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    Let me get my hands on you, you scum.

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    Don't worry about jsk. The Canadians were founded by cowards. Remember the US revolutionary war? The Torys were afraid to fight the Brits and ran to Canada. The rest are French, who during WWII surrendered to Hilter right away. Like the joke says, the hardest thing to find in France, is a gun used by a frenchmen during WWII.

    So you see, Canada is home to cowards. That's why they chase little girls, because a real woman scares them!

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    Half of Canadian population lives within 50 miles from our border, 100% of Americans wish they didn't

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    Excuse me, but in the war of 1812, we really fought the British, who at the time were considered the superpower of the world, and they still could not defeat a little upstart like the USA. They were still bitter about losing the Revolutionary War.

    Actually I don't hate the Canadians. They are a good, honest nation.

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    I thought this discussion was concerned about Eldorado's post that to pursue FSU girls was utter folly. I tend to agree, too many problems, too many scammers and too much expense.

    As for young girls, over twenty is fine, under is not. I also agree that older women are not attractive, most of them are also damaged goods or on the make. Hmm, not unlike many FSU girls.

    By the way, It was Cornwallis who made the blunder of getting bottled up in Yorktown, otherwise America would still be just be a dominion of Great Britain.


    Non veritas verba amanda

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    Stop that crap "Non veritas verba amanda" trying to show us how smart you are?

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    Thats not ' crap' Peter. It means, ' Words are more lovable than truth' Very apt I've often thought, and in fact it has been proved correct over and over again.

    Regards Amigo's.


    Non veritas verba amanda


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