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    Default Do they think we are all idiots ??

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    This person intiated contact with me last night on Yahoo Personals. Using, haha. the very same letter Sveta used. Do they think we are damm idiots ? shouldn't they keep better records haha. They'll all be from Yoshkar-Ola, so they should liase at least haha.

    Anyway, Sveta is having her visa produced, by rank xerox this week. At least she tried to be more realistic by telling me she would have to go to the Embassy in Moscow to answer the questions. Yes, we have ways off making you empty your wallet.

    Keep it Real


    Non veritas verba amanda

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    No they do not think you are all idiots. All they need is 1 idiot of 100 for the scamming business to be profitbale.

    There are always loser newbies who come along and think they can "send away" for their mail order bride. You know like the way you order a pizza. Just send away and she'll magically appear. She'll jump in your arms and be your wife forever. Yeah right.

    These losers who get burned I am convinced deserve it. They can't get women locally. The scammers prey on this vulnerability.

    Just like you know the telemarketer that tells you you've inherited a fortune but just have to pay a small processing fee or tax to collect it. They prey on the victim's greed. The scammer preys on the victims greed that he can just sit back in Australia or America or whereever and he can do nothing just send money, sit back relax this lady is coming to be your wife.

    Bunch of losers.

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    I really do not like you as a person, I think you are an arrogant SOB judging your previous replies. But, I do agree with you this time. "Bunch of losers", let them be.

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    Well, if you ask me, I liken scammers to light entertainment. I took it personally when the first one tried to scam me. The fact that a lot of guys lose their money is their problem, especially if they have too much of it. Guy's who don't, well they should go figure when someone unknown to them asks for money...

    Duh, they really need a reality check.



    Non veritas verba amanda

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    Well it is very obvious that a newcomer goest to trap before he realizes what is happening here. So it happened to me too, twice....
    But I learnt my lesson and it will not happen so easily anymore.
    There should be more responsibility in the Agencies.
    Most of them inform that there are scammers and DON'T SEND MONEY !!!!
    But they do not inform that probably 60-70 % of FSU "women" try to do it !!! And ALL model or filmstar looking booby women belong to them !
    Everybody should understand that women who look like that DO NOT search for a man in Internet !!!

    Take care !!

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    Actually you are wrong lonelyboy. Some of them do. I've met them in person. What you've got to understand is every catalog you see on the internet is mixed with scammers / real people.

    So you write them all. When they ask you for money you know it's a scammer. Then you eliminate them.

    Simple as that. The key is in numbers. Your success will be in numbers.

    Some towns in Russia / Ukraine are so dirt poor that even their most beautiful ladies search for love somewhere else.

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    Great attitude.

    What are you going to do when (or in your case if) you ever find a good person? Use her before she can use you?

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    quote:Great attitude.

    What are you going to do when (or in your case if) you ever find a good person? Use her before she can use you?
    [8D] Now I know that I am not the only one wondering, Raibeart.

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    Well, sorry guys but I think that men who are thinking that the Hollywood Star would write to them about love and searching guy in the internet than must be really an Idiots. I have read some stories where men would send money to a girl with the picture of A. Joli or S. Stone.
    How naive???

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    Strange you should mention this, I got a mail from an A.Jolie who was clearly using pictures of Olga, weird huh ?


    We gotta a long way to go today baby


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