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    Default I have been scammed...help with your opinions

    hello friends and thanks for this website and your colaboration.my story begin in receiving a letter from a lady from nigeria in webdate.com asking me a relation,she sent me some e-mails and then we spent about three weeks talking in yahoo.messenger everyday.she told me that she was born in england-liverpool,his father was married with nigerian woman.and she lost his father and went to nigeria with her mother to live there.and after 4 years she lost her mother in a traffic accident.she told me that is a lone in this life and she need a man who cares her and to marry with her.also she has the diplom of management there.and work in a copmany three days with salary 480 $.she falled in my love as always and began with the tender and romantic words.she sent me some photos and i asked her to make new photos and she made tow and sent them.my problem is that i had before a bad experience with ukrainian woman,but in this case i tried to be careful..heheheh.so i asked her to send me a copy of official documents and she did it,she sent me a copy of her driver license,her work identifity and the copy of her diplom of university (sure all are false documents )so we begin to organize our meeting.sure the first is asking me money to obtain her lost birth certificate from london and there was agent who will help her to get it.she asked me 650 $ and i was generous and sent 800 $.and yes,she sent a birth certifacate of engalnd that made me sure that a english girl never can be a scammer.well she now has the birth certifacate to get the english passport.but thgere was a problem..she needs now the transcript of the birth certifacte.that need 250 $.having the birth certifacate og england i trusted in her and sent her this money.well all went good...and the second step was sending me a copy of the passport of england with number and photo..oh a good passport.with it i was sure that this woman never can lie.is european passport and from great britain.every day she called me by phone and talk with me.one time cried of love.now is the step of the ticket,she will need 1000$ to have the ticket.i begin to sospect in this time and i told here that i shall send here the ticket by the british airways agency to london.and she denied,she wanted to receive it by western union.it was a bad idea to coninue and i was a stupid to send her 1000 $,i made the reservation in british airways,being a british citizen and having the copy of her passport and her document,there will be not any problem to do it.but the new problem and my sorprise was asking me more money,this time was that the nigerian authority ask her the BASIC TRAVELLING ALLOWENCE and it must be 2000 $ to leave the country.i was very sorprised,i begin a story and have entered in big ocean of lies and cheats.and what happen if she told the true.i was talking with her today that she is a british citizen and does not need it,but she insisted and told me that she cross nigeria and all her documents have been lost with the death of her mum.she never sent me the photos of her dad or her mum,i asked her but never.today at 12 pm of 5-3-2005 and after much discusion and asking me that is the last step having the resravation and the ticket and the flight will go at 23.20 pm.i decided to send her 2000 $.she got the number of code of western union and told me that will mailme inmediatly with the details of the travel and callme but she disappeared foerver.all that i have are the copy of her documents,english passport that i think that all are false.the ip of her letters,and some numbers of phones,also the western union receives.
    Now using a false documents of tow countries,nigeria and united kingdom being a false passport is a crime and i think that is a great mafia that works with false documents.i know that my money is lost but with all the information that i have and the documents,is of adventaje to tell the embassies of both countries?or what i can do to comunicate these false documents???have anybody any idea?
    thanks very much for all and be careful.

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    It`s a shame you fell into this trap and ended up a loser.I`m from the UK and l can tell you that it only costs about ?20.00 sterling to get a copy of your birth certificate.
    If you have all these documents,whether false or not,my advise would be to contact the embassies and tell them about this girl,this is the only way they can stop her entering.To get a UK passport,which should be a deep red in colour,she would have had to apply to the UK Embassy of the country she was living in at the time and it wouldn`t have happened over night,even us who live in the UK have to wait a few weeks before a passport is issued.
    l`m afraid,you allowed yourself to be sucked into a situation,where you allowed your heart to rule your head! At the very first sign of asking for money,you should have said no!and walked away.
    No one can fall inlove with a person over the telephone or by photo`s it`s impossible for that to happen.True,you may like one another but you have to meet face to face first to see if that other person is who they really are.
    My advise,in future,you make the arrangements and go and visit her!

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    Hello again

    After tow days of her disappear,she returned to send me a new message and tellme that she has a new problem now.the landlord of her home taked her passport and the money that i have sent to her because she must pay him 770$ to give her the documents and the money.and she is sleeping now in the cibercafe and she has not any money to call or to buy food .she asked me to send her this money and make her the reservation in british airways monday to leave nigeria.i did not sent any money more.i have sent her documents to the england consulate and told them my story with her but they denied to give me ant information or tell me if the copy of the passport is true or false.she gave me three numbers of mobile to call her landlord and solve the problem with him.i asked her whay does not take his money from the money that has and answered that he is honest man and does not want to talk from this money.she told me also that she is in bad situation and has not any money.i asked her the phone of the cibercafe to call her and told me one time that they use one system of internet and other time that they do not allow give the phone number to anybody....a stories that nobody can beleive.
    i have lost 4250 $ until now.
    I have reported her name here in scamers list.but if is true all that she asked me?maybe is innocent girl and relly needs my help?how can i discover herand know the true?
    what must i do please??

