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Thread: sCAMM OR NOT

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    Hi Guys
    Asking for money is rated as scam on this site, but asking for too much is a bad scam. Can anyone advise on these amounts requested by a recent contact... She says...

    1. "I have the Russian Passport" (sent me a copy) "I must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 65 US dollars" ? is it true she needs a different passort ? Is it $65

    2. "Also I will need to pay for medical exams too, it will be 65 dollars." (desination Italy - but I didn't see anything about that on Italian Cosular Site).

    3. VISA. "Visa costs around 120$, but I said 210$, because 60$ is registration of visa and other 30$ is registration of other papers. What's true here ?
    According to Info I found, Visa to Italy cost about $40, no mention of registration etc.

    Thanks in advance - If her info is false, I'll send SCAM Report to Site


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    Hi ray!
    Yes it is true that they need a difrent passport to travel abroad , but the price on those i dont know.

    Medical exams, is only nescessary if she stay for long time, this is like we need a Aids test if we shall be there for more than 3 months.

    And you has right, a visa cost about 40 $ , i never paid anything else than that , to get a lady visa there.

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    I walked into an "agency" once in Kiev, Urkaine. There was one lady there answering letters. That was her job. She would answer letters for hundreds of girls from hundreds of men. Of course, you'd eventually be asked to pay for correspondence.

    If you are asked to pay for correspondence / translation forget about it. Sure there are ladies who can not write or speak English but then you've got to wonder about their sincerity in finding a foreign partner if they are not at least willing to make an effort to learn English. That is not to say that all those who can not speak English are not sincere. There are some.

    For the most part ladies can use translation software anyway which is free. It is true that internet access is expensive for them if their salary is low. But then I know a lot of ladies are willing to sacrifice and go to the expense in finding their future husband.

    You are best to deal with agencies which provide each lady's authentic contact data - home address, email address and telephone number so that you can contact her direct. Be sure that the agency will provide this before you purchase an address otherwise you will end up spending hundreds or even thousands in correspondence fees and the real lady may never even see your letter.

    Finally you've got to go their in person. There are no shortcuts. You've got to get on that plane and see if she is for real. Forget about all this sponsoring if you haven't even met her in person.

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    Thank you jsk for your insight on operations of these so called marraige agencies. It opens one's eyes to just how somer operate. I agree with you that if a woman is serious, she will try and learn English on her own. My fiancee was doing just that. She bought books, and tape to help her learn. After my third visit there, I decided that since we plan to now get married, that I would pay for professional English lessons. We went to local University and we found an english professor who was willing to teach her for $100 a month. That is a reasonable fee, and professor spoke fluent english and is a patient teacher. I have talked to my lawyer, and it is important that your fiancee speak some English, as all embassy interviews in FSU countries are now only being conducted in English. This is a new change, which will now make immigration harder for those who meet women from other countries that can not speak to each other.

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    Look Guys... here are a couple of clues you need to watch out for...

    1) If they fall in love with you by the second letter... RUN, don't walk to your nearest computer terminal and dump her (...and all the email associated with her)!!

    2) Watch for suspect email addresses using a name and/or the prefixes or suffixes such as XXX, wantu, needu, kissme, inlove, etc. Clearly they are intended to provoke additional emotional responses associated with the thrill of meeting a young, sexy woman! This is quite similar to subliminal messages using the power of suggestion. If you browse through the scammer's addresses on this site, you will notice the increased usage of these examples and others.

    3) Not every young, hot, sexy Russian or Ukrainian "Babe" is on the take! If they are sincere (and you are as well), they understand that they need to be patient for your arrival to meet them. Some women may request that you to meet them in a different town other than their own. This could likely be sincere, and is often due to the restrictive passage into some Russian and Ukrainian republics and provinces. In other words, many cities and republics won't honor your tourist visa to Russia without an additional visa for that specific area without a valid reason to visit their particular region or city. Meeting your dreamgirl is not a valid visa reason, you would need a formal invitation from a business or resident (yes, even her) in that city. However, that does not mean that you should send them money for the trip to a different city, either. Most parts of Russia and Ukraine are accessable by train (crappy trains of course, but they are extremely affordable for nearly anyone). Also, some women choose to meet their chosen man away from their own home town... especially if the subject of intimacy has already been breached as being apart of your planned activities when you visit her. Nice girls, who simply have a strong desire to be intimate with you, don't wish to be seen as whores to their neighbors because they want to share a bed with the foreigner for whom they have deep affections. Remember, this is supposed to be a trip to meet somene you want to marry, and NOT a sexual foray into another country!

