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    Default another scam version from Russia

    Hello everyone,

    I have been contacted initially from a large Canadian dating site (www.flirt.canoe.ca) by an Olga (aka Nikitina Olga Olegnova) from Kaluga, Russia, who claims she has a a Canadian Visa, and will be coming to meet me at Pearson International Airport in Toronto next week. She said she has made arrangements already with www.russian-tours.ru to help her with VISA registration, and she is on her way tomorrow to Moscow to pick it up, after which she will then buy a plane ticket on Monday to fly out on Tuesday. Yeah, right!

    So anyway, I received an email today from that agency stating that she wil be visiting me, and that I should email them back once I have met her! I already emailed them back, asking for verification of this, but I know that it would be next to impossible for this Olga woman to get a Canadian Visa!

    Could anyone tell me if this has ever happened to them? I suspect at anytime between now and her supposed date of arrival, there will be a request to send her money. I fear that [if] indeed it is possible for a Russian (woman) to do this, she could be accompanied by thugs who may follow me and her to really scam me. Is anyone familar with any part or all of this scam pattern/scenario?

    I would appreciate any insight, asap!


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    It is possible to get visa, however you know what to do don't you? You are in your own country, nobody can do anything to you. Don't be scared, do not give out your home address, only your cell phone number, not home number, period. As for her being accompanied with thugs, it's very, very small chance. I'm former agent and I've spent lot of time at the airports here in NYC. Again, it is possible to get visa, I've seen many young Russian girls coming on tourist visa, as well as young guys(thanks to crooked vice consuls). If she arrives with friends "do not" offer them ride, just take her. I do not know what the age difference between the two of you is but, give it a try, and, remember not to send any money. Also, you are in your own country where you have laws. Good-luck and let me know?

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    If you send me her full date of birth, I will be able to tell you if she indeed has a visa or is just fooling around.

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    Now you got me somewhat worried! It is possible to get a legitimate VISA from Canada without getting invited? How? Apparently, she was supposed to have come down to see some other guy from another province, but he lied to her about being single, so she never came! And I don't have a cell phone number, just a home phone! I can only rely on the details of her email, and then go from there. What if she is accompanied by "friends"? Maybe they will stake me out by observing my photos. Airport is a big place, so how can I be sure? And also, what would be the safest thing to do in this situation? I am not sure whether I even should be waiting there at the airport. Yet if I don;t show up, I will have lost out on a really nice woman!

    Could you perhaps alert some of your Canadian contacts at our airport if you have any? She did mention she was being accompnaied by friends when she was leaving for Moscow, and I am almost certain she will be accompnaied by friends if she actually arrives here.

    Please let me know as soon as possible. I thank you for your insight.

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    I do not have her date of birth, but I will check the dating websire again to see if I can get anything. You think I should ask her outright?

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    I can certainly alert some of my colleagues in Toronto, but we don't do those things, we are not body guards. Don't be a f*****g chicken, nobody will stake you out, come on man. Even if she arrives with friends you take only her, not her friends. Do not drive to the airport, take taxi instead. And, yes indeed it is possible to obtain visa to USA and Canada without invitation, but, you have to be very lucky or very rich. Again, it is possible!!!

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    I am not afraid, but it's just that all this is happening all so soon, and she never gave me any of her contact details and other personal info from the outset. And this happened all within the span of 4 days! So you can see my concern!

    Thanks for the offer to alert your colleagues, and call you for more information. I may do that. In the meantime, all I can do is wait, and see.

    I will try to keep you posted via email and/or phone when I can.

    Thanks again

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    All this happening within the span of 4 days? If I was you I would not bother to go to the airport at all. This girl is not coming to you, she needs you for a while, she needs place to stay. Until she finds someone else and trashes you like a dirt bag. Don't get to excited about her arrival, I tell you that. You was her last choice, this is why she contacted you. Think about it with the head on your shoulder, not the one in your pants. Write down my phone number, soon I'm going to remove it.

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    I have done what you said about the number.

    As for her, you are probably right. But why would she dump me, if she has already gotten the VISA, will be paying for her way here? She even mentioned on her profile she is well-off. She says she is a manager of sales, but very vague. She never really answered my questions as I asked her, and I am actually waiting for her to come up with a last minute story of how she will need my help. But now what I know about the possibility of her actually coming here, given what you said, I have to take the chance. The worse that can happen is that I give her the boot, and is that! Her stay can;t be long, anyway. So, I am strongly considering taking the chance. Luckily, I know a buddy who is an airport limo driver, so at least I don;t have to drive.

    Anyway, I will try to call you, today is busy day for me. But I won;t do anything until I hear back from her on Monday via email as to her flight details. Maybe I can check with airport to verify if she will be on flight, before I go there to meet her. She says she will get the ticket Monday. Is that possible for me to do? I don't trust all this, but I am playing it out regardless. I don't have anything to lose, except some time and a day's worth of work.

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    First of all you can't check with airport is she coming or not. Only authorized government employee can do that, you will not get any information about her coming to Canada. Second: what did you say about paying her way here, got me confused there? Listen to me you old mutt, stay put and wait until 1 hour prior to her arrival, then go to the airport. Serious person will answer your questions to the last detail. I suggest don't waste your breath and time. Good-luck man, I see you don't listen to me, sales mamager can't be well off remember that


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