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    Why don't you shut down your web site or, be fair to everyone? I personally saw many listings without any proof! Who is fool of crap? The people who wrote them or, administration who allows listings to be posted without proof? Or perhaps both . Come on, please!!!

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    imported_admin Guest


    Hello Peter_A,

    All we need are facts. Give us facts she'll be on site. And ...
    >>She still keeps calling me
    Why do you answer her calls? Why do you speak with her? What do you want from us?

    Best regards,

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    www.antiscam.org, for example.

    Be sure you have proof. If she just keeps calling you, the only thing that is there is your word against hers, that proves nothing.

    Good luck.

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    try other scammer sights eg. womenrussian.com, google blacklist , perhaps you can find listings of her there.

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    Stop Scammers:

    Do not shut down your website. You provide an invaluable service. Keep up the good work

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    I personally keep all the info including all email complete with headers etc. Next poit , when I can match a email pretty much word for word then I think I have scammer, When I match 10 letters from them I have proof. Reality is this , nobody will catch all the scammers and sometimes mistakes will be made. However the only way to end these scams is to stop sending money. It is really that simple.
    Am I likely to agree with everything and everybody on this site , probally not.


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