    As in any situation, common sense must dictate your actions. It is just dumb to send money to anyone you have never met, period! Occasionally, you may feel you have gotten to know someone well enough to feel you can trust them. However, just remember that many scammers are patient, and will wait up to 6 months to drop the "money scam" in your lap!

    How do I know any of what I speak? Well, in 1997, I was married to a very beautiful and young, Russian "Babe"... but THAT is another story! Just remember, if any relationship is worth attaining, it is worth the wait. But don't expect any woman to wait more then 6 months to visit her without a really good reason, or you may lose her to another man who was willing to get there before you! By the way... For the record, I am going back to Russia for a second try because I know it is worth it! Let's just say that I simply forgot to incorporate all of my personal measures and requirements into my decision to select my first foreign wife. I will NOT be making that mistake, again! If you had a bad experience being "scammed" already, it's probably due to the fact that you were thinking with the wrong head!

    The Scam Doc

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    aussieman40 and bacpac provide valuable insight through experience. Since I have not gone through all that they have, their advice has helped me a lot with my future wife. No one can really get to know someone through one letter or one visit. Online relationships do not equal easy marriages and a lifetime of marital bliss. I would think there are probably more problems marrying someone from another country, than marrying someone from your own town or country.

    I know it will take a lot of patience on my side when she does come here. I will have to drive her everywhere until she gets a driving license. I will not understand everything she says and vice versa. Communicating will not be the easiest even though she is learning english. Her daughter will take time to adjust to new schools, trying to make new friends etc. Luckily there is a fairly large amount of Ukrainians and Russians in my city, over 3000. So I will try and get her involved in that community. Plus there is the big issue of her moving away from family and friends. Being homesick will be an issue. I will get her a calling card with many minutes on it so she can call home whenever she wants. The other part is that she will likely not be able to visit her home country for at least a year as we wait for her temporary visa to be upgraded to a permanent visa. So with aussieman and bacpak experiences, I hope I will be prepared for all of this and I hope I can be patient enough to make her adjustment easier.

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    The Internet service in Ukraine is quite archaic. It reminds me of when Internet service began in US. You pay a monthly fee and it includes just a few hours of service. Sounds like she is recieving several letters from different guys. She reads them, and then on another day, probably sits down and writes letters back offline, logs on, and then sends them out all at once. She might be living quite nicely, especially if she is writing several guys, and now may have stopped especially if one of the guys is a sugar daddy sending her lots of money (relatively speaking).

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    I think you are in complete control of this one Aussieman. It will be interesting how this one progresses and if she is a scammer or not. How do you send you packages to Ukraine? I've had so much problems sending things to my fiancee in Ukraine. I don't send cash or presents. However, when I send cards, they rarely make it to her. Most of the cards from US never make it past the greedy hands in the postal service in Ukraine. I do occasionally send things through federal express and they always make it, even after going through customs, but that gets expensive.

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    I checked with my fiancee in Ukraine and asked how much the Internet is per month. She told me it costs $40 US per month, and that is why many people do not have it. She hasn't heard of an hourly rate, but then again she has no computer, so knowing that info isn't high on her list. She is amazed that in America, one can get connected for as little as $10 per month. They are still trying to figure out capitalism over there. When I was there last month, I was amazed at how rediculously high prices are for electronics, mobile phones, appliances etc. You would think these companies would figure out they could make much more if they lowered the prices. But that is for another discussion board on economics.

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    I checked again with my fiancee, and the $40 a month is for high speed internet through cable. She has not heard of the hourly rate, and does not understand why, if it does exist, one would pay that much per hour. It's much cheaper to go to Internet cafe instead. By the way, that phone company also provides services to the internet cafes, so she may be writing from there, and just handing you a line on how much it costs per hour.


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