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    This Company is very cleaver from my first hand experience this is how it works...

    Once you register with the site you will start receiving letters from beautiful women so you write back as one does which is not cheap a bit further along the ladies start sending you pictures which cost extra and it goes on and on.

    OK here's how it works
    1) The Ladies are real and you can meet them as I have done.
    2) They will charge you for translations and introduction fees.

    3) Now here's the cleaver bit all the ladies I had corresponded with have never heard of me or written to me I was writing to them for over a year so to cut a long story short the scam is that all the letters you get are generic letters produced by the translators of this company another cleaver thing is that they invite you to see the ladies replying to e-mail on web-cams great the only thing is that the women in the web cams are translators :-@

    The reason i know this info is that i got freindly with a translator from the company and took her on a date after some Vodka she couldnt hold it in any more and spilled the info she was the best person i met in Ukraine and i will always hide her identity out of respect because she took a huge risk in telling me the truth...

    allan hussan

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    I was also there 2 years ago... But the girl I visited actually was writing to me and remembered everything we wrote about..

    I also personally know of a guy who met and married a girl from CC..

    it's a crap shoot...

    If you want a real 200% LEGIT agency that you can be guranteed isn't ripping you off.. you have to pay for it. They do exist but they aren't cheap.

    That's one of them. It's run by a Russian woman that lives in the USA. It costs $2,100 ($175.00 month) for a full year membership which really isn't that much considering it comes with alot of extra things like:

    immigration paperwork, translations of all documents for K1 and K2 Visa, post engagement help, support after marriage including unlimited consultations and help with immigration paperwork after marriage status and application for a green card.

    they also prepare the girl for the interview in English at the
    American ( Canadian, Australian) consulate in Moscow. and free Russian Visa support and full arrangement of travel...

    anyone who is really serious ... should use those guys and completely forget about any of these other bull**** sites out there.

    If you can't afford $2,100 a year.. then you shouldn't be doing this to begin with anyway..

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    quote:If you want a real 200% LEGIT agency that you can be guranteed isn't ripping you off.. you have to pay for it. They do exist but they aren't cheap.
    my opinion about high-end agencies is here:

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    Well that?s great but I was there 3 months ago and a lot of things have changed in the last 2 years like no more CC just RU, are you still in touch with the woman you met through the agency? Also remember if the agency organised your trip they will have the time to bring the girl into check with all the letters she supposedly wrote! And it not a matter of spending money its a matter of helping other people from these scammers at the end of the day most Russian and Ukrainian women have internet profiles in the hope of finding a wealthy man to take them away from the hardship so most of these women are not looking for love but security they say things like age is not a problem that?s true because the older you are the quicker you will go!!!!!!! I personally have businesses in Russia and over the last 5 years I have learned a lot about their culture and behaviour I am not saying its all bad there are some lovely women in Russia and Ukraine with good intentions but if too good to be true it usually is!!!!!!

    allan hussan

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    quote:That's one of them. It's run by a Russian woman that lives in the USA. It costs $2,100 ($175.00 month) for a full year membership
    I have stayed away from such "high end" agencies. Many of their claims seem "to good to be true." Such claims strike me as almost "selling" girls to any westerner with a few grand in his pocket and airfare to deliver his "purchase". At the same time, they have a disclaimer about the individual girls decissions regarding who she likes etc, which sounds like any other agency from UA to datemefree to whoever you find on the web.
    quote:Well that?s great but I was there 3 months ago and a lot of things have changed
    Okay. What kind of success did you have? Did you meet 10 girls who had no clue who the heck you were? Or did you meet a real girl who you can honestly see a future with? Generally, around here if you defend or recommend an agency, or agencies in general, you really should strap yourself in for the ride and be prepared to elaborate a bit.

    Again, if you recommend a site, especially one that asks for $2100, just saying if you can't afford it you shouldn't be looking doesn't quite cut it in my book. I could wipe my butt with $20 bills if I want to and flush them down the toilet. It doesn't mean I want to!

    What is your succes story?????????[)]

    Train returns

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    "Again, if you recommend a site, especially one that asks for $2100, just saying if you can't afford it you shouldn't be looking doesn't quite cut it in my book. I could wipe my butt with $20 bills if I want to and flush them down the toilet. It doesn't mean I want to!"

    I agree with you, PeopleSmoks. Where did that smell of fish come from?

