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    hprince if she is going to those places why aren't you? You can meet her in a nuetral country you know!At least you get to do some sight seeing. If she is traveling to those places. She should be able to cancel and go to you instead. After rechecking and seing that you said she is from Cheboksary. I would be very wary at the least.Just from what you said she might end up being very high maintainence. This is something that will not come out soon. You mentioned Church. Is she Cathalic or Russian Orthodox. Or possibility Moslem? This last is a distinct possibility, along with Jewish. Are these Religions in your locale? Are her parents or siblings still living? Are you in very good health (see one of my other posts today) for little things to think about! That I have not seen mentioned in any company's ads. After thinking of s lot of these things, I am having serious doubts about a foreign bride. You better start plsnning ahead for funeral trips and such. Or a mother-in-law that will not learn English and blame you for everything. Get the big brain in gear and do some what-ifs. Thier loyalties will probably go with thier parents. They should and you are an OUTSIDER even in your own home.

    Randolph J Peters

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    Good points but she is orthodox I am free evangelical so it is easy transition. I have dated two other Russian girls and the biggest problem is the language barrier. As for going to her on vacation she made these plans last year and it traveling with her girl friend. She asked me to join them but I think she and her need the time for them selves. I would be a distraction

    Good thoughts and my mind is working. She has already said she wants to work as she is comfortable doing work. She is apprehensive about knowing English so there will be a time she will not work if she were to come here permanently. She has a good job at an insurance company and I would not want to interrupt it if she and I were not sure. She has worked hard to achieve it. Her sister works at the same business and communicates with a man in California so maybe this is why I am so attractive to her. Don't know. One thing at a time


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    Man there sure are a lot of pessimist on this forum

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    hprince I am a widower and I'm just passing along questions that my nother-in-law asked. Or would you rather have a smarass remarks. The wise asses are asleep right now. I will not say that she is not legiitimate but ask the questions anyway. I hope for the best for you

    Randolph J Peters

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    Believe me... the smartest and CHEAPEST way to do this is to go see her FIRST. While you are there (getting to know and see the REAL her), you can take all the advice you got in here and learn the ropes for getting her visa when it's her turn to come.

    Personally I avoid the Russian gals and stick with the Ukrainians. I've had super luck in going over and meeting the girls. My last trip I narrowed my search down to 3 of them. My point here is that I have been in and out of there a lot. Go over there for a week, be aware that what gets off the plane in the States may not be 'exactly' [xx(] what's in the photos. Before you dump that kind of cash, go SEE her.

    USA Mike In Saudi

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