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    I was on another forum the other day where Russian women were discussing the internet dating, and many of them were negative about "chat room romances". They have to pay to use the internet cafe and the guys sometimes were dressed in nothing but socks, or tried to undress and do other things during the conversation. One or two experiences like that and many women felt that the chat rooms can be not pleasant. The conclusion was (at least from some): "why do I have to spend my last money to have the "pleasure" of seeing all that?" So, a few (or not that few. the number of stories like that was quite overwhelming) chat room perverts can spoil it for the rest, and some ladies immediately have negative reaction to the chat session offers. I think you guys need to understand and respect that.

    Also, all ladies who don't have an access to a chat rooms, or do not have the extra money, or do not want to spend their money on the chat rooms -are they all scam? is that what you are saying? that how it sounds.

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    Hi Elena !

    But in that case it is also a very good way for the ladies to check that the man is not a scammer !! Certainly that kind of men are not serious !!!!
    A video talk can't cost more money than writing a letter. If the Internet is active it is same what you do there ......

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    If she writes from an Internet Cafe than yes. But if she has free Internet from work on her friends' computer, then going to an Internet Cafe is an expense for her. When I was in Russia, I would read and type letters on the computer that didn't have Internet connection and would only come to the Internet cafe to send the letters out and to download new messages onto a disc. At least at first when I didn't have a better way to do it. And my internet cafe didn't have a web camera. They only had a printer (not even a scanner). it was 6 years ago though, I am not sure how things are now.

    After I got my own computer (my hubby sent it to me as a present) I had Internet from home, but I paid by the "traffic" amount - that much for each MB. So I would use the same thing (get online, download, log off, read, type, then get online, send out and log off) from home too. In Russia alot of peoiple pay for the "traffic", it is not just one monthly fee.

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    Hi Andy !

    Where are you ? What are the latest news about the Russian lady ?
    I hope you have not sent more money to her. There are many girls who know good English and can cheat you easily with a nice and pleasant voice. Have a VIDEO TALK with her, so you know for sure who she is.
    It is 100 % possible in a Russian Internet cafe or anywhere there.
    If she refuses, it is a SCAM !!!

    Good luck !

    Dear Mr. lonelyboy,
    I'm still here & hello to all of you !
    I've been a little bit busy with my work, but I'm still here. The latest news about the Russian woman (sorry, but she doesn't deserve to be called a "lady") is that she wrote me before three days and told me about the suffering of her father and all the family as a result of the accident he had. I wrote her "how sorry I am" and that I want her to send me her father's address as soon as possible as I want to send him a blessing card and a present with some money for them within it, and you can guess what i'm gonna send her there (Sonar has called it this week: "a bird without wings...", "an universal sign language that even Russians understand..."). I also told her that next month i will get another sum of 70,000$ for one of my projects (which is far away of being true, of course...), and now I wanna find out how this greedy woman is gonna act.
    My dear friend, enough is enough, you can be sure i've learned my lesson. I don't think a girl will be able to scam me again -I was maybe naive and stupid, but i'm not an idiot...!!!.
    I don't feel bad about the money I've lost as i'm angry about the ugly game with the victims' feelings those bloody scammers play. I will support any suggestion to teach those scammers the lesson they deserve especially for this reason.
    By the way, where is Nick...???

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    Also, all ladies who don't have an access to a chat rooms, or do not have the extra money, or do not want to spend their money on the chat rooms -are they all scam? is that what you are saying? that how it sounds.
    Elenag is absolutely correct. I have been involved with Russian women for a long (6 years) time. (In person>>not internet love queens). None of the ones that I know would be interested in webcam correspondence. Even some of the better internet cafes' in Moscow and St Petersburg don't even have webcams. It's a silly idea.

    A man's mind, streched by a new idea, will never re-gain it's original dimension.

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    Many Russian women believe that 80 % of men are scamming. So they do not either trust in Internet relations. So think vice versa. If she is really interested in you, be sure that she wants to talk with you in video if it is only possible ! They love telephone calls so why not video calls ??? It is only a new idea and they (we) are not used to it...as it was earlier to talk in phone when it was all new....

