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    Hello Thatcrazy,
    You're right, for three passengers but don't forget, YOU MUST BARGAIN FOR YOUR TRIP AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DECIDE BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE MONEY!!!!
    quote:Originally posted by thatcrazy

    plus it isn't only being dropped off. The driver also has to drive you around the city.

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    Wow, I have been reading this thread and am amazed at the bad luck some of you guys are having with UALadys. I though I would share my experience with you to balance the thread. I received an unsolicited email informing me of the possibilities of finding true love online. I was a little skeptical but decided to check it out. I created a profile - and added a picture (to increase the odds of being viewed). I then went to bed and had sex - it was great but I just wish someon else would have been with me. I awoke a ran to my computer like a kid on Christmas morning and guess what - within 2 hours of posting my profile I had my first bite!

    Vika #5761
    She obviously had read my posting because she new my name. There she was an 18 year old student interested in me a 46 year old guy - what are the odds??? I am soooo lucky. You got to love the USA I can marry her but I can't take her out for a drink - but I digress. I am in love and I am sure that my new love Vika will make me happy for years to come. I know what you're thinking - an 18 year old drop dead gorgeous girl wouldn't really want anything to do with me, but I did my homework. I read the UALady FAQ and they explained that younger girls really do like older men. I am truly sorry that some of you are having such a hard time finding true love online. Soon I'll be off to the Ukrainian to meet my true love.

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    Well we here wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. Be sure to update of your progress.

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    [quote]Originally posted by dreamsr

    Well we here wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. Be sure to update of your progress.
    [Hi Team,I'm writing from New Zealand,I visited Ukraine last year.I went to Simferopol,meet a beautiful young lady,but unfortunatly there was no love there.She was very pleasant,took me to the deareast restaurant you could go too.The restaurant was about 25 klm. out of Simferopol,we had a private room to ourselves.
    I will always wonder ,did she take me out of town so she would not be seen with me.
    By the way I'm 62,she was 24 ,an interesting experience.
    At the moment I'm communicating with a Marina(28-29 years of age) from Sumy,has anyone had any contact or letters from her.
    Gary from New Zealand or/quote]

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    If you can't get a 20 year old girl at home then don't try to get one in Ukraine or anywhere else for that matter because it isn't going to happen.

    You are 62 years old. Find someone who in your proper age bracket. Going after 20 somethings at 62 years old is not something I'd recommend doing for anyone.

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    Hi Thats crazy.
    I did not chase her,she chased me,everytime I stopped writing,she kept sending emails(letters untill I wrote back).So in the end I went to Simferopol to see if she was for real, definitly real,definitly as good looking as she was in her picture and Video.

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    This is really funny, Silver.
    I got a letter from this lady to my ordinary emailbox in hotmail the other day, asking me to write her on this site, obviously connected to UAladys. How many sites like this do theay have? Hundreds?


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    And here is another UAladys related site. And a letter from a lady there, that I received today 16 august 2007.


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    hello Uljoh...

    the truth always speaks by itself and this is the proof that ualadys is a fraudulent operation...it does not matter how many other persons write here some stories about trips and lucky guys thinking they have won the lottery of love...the real truth is that ualadys is a vast scam operation...no doubt about it

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