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    well, SELF-PROCLAIMED high end agencies such as IF@R or its reborn incarnation V?NETS ask(ed) for $35.000 to $50.000 (yes, fifty thousands ).
    Lots of promises of beauty queens with 1950s standards...the reality? Even the WM-FSUW couple behind IF@R divorced...they couldn't even keep THEIR marriage going, but ask $50.000 to get YOUR going?
    And the manager Alla used to write so much against today's "quick divorce" mentality...now she landed in the west, runs a business skinning suckers alive and guess what? She has traded up like those butterflies she used to criticize...go figure.

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    I don't do this Agency stuff anymore. I have a friend who does business in Slovakia and goes every 3 months.. I just go along and will eventually settle on one of the girls from there.. in person.. and checked out properly without the use of agencies..

    sounds like everything is a fraud to you ham..

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    In my youth I spent 5 years studying social sciences at the university, but later when I moved to the countryside, I had to change horses and became educated as a professional carmechanic.

    On this background I will compare web-dating to buying a secondhand car. No matter if you buy it from a secondhandcar dealer or privately, it's a risky business. There's a lot of room for conning, especially if you aren't technically wellinformed concerning cars.

    It's the same with a lot of the datingsites. People from the west usually haven't got much knowledge of the FSU culture, and when the dating-agencies "sell" their products, they often sound suspiciously like "honest Joe" giving you a glib sales talk. A lot of valueless promises, but no real guarantee whatsoever.

    The same if you buy "privately". The women on the datingsites (also the free) are more often than not showing a behaviour, which in the west would be defined as sociopathic, varying from the more primitive money-extracting schemes to the sophisticated methods for golddigging, greed or just getting a free "ticket" (green card etc) to the west. Even when confronted with facts, they will lie to your face, without remorse, and with a lot of mindgames and arrogance.

    But as with cars, you CAN make a good deal. You just need knowledge, patience and a good deal of common sense.

    So when "old-timers" like me and others make an effort to produce a "manual", this is not because we are grumpy, embittered old men or that we have become cynics. It's pragmatic, based upon experience. No-one in his right mind would buy one of the old eastern produced small cars (not even the people living there, if they have any choice), but a lot of WM gladly take the equalent version in form of a web-dating FSUW.

    Keep in mind, I'm talking mostly about web-dating. There's a lot of nice people in the east outside the web.

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    I think the real FSU asset for romantic purposes ARE LAY PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF THE LD/WWW/MOB SCENE.

    I once read this, which reflects my own experience starting with domestic dating sites

    quote:I believe that about two women in three that you meet on the internet will exhibit a serious personal problem that you need to consider. For about one in three, the problem will be so serious, that you will NOT want that woman in your life.

    These odds sound bad, but they are actually good news. It means that you know what your risks are, and have a good way to begin measuring how well you're doing. Here are some of the women you need to watch out for:

    * Some are alchoholics or on drugs. They WILL lie about it. Run. Enough said.
    * Men pretending to be women. EEEEnuf said.
    * Some are more interested in your money than they are in you. There are several forms-- the trickiest to recognize, is the upper middle class "doctors' daughter" who thinks her insanely high standard of living is her birthright, and doesn't realize how rude she is.
    * Some are married but don't admit it at first. While this sounds good; believe me, you don't want the problem after your third or fourth meeting. I'm someone for whom this does NOT happen; and it's happened to me three times. I was going steady for two months one time, before my SO's husband came home.
    * This also goes for children. I personally haven't run into very many single moms pretending to be sirens in the night, but it does happen. I also don't care if my intended has multiplied herself, but you might. In any case, it's a big thing to lie about. By the third or fourth email exchange; you should know.
    * Many women have serious emotional problems. You should familiarize yourself with what paranoid, histrionic and narcissistic neuroses are, and pay particular attention to what a Borderline Personality disorder is. You WILL meet them, and they hide it well at first. Consult the DSM IV in a Library, and read about this.
    * Women who don't like sex--- at least, not with you-- and won't admit it. They have a hundred reasons, but it all boils down to this: They have decided that they aren't attracted to you don't want to form a close relationship with you. And they're LYING about it. This damages your emotional integrity and wastes your time. Apply the three-date rule as a guideline.
    * Women who flip emotionally from one thing to another. If she'll join up with you quickly; she'll leave you quickly, too. Watch out for impulsive women. ... and NO, the sex wasn't worth it.

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