    But now you can test her. Though we always say that NEVER SEND MONEY maybe we could send her 10 $ for the video talk... So both a man and a woman could be sure ....I agree that in Internet cafes it could be difficult but I am sure that a serious lady will find a place where to do it for some money probably without it. Only some minutes are enough for it. Nowadays even smaller Russian cities are quite well equipped with modern computers though they are still rather rare in private homes.
    I also agree that a video call TEST still does not prove anything but even a proposal about it can be a good test to check her ...... even better ...And it is only one of the many tests which we can do to check the ladies.
    Be sure that RUSSIAN WOMEN are very unscrupulous and arrogant and they have numerous ways to try to cheat and fool you !!!!
    It is some kind of "national sport" to try to cheat in Russia and they even cheat each other as much as possible !!! But it is much more easier to cheat a foreigner ofcourse....
    Anyway still there are honest and nice women in Russia who are seriously looking for a mate.
    How to find them ?? Internet is a very bad place to try it....

    And one joke (or maybe truth ?) from Moscow. A Russian lady told me that nobody has one's own mobile phone there ...

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    I don't know if Andyj has been scared off this site by all the angry trolls, but if not, I'll try to address a couple of questions he originally asked. Where do the scammers find the photo sets? Primarily off the internet, personal websites, and photo-model websites. One good example was a popular image used by Russian love scammers back in 2000-2001 time frame. She is the supermodel Adriana Sklenarikova (now married name Adriana Karembeu). If you go to "Google Images" and put in either one of these names, you will find hundreds of photos of your dream date. You can easily download all these photos to your computer. Another way scammers get ahold of photos is by having back-door deals with photo studios in the FSU. A nice looking girl has a set of photos developed, and the developer makes a second copy to sell to his local mafiya.

    Scams exist in all different varieties and flavors, and the love scam is just one variation. I have been happily married to a Russian woman for 6 years. Our son recently was scammed on a BMX bike web site. On his own initiative, he worked out a stupid deal to trade a guitar (Gibson Les Paul, which had been given to him as a gift by the husband of another Russian woman who is a friend of my wife) and a small practice amplifier - in exchange, he was supposed to receive a bike and some parts. This little doofus, all on his own, spent $25 to buy a shipping carton and another $35 for postage to mail all his musical equipment to somebody he did not know in Boulder, Colorado. Guess what? He never got anything in return and he never heard a word back from the scammer. My guess is that he was scammed by a Nigerian.

    Live and learn.

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    What a Nigerian in Boulder? How did the Nigerian get into the United States? Nigerians need visas for that don't they? Think your comment is a bit racist.

    quote:Originally posted by babe_in_rusland

    My guess is that he was scammed by a Nigerian.

    Live and learn.
    They are all scammers until proven innocent.

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    1. most scammers have no intention to relocate, and never had.
    [u]Many are men and most prefer easy bucks behind a pc screen, knowing they're safe & can spend them, rather than going in the open with a trip abroad wasting time & taking risks. They are usually working not one, but many suckers at once, thus it'd be impossible for Igor to be physically with Bongo in Uganda, with Kojiro in Osaka, with Jim in Sacramento and with Pedro in Monterey.
    2. Often scammers "hire" women's identities to cash fees in exchange for a %. These are ignorant local women just wanting to make a fast buck. They have no idea of what's really going on, nor do they care.
    3. I wouldn't say it's necessary to make "copies" of photosets; when the internet doesn't offer enough to steal or buy, $100 can buy hundreds of pictures locally.
    4. Western union is reported to require at times only the control ID. scam gangs (typically agency frauds ) reportedly have women sign generic "power of attorney", authorizing some "agency manager" to even cash $ on their behalf.
    5. same with inland premium phone lines (if that wasn't a $10 voice changer + Igor ), women may be recruited to place or answer phone calls. This has been reported and again they are opportunistic women raising a fast buck.

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    My comment was ABSOLUTELY NOT racist in any way. There are thousands of Nigerians in the US on student visas, H1B, and also on completely counterfeited visas. My guess was based on the type of scam (postal forwarding via a on-line trading web site) and also based on the location, where there is a University, hence many hundreds of exchange students. I don't know that it's a Nigerian scammer, just guessing based on the data.

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