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    quote: Thanks once again, Gus. This time your impeccable timing f**ked up my poll. Oh well, ...
    a girl being "real " only means very little, but what would you know about:
    1 her identity
    2 her intentions
    3 the fact she has not a live-in boyfriend
    4 it still might be hairy Boris who will have a girlfriend talk to you, or meet you for five dollars; agencies are known for hiring ringers for that purpose.

    I was scammed by a real woman.

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    Cit Ham:

    "I was scammed by a real woman."

    As was I.

    A lovely, sweet, intelligent, humouristic girl, with a black hole, where her morals should have been. A black hole filled with visions of swimming pools, big cars, fashion clothes, laptop PCs and other lifesaving devices for the glamour seeker.

    I didn't want my life to be an unending strife for a still bigger swimmingpool, and the way to it paved with lies and deceits.

    I quit, before it was too late.

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    FYI, Elenas Models is a pretty good site, most of the ladies are honest, they try hard to remove scammers, I have had 2 removed myself, but most are honest. Most are real too. You may be disappointed because the ladies do not all look like 'PlayBoy' models, and the service is a little expensive, but I think it is the best. And the ladies won't hesitate to tell you that you are too old for them, just being honest with you I guess...hmmm, The search engine is the best I think, sign up and see what happens. I think the cost was worth it for sure. Bill

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    How do you substantiate your proposal that most of these women are honest?

    Or is it a qualified guess?

    Being real, maybe. But real is not the same as honest, as some of us have learned the hard way.

    The general experience is, that a cyber-dating based relationship needs as long time to prove itself, as it takes to make a green card permanent. After that you can maybe relax your guard and start hoping.

    Do you have this background experience?

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    And??? Scammers don't have families? I received family photos from the "Olga" who wanted me to send her travel money so she could come to the US to meet my family because according to her, it's apparently a "Russian tradition" for a 28 yo girl to fly half way around the world to a strange land to meet the family of a guy she only knows via e-mails. So family pics only means that the girl in the pics has a family and nothing more.

    I've heard more good than bad about Elena's Models, but it's on Jim's goldlist, which doesn't impress me. To quote myself...
    quote:As for "Jim's lists", I have a slight problem with it because he also promotes other sites. He could be a real guy who is trying to perform a service, but I've heard stories that he cruises the net looking for girls and agencies, writes to girls and agencies threatening that he'll put them on his blacklist if they don't pay up? Two sides of the coin... flip it and take your chances.
    Train returns

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    There's a guy that lives in Ukraine that knows a girl that works in one of ualadys offices. He says "word is that the girls that work there churn out letters in place of the girls that sign up. They scare the ladies and threaten them not to try to contact the guys by attempting to contact them using other agencies etc".

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    quote:they try hard to remove scammers,
    well, Elena P. popularized the "antiscam" item, but people ought to know there is no such thing as an "Elena agency": it is a NETWORK acting as storefront for many independent agencies, some of which operated on the side under their own name.
    The network takes care of the household name, ads, buying space on forums, etc.
    How would mysterious Elena personally vet tens of thousands of profiles from eight time zones, from her abode in Australia (or wherever she's from now )?
    They spend big in ads and made a name.
    The rest -I think- is what any other big, junk, networked agency can offer.
    There are reports of scammers within the network, but that is just what happens in the industry.
    I remember a debate on a old forum in which it looked like Elena (or whoever was posting under her alias ) ignored that one agency they represented at the time showcased underage girls like 16yo.
    Pay the fee, abide by very few rules and join the network; pay the fee and buy a "column" on a forum...
    It isn't by chance agencies removed from one network for suspicious activity soon join another, maybe under a different name.
    Short: let's not mistake the glossy "household slogans" for reality, otherwise fast food would just look fantastic like the ads on TV.
    They do use fraudulent/misleading testimonials as well, much as others do.

    quote:I received family photos
    let's not forget what photoshop can do as well...

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    quote:let's not forget what photoshop can do as well...
    No ham, they're real pics. But if you read further, my point is that scam artists have families too. A photo with mom, dad and granny doesn't prove a girls intentions.

    Train returns

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    Ahhhh I knew they wouldn't let me go so easilly so another girl who I spoke with long time ago and send me the last letter saying she was leaving the agency wrote me again! Seems even thought she didn't give a **** about me and barely wrote me at all she has great feelings! WOW I'm impressed! (NOT!)

