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Thread: My thoughts

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    Default My thoughts

    I am new to CC and this forum. My thoughts for now are these...

    Valyusha #4287 sent an email to me on my Yahoo account, which ended up in my "Junkmail" folder. I never heard of her or CC before. Thought that was "odd". She directed me to seek her out at the CC site.
    So, sure, I signed up to CC because it was "free". Well, analyzing this further, it is OBVIOUS Valyusha cannot speak or write English! How can she write me an email to my Yahoo account! In the email, she INSISTED we continue communicating with her via CC and not through Yahoo! I could care less about #4287, but am interested in some of the others on the CC site.

    Now, I am sure a lot of the CC ladies are legitimate. I am also sure some are not. Caution needs to always be applied. Yes, CC is a business venture with lots of expenses and they need revenue to survive. During this time, I do not see a complete evil-intent with everything. Are the people in this forum representing a majority or views? Sure, there are apt to be bad experiences from CC and from some of the ladies.

    I very much respect the postings on here so far. The truth light has shined. Many good ideas are coming forth, in regards to strategy, and what to look out for.

    As for the CC being down for 3 to 4 days now, the thought of a government shut-down has occurred to me, even before I found this forum today Sunday, January 7, 2007. Sorry, I am in the IT field and there should be no excuse for this length of shutdown from a technical point of view, if the site is properly managed.

    Good day!


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    I have many letters in my inbox from Valya (#4287) and over 40 pictures of her. Some professionally done and some just in the office. She doesn't speak any english at all, so I'm surprised that you got an e-mail in your Yahoo! The same thing happened to me as I got an e-mail from Daria in the same office (Zhitomir) asking to talk thru CC because they translate for her.

    OK, so I started talking back and forth and you start to realize that of all the questions I would ask, I would never get an answer. Finally I sent a gift and waited to see if I got a response. About two weeks went by, many letters and I never got even a thank you. So, I inquired about it and then the response came. She thanked me for the gifts except the gifts she listed were not the same ones I sent to her. I sent an email to the support line and never got a response. Too me that seems like a scam. So, I've cut my losses and moved on. There are a lot of reputable agencies out there. Check out the forums here and also check out russian woman discussion.

    Hope this helps.


    wicked bollocks

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    Has anyone actually met Valyusha #4287? I have corresponded with her (I think it was her) for about a year. I was in Kiev on business last November and tried to arrange a meeting with her through the agency. I was more than willing to pay for the the companies service to pick me up in Kiev, take me to Zhitomir to meet with Valyusha and the provided interpreter but I was told They did not provide those services to anyone who did not book a full trip from them. I did arrange a video phone conference with her and it appeared that it was her I was talking with (the resolution was very poor). Everytime I talk about visiting she seems to be hesitant to commit... She says she really wants to meet me but somehow her job is always very busy and unpredictable. She supposedly works for her aunt so I believe if she really wanted to meet me she would be assuring me that nothing would stop her from finding the time to spend with me on a visit. By the way, when I returned home, I called the New York office and they told me that there would be no problem arranging a visit if I was in Kiev without booking a tour through them! I'm finished with this outfit! I'm just curious to know if anyone has actually met this Valyusha in person. Thanks

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    I got this letter 30 September 2006 !!!
    See below!!!
    I didnt know about her before.
    We continued with more than 200 letters until I realized, through this site, she was corresponding with other guys and one she told she was his fiancee. So the correspndance in fact stopped January 2007.
    Concerning the fact she got my email, its for sure not her found about that. Its other employees, who maybe have worked on other agencies informing about guys emails.
    I once asked Valyusha about this but she never answered. She talked about destiny and so on.

    The letter:

    Hope you still remember me and want to continue...

    Hello, dear!

    Here I am, do you remember me?

    I would like to keep on our correspondence through this site as I have no possibility anymore to send you my letters myself- unfortunately I don't speak English well enough to correspond and my friend who used to help me with the translation left

    So, now I have to pay for the translation even of the shortest letter and at the moment I cannot afford it.

    If you would like we could send each other letters through Confidential Connections as all the services are free for me here and they will be translating my letters to you for free.

    What do you think?

    Reply to me please, I would like us to go on in our communication.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Bye, yours, Valyusha

    / uljoh

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    quote:Originally posted by jajonesy53

    Has anyone actually met Valyusha #4287? I have corresponded with her (I think it was her) for about a year. I was in Kiev on business last November and tried to arrange a meeting with her through the agency......
    I was told They did not provide those services to anyone who did not book a full trip from them.
    Everytime I talk about visiting she seems to be hesitant to commit...
    She says she really wants to meet me but somehow her job is always very busy and unpredictable.
    This was a reply I got from the agency concerning this matter:

    "Hello, dear .....
    Thank you for e-mailing us and thank you for using our services.
    Yes, if you do not take a trip package with our company, you should purchase an Introduction to the lady, it costs $50.00 to one lady.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we are always happy to help you.
    We appreciate your membership!
    With best wishes, Elena, UA Ladys trip manager"

    Valyusha also was very interested in seeing me, she said, but she couldnt agree with any time, as she was very busy.
    Then this CC site went down for some days in January, and I stopped corresponding with her as

    This what Valyusha wrote 25 November 2006

    "The letter was translated for Valyusha by Tanya.
    Hello, dear ....!
    Its so grateful having a weekend!!! Of course, it would be great to spend it with you. Well, at least I have the possibility to come to the agency and write you this letter. I feel closer to you in this way! Do you feel the same?
    It is great that your daughter can help with renting a room in Hilton hotel for half of the price.
    I heard they are going to build Hilton hotel in Kiev too but I don?t know what it will happen.
    I think we will talk more detailed about the meeting closer to spring. I think it is possible to meet in April. It will be not so cold then and I will have more free time then too."

    / uljoh

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    OK, here is what I have found...

    I have been to Kiev four times in the past three years and had some very good experiences and a few bad ones. If I meet someone on the internet that seems interesting to me I tell them that I am hoping to travel to the Ukraine again on business but I think it will be at least ten months before I can come. If the girl is serious about a relationship, she will not ask for money, but will want to meet much sooner than that. If she says that she is willing to wait for up to a year, that is a BIG red flag for me. In my experience the women there believe that you are not very serious if you are not willing to make a trip within three or four months. The ones who are not serious may not ask for money but in their ongoing communication, they will say things like they must travel to a distant city because "their family member is sick" or they are saving up to buy a "special" dress, perfume, lingerie, shoes, etc. I am sure there are a lot of guys out there who fall for these tactics and send them money as a gift to buy what they want.
    Buy the way, Valyusha was also listed on another site under the name of "Valentina Borisova". That site gave a phone number and email address for her but I was never able to get through on the phone and never received an answer at the email address. Shortly after I tried to contact her, her listing disappeared from that site. Also, according to that site, she had said that she was "proficient" in the English language.


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