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    I'm sorry to tell you but the odds are 100% that you have been scammed, and the simple reason is this: Nigerian. It is very likely that you are not even corresponding with a woman at all, but some guy in one of thousands of Nigerian 419 scam gangs, who virtually own all the internet cafes in Lagos.

    Run away from this person as fast as you can - or if you prefer to get revenge, then string him along and do everything you can to frustrate and make his life miserable. Send him a hundred times to Western Union with bogus numbers. Do not send another penny to him, though.

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    Thanks very much friend.i know that i have been scammed because all that he told me i not true.i talk with him every night in yahoo messenger and all that ask me is money and more money.really i hope that anybody gives me a idea to frustrate him and make his life a hill.he hopes to receive more money and wait it.maybe one have a good idea.if i send him to western union tow times and he does not find the money he will cut and know that i am playing with him and cut.
    can i asl another thing? i have received much calls from a woman who speaks the english very well as a british woman and talked with her more than one time....are there women in this mafia????

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    Well...this is the letter that i have received today from this girl.i told her that i have sent the ticket by british airways and made reservation..but she insist.

    X-Apparently-To: ------@yahoo.com via; Sat, 12 Mar 2005 09:17:42 -0800
    Authentication-Results: mta140.mail.sc5.yahoo.com from=yahoo.co.uk; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
    X-Originating-IP: []
    Return-Path: <---------@yahoo.co.uk>
    Received: from (HELO web25407.mail.ukl.yahoo.com) ( by mta140.mail.sc5.yahoo.com with SMTP; Sat, 12 Mar 2005 09:17:42 -0800
    Received: (qmail 92373 invoked by uid 60001); 12 Mar 2005 17:17:41 -0000
    Message-ID: <20050312171741.92371.qmail@web25407.mail.ukl.yaho o.com>
    Received: from [] by web25407.mail.ukl.yahoo.com via HTTP; Sat, 12 Mar 2005 17:17:40 GMT
    Fecha: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 17:17:40 +0000 (GMT)
    De: "-------" <----------@yahoo.co.uk>
    Asunt: why are you complicating issues?
    In-Reply-To: <20050312132216.38897.qmail@web53905.mail.yahoo.co m>
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0-837659555-1110647860=:91887"
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
    Content-Length: 835

    i have told yo waht the landlord said , and you still went ahead with your plans , but don't forget that it is only when i give the landlord his money that all will be settled and i need you to think about this well cos you are just making life more miserable for me like this .

    pls you have to be online for 8pm my time , i just got some little money from a customer today and with that i was able to eat i also tried calling you but it never went thru.

    darling , since you have made the reservations , all i need from, you is to withdraw your moneny back and send me money for the landlord cos it is only if we do this i will be able to come , or you can also send him money thru western union ,

    i was at his place to plead to him today but he told me his word are final.you must not make me suffer any ,more cos right now i feel like commiting suciude , and you make em beg you for money to help my situation and also make me look like a fool cos you are to help me

    i am so frustrated now.

    Anyone can give me his opinion?

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    "i was at his place to plead to him today but he told me his word are final.you must not make me suffer any ,more cos right now i feel like commiting suciude"

    Send her a gun with 2 bullets, just in case the first bullet misses. Hate to see her mess up her suicide.

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    That email you recieved is gross and disgusting to read. This "woman" is dispicable, she has no class or regrads to fellow humans. She is full of crap, she would kill herself because she was going to get kicked out ofd her place?, plausable, but doubtful. As others have said in reply to this post, run and run fast as far away as you can from this pile of rotting garbage. She has now sunk to the low of the serious guilt trip ( suicide ) and trying to make you feel awful. If I was you, I would take the money spent for the reservation and put it back in your back account, not hers.


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    iriade, there are a hundred different ways you can frustrate them, most are stupid enough to jump for the bait as long as you make them think there is money waiting for them at the end of the line.
    1. Send him to Western Union with a bogus MTCN only 9 digits
    2. Next day, apologize profusely, tell him "I'm SO sorry, I forgot to include the last digit." Give him a bogus 10 digit number.
    3. Next day, again apologize, tell him that you reversed the last two digits in the MTCH number.
    4. You next say, "I am suspicious that someone at the Western Union office is stealing my money. I have contacted the supervisor to complain and demand an answer what happened to myr previous transfer."
    5. You are absolutely convinced that the Western Union office has a corrupt person working there. You don't trust them any more and you must insist on using an alternate service, MoneyGram.
    6. Send him a bogus MoneyGram MTCN number.
    7. Repeat steps 2-3 above.
    8. Now you have had it with MoneyGram. Invent a fictitious instant money transfer service, say for example "EasyXfer" and tell them your scammer he needs to find the nearest office of that service before you can proceed.
    9. Inform him you have $1,000 ready and willing to send, but you must be assured they can find the "EasyXfer" operator before you send anything.
    10. Inform him that his name appears on a list of International Scammers, which is the reason you were unable to send him the money in all of the previous attempts. Demand an explanation why his/her name appears on the list of scammers.

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    Hi [8D]

    I have been through the exact same scenario.. But in my case there was a hotelmanager that needed the money... Only difference is that I never sent any money... And will never do.. A descent woman would never ask for money... You have been scammed, no questions about it..


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