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    Default New info re: gornatalia@pochtamt.com

    Hello forum participants.

    The above email address has been flagged or "blacklisted" as a scammer according to the website that sends and delivers flowers to women in Russia - www.russianflowershop.com

    Has anyone ever been in contact with this woman at that email address? Just so everyone knows, there is a new email contact for this woman, and it is flowerolyak@pochta.ws

    Although I have not been scammed or asked any money yet from this person, I would appreciate any information regarding this woman and those email addresses. I am still in contact with her by email only, and maybe she is for real. Could be one of those cases where she's in a bad relationship with her boyfriend, and maybe that's why she was blacklisted when someone tried sending her flowers. Maybe she regretted the romantic interlude with her suitor(s) so she gave a bogus address to avoid getting caught by the boyfriend. I don't know, this is all speculation, but I would appreciate any information on her. She is a sweetheart, thus far.

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    Has anyone even tried to email this woman? I am curious to know, and what reply, if any.

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    I have received a final letter from her today, after I confronted her with the "evidence". Now, apparently after "breaking her trust and heart" by the words I said to her in my last 2 emails, she wants to end our relations and never wants to email me again! And this is only after she called me just ONCE in all the 3 months we have been communicating via only email!

    Could anyone please offer some input here, if this reaction is typical of a "would-be" scammer? I am assuming that they know I am not worth trying to scam anymore, so they email me back, making it sound as though I am the bad guy, and lay the feelings of guilt on me. Is that the psychology they use when they think they cannot get a penny out of me?

    I emailed her back, apologizing and asking for her forgiveness, assuming she is real. The flower company whose website I stated earlier COULD be wrong - that is a possibility, but what are the chances? Since I will never be able verify this, what else am I supposed to think? And if I am truly wrong about her being a scammer, then I would TRULY have lost out on someone special.

    Hoping someone will offer their advice on this, because I think I may have made a huge mistake. That is my gut feeling and instinct at the moment.

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    So many times I told you, you are dumb, acting like a wuss and fool. Read between the lines, sure it is a scam. However, test her by sending $1000 and, wait for her to arrive

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    Toughtnut, are you for real ? give yourself a reality check !!! Of course thet play on the emotions, how the hell do you think they scam money ?


    Keep it real.

    Non veritas verba amanda

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for responding. I emailed the flower website delivery company yesterday, and it said she received only one attempted delivery from abroad to the address they have recorded as the bogus address! Does that sound to you like a scammer? I know its only one delivery, and there could have been other ones made through other companies, who knows..But still, the fact that she never asked me for money in all this time makes me wonder. And after reading her reasons for not calling me all this time (ie she had no money, but she eventually got her boss to let her use his cell phone -- that's when she called me that only one time 2 - 3 weeks ago), I have to wonder if there is something to this. I won't send any money, and I have even offered to help with phone expenses if she wants, but I seriously doubt she would except now, especially after me accsusing her of being a possible scammer. She never accepted money from me before, so why would she now, especially if she is for real?

    Guys, I know I am being naive and foolish about all this, but she really "hit the nails" so to speak in her last response to me. For example, she thought I was "cold" to her when she called me that one time. Yes, she did catch me off-guard, I never expected her to call me. And she said the reason she never responded back for so long was because she was ill for over a month.

    You guys will agree that all this is a part of their "psychology" to get me feeling guilty, right? Well, let me tell you, sometimes it feels like it is so true! I always had the feeling she was not for real, but I am sure she is. It is just that there is more to her than meets the eye. Whether she is a long-term, seasoned professional scammer, remains to be seen. Right now, I am waiting to see if she responds to my rebuttals. I'm hoping they will reveal some more clues as to whether this is real or not. We'll see, if indeed she responds again. I highly doubt it, but let's see.

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    It is typical of a scammer to react that way. Is she on any other scam sites? Did you get her address and match it to the one the flower company had? She has you wrapped around her little finger. She accomplished what she set out to do, make you feel guilty and keep the hook in your mouth.

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    That's just it - she hasn;t given me any physical mailing address! Whatever I have discovered is through the flower website. The fact that she wouldn't even give me her physical address from the outset is suspicion enough. And as for not giving me a phone number, well, that I can understand, given the difficulties in Russia for all citizens to have landlines. But even so, you would think that even on her salary of about $130 USD, maybe just maybe she would have had a cell phone. Even combined with her "daddy's" pension of only $75 USD. This may or may not seem reasonable, who knows!?

    So anyway, I have not seen any mention of her at all on any of the other websites, no photos, no address, no nothing. And the fact that only one other person has attempted to send her flowers but failed, is really strange. Wouldn't scammers have alot more 'victims' on the go, even with one set of pictures and email address? I realize it could be the same person behind different profiles and pictures, but surely, there would have been some sort of connection by now, no? That is why I am still a little doubtful. But I guess whoever it is behind the scams are really good, and perhaps have limited the scam regarding this particular girl to only a few victims. Still, it seems strange. Don't know why, but it does.

    You are right about the guilt factor - it almost started to work, but I am letting reason ultimately prevail here. I have to, or else the emotional spin on this drama will consume and devour me, which is what they want!

    Just so I can check more thoroughly, do you know the names of some other scam-sites I could check? I'd be happy to have this info.


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