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    Default to prove a point my reply is on its way

    NO I didnt write it but it is good view on things I have seen and works to lead into my reply on the subject just a couple opinions on things hers and mine probably cause alittle Dislike(as I have learned thru the years not to hate) and discontent just a simple comment regarding scammers (womens point of view well written
    written by Oksana
    Dear friends
    I really appreciate your search for the truth,goodness graious...ok
    just a simple comment regarding us Russians and the way yiu treat us in the internet..only don't flush it when you finish reading pleasssssse
    Just a simple comment regarding scammers
    See,I am a decent simple-hearted Russian girl,Oksana is my name
    I am a modest teacher of English but due to Russian economy I have to have a bunch of not so very good payed part time jobs, includind teaching,interperting,psycoly
    Of course I am not satisfied with Russian realityand of course I want to relocate ...but
    not for the sake of relocating ONLY..I want this step to be based on mutual attraction,love e.t.c..
    well, hopefullyyou understand me ..So me not being a mercenary girlI can;t figure out where do you see the scammers success? I think these are more exaggerated stories of men. Let me reveal you one simple and,alasas it seems to me,eternal truth;
    men from abroad are unbelievably GREEDY and they NEVER ever trust...even if you don;t ask them for anything at all(my caseI try to be always responsible and decent and neutralin my letters)but the undeniable fact based on my personel experience is that during 2 years(!)of me sincerily and ardently trying to find a husband ,by the means of writing super-numerous letters (making all of them PERSONEL) putting my HEART into relationship...me the girl,who knows english better than the vast majority of these Russian dolls).me who is really GENUINE in my intentions to find LOVE..I have NEVER been presented a single FLOWER or a mere post-card for my birthday,not talking of New Year,good old valentine.e.t.c....
    So dear friends,my question is where do you find these victims of the horrible Russian scammers..I have never seen any..though maybe it is because i never tried and will never try to ask or not ask for a simple jesture of attention... but I think that no matter whetheryou ask or not ask you will still be left without flowers,believe my big experience!
    Russian men are different Its a pity the country is rolling down to alcoholand drugs...otherwise I would stay here
    But on the other hand I see hardly anything to do with the generosity of the HEART (not wallet..wallet is only the reflection of this trait,if you want )on the behalf of your dear Western male individuals...but I don;t give up! I still hope to find a simple normal guy who would not hesitate to send me candy at least once a year-for my birthday..or..maybe a crumb of bread just kidding ..But..honestly speaking believe me I never beg for alms..and the conclusion is that whatever happens I would rather die than ask for anything
    though the foriegn man would not display any generosity in 99 of 100 cases trust my grave statistics!So I guess i am doomed to always get letters from men about mistrust,scammers,e.t.c.. based on NOTHING in my personal case
    So dear friends my hope to find a normal simple hearted not sceptical is almost zero
    I wrote feed back letters during my free time and I hardly have mentalor moral energy to prove to every single guy that I am me and not a con ..and that black is not white...see what you are doing...
    But no problem, I will continue to loose my eye sight writing constant self-justifacation letters that humiliate both me and my nation
    Please tell me what I should do if I am from Russia ..should I pray to God that people trust me because actions that speak louder than words do nothing?
    You are treating women with equality over there ..as I see
    well i don;t know what else to say.but my soul is in agony and it needs expression
    Once again thank you concerning your sense of justice Its already so natural to be insulted by foriegn men ,,it does not astonish me already though
    Nobody paid money for ANYTHING in my life I always worked HARD but I guess that when a person trusts some wierd girl who does not deserve any trust because speaks hardly a word of English and asks for Kingdom in return ..well its easy to despise me who actually is real and has a bit more brain/pictures to reason with-in addition which actually should be regarded as a BONUS by any sainly thinking individual but no!Mistrust only enhances owing to these"good"scores and factores I call it a N-A-T-U-R-A-L MURPY LAW
    Never mind if you dont believe let it be a big compliment for me as a normal nice girl, so i am touched i guess
    I have no scares on my biography,and its ME come and see I need nothing from men..no money no gifts Nothing Just wanted to talk and be friends but first I wanted someone to start believing me at least alittle to begin with ..you know
    I feel that nobody is any different so I decided to philosophic and not take it so close to heart..otherwise my heart will stop..its not made of iron and two years of constant insults of westerners actually had thier impact on my health and moral condition
    And this heart of mine has had enough of negativity of mens suspicions during all this time
    to much for my age, decency,vulnerability and sense of justice
    Sorry but this is my sincere outlook on the matter NOTHING TO HIDE FROM SOCIETY !andyou guys
    Morally exhausted physically tired,but not giving up
    continuously non-mercenary Oksana whose decency you all continuously dare to doubt even in the cases when you have known her for a long period of time during which any self respecting liarwould have dropped the relationshipat a much earlier stage ..But I am still talking to westerners Why?
    Think about "why"? ...maybe because I like the benifit of doubt? NO Because I am an Idiot who believe in love ...stupid naive me

    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    Evening Peterdragon: You did it. you got me up. This I do know about from a person expierence with engineers from the FSU. I have 30 plus years expereience in the design of ships. From the basic schemantics to final delivery to the particular customer (from private industry to the US Navy. I have been invovlved with many engineers from foriegn engineers, and they do not have a background comparable to someone schooled in the US. A doctorate degree is apparently handed out just to any warm body that can grrab it.and think on this. Why is the majority of the russian navy sitting on the beach rusting away. Why has russia had so many subs sink?. The US navy is still using the US Kitty Hawk,Uss Ranger,Uss Kennedy USS Forestal all ships that were built in the early 50's. BY the way what about Cherynoble?. Please do not hand out this bull**** about colleges being better. Ever been in a russian car? The party controllers get the best. Remember the Yugo? not many people do. Least american cars rust slow. They have a free education system there. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. even in scammers.

    Randolph J Peters



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