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    Compare the young lady at UALADYS.COM painting a picture here...


    With the porn star modeling a dildo here...



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    to jackspades: i booked a cheap flight to Buenos Aires, found me a nice hotel on my own and went to the office on foot. There i met this lady.
    Maybe i should have met more. But then again Buenos Aires is just filled with nice women. Must be something in the air. But i am not too sure about how real they get on that agency. I just can't put my finger on it.
    Some girls seem sincere but you never know untill you meet them.
    But anyway Buenos Aires and the landscape of south america and the girls there are definately worth a trip. So if you want to keep it cheap just book a flight and hotel on your own. And the restaurants and everything else are not expensive.

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    to prometheus, that is an amazing similarity.

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    Oh it's the same model. There's a bunch of stuff on-line about Salvesen having ties to prostitution and the porn industry, but I have yet to see any corroborating evidence. You can pull it up with Google.

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    I believe that the girl I'm after, Valentina (with a daughter named Polina) is from Simferopol as well, but is in Moscow on business for several months. This makes the interpretations even harder, because Valentina has to call in to the Simferopol office to send and receive messages,

    Let me know if either of you are talking with Valentina.


    quote:Originally posted by siberianhusky

    Hey Ralf

    Do you remember the girls name you talked to in Simferopol? I would appreciate the info you have on her because I too am talking to a girl there from that branch and wish to know if it is the same woman. Thanks


    quote:Originally posted by Ralf S.

    quote:Originally posted by dadepfan

    Then why will I continue for a while? I'm not totally convinced that this outfit is 100% completely a Fraud. I AM 100% convinced that there are very shady things going on. But is nothing here legit? Not even some of the girls? No chance at all?
    Fellas, I've been using CC for so long that they gave me a "Lifetime achievement award".

    I've seen only a few things that looked fishy. I never tried writing gibberish, to see what comes back .. but a girl I wrote to in Simferopol didn't reply to very many of my letters as if she had read them. I may send her a load of garbled words just to see if she thanks me for "my wonderful letter". Anyway, I gave up on her.

    But I also wrote to a girl in Odesa for a while and she replied to most points in every letter. I had no reason to doubt her at all. I met her, she knew all about me, we talked (as well as we could) and we generally got on well. We didn't "click" (same as may happen when you go out with a local girl) but if we had, I have no doubt I'd have been out of the blocks. I'm comfortable with Odesa branch.

    I'm currently writing to another girl. Same story.. she DOES read my letters. Okay, she replies and then adds a bit of generic waffle but I'd go to see her on the strength of what I feel about her (being genuine or not).

    My view is that each office and each girl is different. I heard of several managers who have been sacked, so there's a load of "off piste" activity going on, I'm sure.

    I also had girls taking me outside the CC services, using their friend as interpreter, offering "unofficial" accomodation and so on. My opinion is that manager and girls alike in many cases are using CC to add on some "perks" for themselves. That doesn't mean 100% that you're out of pocket (my apartment in ... was cheaper than the CC hotel.

    It's depressing to read all these stories though... it seems that CC or UALADYS (UALADIES, surely!?!) is not very well run or controlled and either deliberately or as a consequence, there is too much scope for dishonesty.

    Just be sensible and stay alert fellas. Don't trust them too much and don't believe what they write TOO much. But don't give up either.

    Ralf S.

    No bullets for Chaingun
    David A Desautel

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    LOL! "ladies.com" is already taken

    quote:Originally posted by dublindevil

    quote:Originally posted by dadepfan

    If they are as smart as I think they are, they will have already reserved ualadys.net, .org, .biz, and . everythin g else.

    quote:Originally posted by wxman2001

    Sounds like this forum and confidentialconnections.net has caused CC to change to ualadys.com. I bet if confidentialconnections.net changed it's web address to ualadys.net the .com site will all of a sudden have more problems and then a new .com site. ualadys is distancing themselves from their previous name as quickly as they can. They are trying to stop the bleeding from the shot it took here and elsewhere. I have discovered if you go to www.confidentialconnections.com you will get a login screen and nothing else.

