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    Default Possible scam from Nigeria?

    Hello everyone

    I was wondering if anyone out there might offer some helpful advice with respect to possible dating scams from Nigeria. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I approached a woman on the findsomeone.ca dating website, and we have emailed each other back and forth over the last two weeks or so, but recently have also spoken to each other via phone. Here is her story: Her mother recently passed away in Nigeria, and now she is left there without any friends or assistance, and is in need of money and help for her to pay the rent. Apparently, her landlord won't allow her to stay in the house they've been at while her mother was alive, unless she sleeps with him, and she does not want to do that. She wants to leave the country, but has no one apparently to help her do this. Yet she has entrusted herself to me and me only, and claims she loves me, but needs my help soon, before she is completely booted off the premises.

    I have been in touch with her by phone; she gave me her cell phone number, and it appears that what she is saying is true and sincere. I keep hearing people walking outside, sometimes even animals of sorts, depending on the time of day I call (i.e. morning over there)
    Of course, it could all be a pre-recording to give that illusion, but the strange things are as follows: She still makes contact with me via internet/email, she says she has tried calling me but cannot afford to do so, and she cannot seem to follow through on my simple request: for her to have a recent photo taken of herself with her holding a picture of me in front of her. She says that costs some $500 to do and send to me. I told her that is absurd, and I need at least that from her before I even attempt to help! What is puzzling is how she can still have a cell phone, and still seem to survive, despite her alleged circumstances. From what I know, the area where she apparently lives can be a posh area in Lagos, so I have to wonder exactly where she is in that sort of area. I have her address, but everything is still up in the air. I am trying to establish some certainty, at least to know that it is truly her I am speaking to.

    Her skin tone is mulatto, and she looks very young, thin, beautiful, in her photos, but her voice does not seem to match what I expected her to sound like. She definitely has the Nigerian accent, and is somewhat deeper than I expected, but she insists it is her in the photos she sent me! Her photos are not recent (year 2003), and I have asked ner time and time again to send me recent ones, in the manner i have requested, to at least prove that it is her. It may still not be proof enough, but it is at least a try.

    I have held back on sending anything, and I am hodling back as much as possible, but I am getting very close to perhaps send her something, at least in good faith, just to see if she will take the bait and see how far she will take this, if indeed, she is a scammer.

    Hoping someone out there can provide some insight to this drama..

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Hi topcatsr,

    Sorry to say mate,you have been scammed. You forgot the golden rule: "Do not send money;full stop!!!" All these 'girls' are in love with every man that they think will send them money. Doing searches relying on anything they tell you is a complete waste of time;the names that they use are usually false,as is the rest of the information that they give in their profiles and e.mails. They prefer to use instant messenger services because they cannot be traced back;e.mails can!


    Cheers, leo9 ( leo9fs@hotmail.co.uk ).

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    Guys most instant messaging services work on e-mail addresses. add them to your address book and you have it. from there using whois a location can be found. or such as yahoo that person's account can be deleted by complaining to yahoo! I have done this in the past to a nigerian scammer that started to IM me. Yohoo! responded very fast on just a complaint.

    Randolph J Peters



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