    IRINA S. #1893

    Hello dear, Bruno ! <-- Note the space after the name, it is because of copy/paste, every other ! in the e-mail has no spaces. -->

    How are you doing? I hope you are Ok. Do you remember me? I miss you so much. <-- YEAH RIGHT! -->

    Then all the bull**** from every e-mail how the world is beautiful, the birds sing, the dogs get in shape in the park, etc. I think I am starting to figure out where these texts come from! The source of all these texts. I shall reveal once I am sure and can prove it.

    This girl is the one I said is a ninfomaniac. The thing is, unlike Nadja, this girl letters seemed to me that were written by different people, I think 2 or 3 different persons. This letter is not according to the original pattern on the first letters I received or the last.

    The last part: "I wait your letter very soon." comes after really perfect english. The person who wrote it knew that it would throw a bit of "foreigness" into the letter. It is strategically placed for a reason, to make people feel the letter was written by the girl.

    About Nadja, she was not a hairy guy answering the letters. I was in touch with 2 other man who were also corresponding with her. One of them spoke with her on the phone and saw her on the webcam. So yeah she was real. As I said before, I think she's just looking for a novel to fill up her loneliness like many online addicts do.

    Anyway my offline ventures are paying off. I might have found my girl, she's the best friend of a waitress from a restaurant where I usually go. And she's hooked up on me, the other girl just told me they talk about me a lot and she really likes me, that I should take some initiative. So today she called up her best friend and passed the phone to me... oh man she's really hooked! :P and I like her too so.. good perpective.

    Anyway for you guys my offline advice is to be open minded and give a chance into meeting people. I learned that I might meet this girl who I don't want something with but she has friends.. and maybe a nice best friend! Arrange a go out in group and you might get your surprise! Then I guess the rest is not being afraid to tell the girl you like her and would like to go out with her. I learned that if you invite a girl for something like a walk in the park in the afternoon the girl is much more likely to give you a chance than going out at night or having dinner/lunch.

    One girl told me she never accepts invitations for dinner or going out at night because that means the guy wants to bang her. :P

    I hope I gave you guys a light. As for me, I don't have a girlfriend for 5 years now so it has been looooooonnnnnggggggg!! :P

    Wish me luck!

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    I've been reading a few post recently and noticed a few comments of interest. One that was interesting to me was someone that had visited the agency and make a few responses regarding letters being written by a male employee (I am assuming he was an employee). I have worked in the real estate industry for over ten years now. Many times I enter other real estate agencies and will be there for hours. I see and listen to realtors in these random offices for several hours but many of times have no idea what they are talking about. Many of them have R.E. contracts on their desks that would lead me too believe that they are writing contracts, but I know that is not the case since the real estate market is shot. Now everyone in the office speaks english (they probably write it and speak better than I actually). But when leaving, if I was approached and asked about the activities taking place in that office I might be lucky enough to explain my activities while in that place of business. Maybe if I'm lucky! And everything in that establishment took place in a laungauge which I'm familiar.
    Now maybe the gentleman in the prior posting speaks very good Ukrainian/Russian(don't know but that would add much more validity). But for me to walk into another business in a foreign country were everyone speaks a different launguage, well, seems to me would make it fairly difficult to draw conclusions about anything that is happening in that situation. But I was not there (haven't been there yet and he has!) so I am not sure what the situation at the time might have been to let him make this conclusion.
    Please understand that I do not think that all the letters are legit!! Writing certain girls for sometime it is only obvious that either someone else is writing or that they hand in a single draft for all next days letters. Like Brunods post earlier about the park, ice-cream, cold, skinny dogs running wild, all that seems like something that can be posted over and over. Not to mention no direct answers to your questions (that seems like a huge sign to me). It seems like these "generic" letters start with a little bit of peronalization than suddenly start a new paragraph about the weather, history of the Ukraine, yadi-yada.
    I was writing a gal in the past that sent me photos of her when she was a child, teenager, etc. She was very nice, answered all questions told me all about her day, weekends, and her letters never seemed scripted. She wanted me to send pictures of my childhood as well, but I have no clue where those might have ended-up. Unfortunately, I stopped writing her for some reason. She actually sent a me few more letters asking why I stopped writing her but like I never responded. About a months later I noticed that she pulled her profile. If she was making big bucks, or a pro-scammer, I don't think she would have removed her profile. Honestly, I'm not to happy with the way I handled her requested as well.

    PeopleS if your still out there!?!? Dont know exactly when I'll get over there. My plan is definitely before the end of the year. But I said the same thing last year.

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