter to know exactly when I was going to leave and come back?????? So I am still in the middle of all of this......how do we get our credit back if the company did fold? I still have email and photo credits left, so where do we begin? As of now the site is still down!!!! What is the AFA? Well like Jackspades I will be very careful but continue to look forward talking to the one woman I know is true, if the site does come back up again but if not I will move on and look elsewhere.

    Have you heard of Jim's Lists? He mentions black listed agencies & women which are frauds, plus genuine agencies which he calls the Gold List. Do we know this guy if for real or not? Go to jimslists.com and check for yourself if you have not seen this.

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    Some of you guys are as bad as I am. Give it up already. Read Jims comments about CC on his website. I have been scammed and was dumb enough to send them a ton of money to correspond with some office worker! Lyudamla number 4001 always had some reason she could not do a phone call and couldn't agree on a time for me to visit. I will demand a refund but it ain't gonna happen. Don't throw your money away. Switch to a reputable agency.

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    quote:Originally posted by newduke

    Some of you guys are as bad as I am. Give it up already. Read Jims comments about CC on his website. I have been scammed and was dumb enough to send them a ton of money to correspond with some office worker! Lyudamla number 4001 always had some reason she could not do a phone call and couldn't agree on a time for me to visit. I will demand a refund but it ain't gonna happen. Don't throw your money away. Switch to a reputable agency.

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    Yes you and I are similar, I am not some old guy, I am 31, good looking guy, the evidence for Fiancess Connections (FC) being a sham is not as overwhelming as Confidential connections. The girls I talk to at FC, I know are real, when I wrote to the Ukrainians it was all bull****, you could tell it was crap.

    Based on what Ralf said, sure, if FC still exists, I would book a trip, it is like going to the Casino, you know the House always wins, but I don't know, it's exciting. And yes, anything is better then dating or marrying an american woman......I am willing to swim to Buenos Aires, if given the option of Dating/marrying an american woman or swim in shark infested waters. I was married and then got divorced, luckily I have no kids owe no money, but I am sick of american women.

    Also the Jim's list is very helpful.....

    The CC website has been down for 4 days now right? Do any of you have the telephone number to call them up at their New York Office to see what the F*ck is going on????

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    Maybe my next trip will be to columbia!!! HAHAH

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