    David A Desautel
    Well they are obviously not smart, or maybe just plain stupid. As I said earlier I have already registered ualadys.net and hope to complete the site shortly. I don't know how they can sign up for a domain with incorrect spelling. ! Lady's all over the world is written 'ladies'. !
    However just a short line or two for all you guys. I agree with what was said earlier about all of us keeping together and helping each other, but for god's sake 'dont spend any more money' !! They are still out and out crooks, and the obvious reason for their disappearance was not to 'sell the business' but to avoid 'debtors' and to avoid all the bad publicity and try to move away from that web site CC dot.net. After all there were probably loads of people ending up on dot.net instead of dot.com ! I will go and check the 'stats' for the dot.net site and report back here.
    If all the guys go back to spending more money then all our efforts will have been in vain and Ladys.com will return again to making loads of money. ! Lets show them we mean business. All the stuff I read here about some girls being genuine, and some letters appearing genuine is complete 'crap'. Guys going to Ukraine and being 'disappointed' with their girl or 'a' girl is just further proof of the scam. Has ANYBODY been to Ukraine and met any 'real' women away from CC or any agency ?
    Just normal and everyday women going about their business and not looking for a husband ? These woman are so unlike the agency women they should be at other ends of the planet. There are two types of women in Ukraine. Those genuine women who are the majority, and the agency women who are almost 100 % into scams, and employed by the agency to make money for them both. I know both types and believe me they 'are' worlds apart. ! I don't know if anyone visited those two sites I recommended 'tverangels' and 'datingnmore' but if anyone did they would have seen the glaring differences between a good decent and honest site and CC and Ladys. !!

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    David A Desautel

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    Take it easy Bro

    Not so in love that we are easy pickins, but willing to spend relatively small amounts to verify the truth, one way or the other. CC, now ualadys, is a site on the Internet, and thus as supicious as you can get. But then, the same could be said for this site!


    quote:Originally posted by Prometheus


    "It takes a wise man to learn from his own mistakes, but it takes a GENIUS to learn from the mistakes of others."

    It is obvious that some posters are so "in love" with a relationship and a person that exists only in their mind, that they are going to keep putting quarters in the slot no matter what.

    As said so ably by one of the letter writing cons at CC (who has far more experience with jerking men's emotions off than I do):

    • Do you believe in the essence of auto-suggestion? We want to be in love so much that we fall in love with the concept of love and project it onto a fantasy, usually something exotic like a foreigner. We tend to idealize them. And I thought you just idealized me! It?s easy to imagine they have all the attributes we desire because we are not physically with them.

    I want to thank everyone, because when I cut it off with CC on 28 Nov 2006, I was plagued with doubts about my decision. "Perhaps she is sincere, maybe she is real, maybe it is the translators fault," etc., etc. Now I have hard evidence that my darling was planning three trips with three other men while professing undying devotion to me alone. And I still haven't learned who "Jeff" is! (The name she included in a cut and paste letter that started my serious self examination).

    Anyway. Amazing this site is free. Considering that tens of thousands we have flushed down the confidential connections toilet, you should charge for the info here. Invaluable! Good luck everybody! I'll light a candle for you to come to your senses.

    David A Desautel

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    I have not received anything from Valentina yet, and I wrote last before the shut down. The site says "Lady has been informed and will respond later" next to each of my unanswered letters.


    quote:Originally posted by From Russia without Love

    Have you noticed the increased frequency of letters from woman since the new site went up?I've received 2 first time letters just now. I'm feeling so wanted and needed right now... or should I say my money is needed and wanted by the new scammers.

    David A Desautel

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    It seems to me Simferopol is the most corrupt office. Aside from Valentina beware of Irina. There is also the story about giving charity to disabled children. Irina wrote this to me 10 days ago as a demonstration of her pre Christmas charity. I've also noticed Valentina is no longer on the Top 100 and does not appear on a Simferopol sort. She must be a covert scammer.

    Does anyone have positive experience with Lutsk or Kremenchuk offices?


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    Hello David,
    To my surprise I got a letter from Valentina today. Below is a copy of the letter I sent and her respons. Either she did not get my letter and prior suspicions are confirmed (someone else the letters, etc,) Or she is ignoring my concerns
    I write this letter with a great deal of caution, fear and some trepidation. Being the hopeless romantic, even when the evidence is overwhelming, I tend to always give the other person the benefit of doubt.
    But when the CC website crashed I started to look around and found out there are a few other men who are under the impression that they are exclusive in regards to your letters and attention
    They have said that you told them there were no other men you write to. You and I have talked about you writing to other men and I have never claimed exclusive rights to your attention.
    But if you are telling other men they are the only one you are writing to, maybe I should search somewhere else for my future. As in the past I do not expect an answer. I am not even sure you will get this letter.
    But I do know I am a better man for knowing you. And all of this reminds me of a few words by the poet John Greenleaf Whittier. ?For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN.?
    At this point in time I am ready to change my plans and go to Odessa instead of Simferopol. It would be uncomfortable for both of us if I showed up while you were seeing someone else.
    I guess it will be up to you from here on out.

    Hello from Moscow!
    How are you babe? I see that you were thinking of me a lot
    My dear I think that you know that On the 7th we have had a Christmas Day We had a lot of Fun with Polina!At the Eve we went to the Big theatre and there was a Christmas celebration performance...and I should tell you that it was amazing
    my darling you have to know that one day I promise to you that one day we will go together there..of course if you wish
    After that we were walking along the streets and I saw a lot of people who was begging for a help and money at that very moment I realized how lucky I am !! but I think that everything depends on people I think everyone must have a goal to achieve a for their future! My dear do you agree with me? Everything is under our control I do not respect those who do not want to do anything in their life but just complaining how difficult their lifev is Isn't it radiculous? I strongly believe that we are ctreators of our life and destiny.. I am really proud that I did everything myself, I remember that there were times when I was on the edge of frustration and I even was going to give up but there always were people who helped me a lot in my situations
    I think it is very important to have such people in our lifepeople who can be not our friends or just relatives but like psychiatrists for us!Of course it is really important to have our close people's love... you know actually love is an elusive emotion. Often people use the word love too freely. People say things like " I love chocolate" or "I love going to the seaside". I think use of the word like this is wrong. I think the proper usage is " I love you" or " I love my wife" or " I love her so much". But once true love is found it is like being in heaven or paradise. My life has been absent of love for a long time. It is time for me now to be in love again. This is why I ask for your help. I think we can attract each other and find paradise together. What do you think?
    Love has its own language. It is so much more than words. It is actions. Although we do not speak the same language fluently right now, we can communicate in the language of love. The language of love is a simple touch, the way our hands fit together, or the way I would touch your shoulder or remove a hair from your forehead. The most expressive way to communicate in the language of love may be through a kiss. If a picture is worth 10,000 words, how many words is a kiss worth? I would say millions. Through a kiss we can communicate so much. We can say hello or good bye. We can say I love you or even more important a kiss can say I need you now, or make love to me now or I want to make love to you right now. A kiss is the most expressive communication in the language of love. I think we can both be expert communicators in the language of love. So here we are, on the eve of a new year and both of us are searching for a life partner. Maybe destiny has brought us together. I am not afraid to act on my New Years resolution. I am not afraid to act on this resolution with you. Perhaps you are not expecting to hear these words from me now, but a new year is approaching. It is time to begin a new year with an important goal. So I ask again, can you help me achieve my New Year resolution?
    Well that what I was going to talk about with you
    My Polina says hell to you and remember that we are thinking about with you
    Kisses and hugs to you, your VAl

    I am sure the rest of you guys will have your own comments and/or spins on this

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