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    How much do the women pay?


    quote:Originally posted by dublindevil

    If anyone has ten grand, and wants to use it to find a bride, then I know a site that guarantee the perfect match. So unless your absolutely incompatible you will end up with a wife. ! Sounds expensive maybe. ? Not really, when you think about it. A real woman, a complete match and your absolute 'ideal' will eventually cost you that much after everything is totalled up, but this way you do not get any headaches, or busted emotions, or maybe's, etc, and its all done privately, discreatly, and you get to be treated like a king. !
    Everything is done from the inital selection, right through to Visa's until your on the plane home, with your bride. !
    If anyone wants to look at the site send me an email.
    I thought that maybe there is someone who just might be interested. ? Incidently, its a suit and tie kind of business. All you Jeans guys can forget it.

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

    David A Desautel

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    Hi All

    Have we considered that an identical letter from the same woman to multiple men may not be as serious a problem (maybe she is just lazy and keeping all her options open) than an identical letter FROM multiple woman (obvious not written by both women, and thus indicatiove of a scam)?

    Just a thought


    quote:Originally posted by nomorescam

    Good news.

    I have been sending and receiving letters with Nadezhda N. #3867
    Yesterday someone posted a letter received from Nadezhda and guess what? It?s a match word for word with one I received from her on the same day and only ten minutes apart. It?s not just great that she done this but great she done this to me because it?s making my legal case stronger.
    If anyone else has been speaking with this lady I would like to hear from you.
    I am now going to send her a reply and see what response I get. Let the games begin.
    David A Desautel

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    quote:Originally posted by dadepfan


    How much do the women pay?

    Haha. Goodness knows. ? Something we will never know.

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

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    Actually, I finally got another letter from Valentina, and she asked me for my personal email. She said that she was "allowed" because of her situation - she is in Moscow at work, and has to call the agency at home to have her letters read to her. It will be interestig to see if CC lets it through.

    I have not gotton a personal email from her yet though.


    Why would she ask 'you' for your email address. ? UAL have your email address so they would give it to her, surely. ? If you get an email from her at your own address I will eat my stinking hat. again.
    Anyway, UAL would not allow it. I was away in hospital for a month, but they refused the girls my email address. !!

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

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    This is the web page after sending the message to UAL.
    Attention: We issue the answers to your questions only on our website.
    We also send a copy of our answer to your email address but we don't give the guarantee that it will reach you.
    That's why we strongly recommend to receive an answer to your question on our site.
    All you need to do for this is to log in on the site and our system will inform you if the answer to your question is available.

    ualadys.com Support team.
    Return to my support center
    This is your question. Ticket #38748 From: RAY unknown

    Hello Sergey. There continues to be a great upset amongst members about your restrictions on providing the ladies contact details. You refuse to even provide them for men in countries where there is no IMBR legislation is completely wrong. Your so called ?protection? of the ladies is also an insult to men as we are not children but very responsible people. You will have undoubtedly seen this site: http://www.stop-scammers.com/forum/t...50&whichpage=1 and this: http://www.stop-scammers.com/forum/t...sp?TOPIC_ID=84 and also: www.confidentialconnections.net You cannot ignore these sites. They are there and they are continuing to grow. A new site: www.ualadys.net is also being developed and will be up and running in the next few days. In addition to all this lawyers are being consulted in the USA and in other countries to take up this matter and sue your organisation for a refund of all monies paid to you for which the members have received nothing. There are also members who are actively engaged in sending all this information and sites to Google and to Yahoo and this information will be prominently displayed on those search engines for every man in the world to see. No further excuses or refusal to answer legitimate questions by your organisation will be accepted by members, and the campaign to expose your fraudulent activities will continue. The only answer for you is to release the contact details of all those ladies requested by members including the provision of the ladies surnames. If this information is released it is possible that members will refrain from suing for a refund of their money, although that is only something that can be decided ?after? release of the ladies information. We would urgently request that these requirements by members be met without further delay so as to avoid any further action by them.

    The truth is cheap, lies are expensive.
    Power to the People is long Overdue

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    To jackspades, I corresponded with this girl for a while and she seemed nice and interested so because i wanted to go there anyway i thought i would give it a try. But in reality she was keen on money and looked a bit like a call girl. So i left it with one dinner. But maybe other girls are different. i can't tell cause i only saw one. And as i said the people at the agency where rather helpfull but maybe that was fake too i dunno. Buenos Aires has twelve million nihabitants and the most beautifull girls in the world so i forgot about that agency very soon.

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    A few remarks.
    Bachelorboy101, thank you for your input regarding Daria P. I will take apropriate action[}]
    Kevin, I got the same letter from 1866 as you.
    #1875 is a 100% fake. I told her about my relative who died and she thanked me for my wonderful letter![)]
    Ralf SSince you have visited several of the offices in Ukraine, could you share with us the street addresses to the offices in Zhitomir and Poltava[?]
    Amerikanski You are totally right about the characteristics of russian women. If you argue with them, don't expect to get the last word[}]
    My ukrainian x-wife visited a small agency in Kharkov by the name of Idi-bridge. It and the girls exists, and you can find them on the net. How legit it is I don't know.
    Have fun guys!

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    It's funny. We at Stop-Scammers.com just have recieved their newsletter (never subscribed)
    A good idea to start a new site - STOP-DATING-SPAMMERS!!!

    Dear admin! Old New Year in Ukraine !!
    Have you ever heard about such a holiday?

    On the night of the 13th-14th of January we are having a special holiday, which exists only in the countries of the former USSR. It??s Old New Year ) a funny name??

    It??s New Year by the old calendar, which was in use before 1917.

    Our people decided that it??s better not to waste another wonderful chance to have a feast and decided to leave this holiday in our lives. It will be another bright day in life of your lady, full of joy and smiles!

    All the presents have been shared on the 1st and if you send something to your lovely lady, it will be a wonderful surprise!

    If you wish to use this chance on this special holiday, please see our offer here:


    New management company
    First of all we congratulate you with a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!

    On this wonderful holiday, we are happy to inform you, that as of December 31,2006 Confidential Connections (and all its branches) have passed to a new management company IISPP INC and a new owner, IISPP INC

    We have worked hard for 24 hours a day to make all the necessary changes to the sites and all the systems and we are glad to announce to you that the new sites ARE RUNNING ALREADY and you can freely use all our services now! New re-branding name of the site is UAladys.com

    We at IISPP INC being a team of professionals, having a great experience, set a mission to raise quality of our customer's service.

    We bring our deepest apologies for the temporal break in the former site's operation. Working day and night, our team has transferred all the old owner's databases to our new servers. It will substantively raise the quality and speed of the site!

    We guarantee that all payments are restored in the full value that you paid. The whole correspondence, photo and video materials, and also condition of your private accounts on the site are remaining intact and you are able to continue communication with the ladies when you wish!

    We have notified all ladies in advance about temporal break of correspondence. Please don't worry, ladies know about the reason of letters delay and are waiting for your return!

    We ask you to accept 1 photo and 1 video credit to your profile as a gift from the new management company when you log in.

    If you were unable to send a Christmas gift to your lady due to the site not working, you can still send a gift to her.

    Below is Christmas specials that will be in effect until this Saturday.

    admin, if you have personal propositions, remarks or suggestions regarding making our work better and more qualitative we will accept your opinion with the high attention and respect and will certainly take it into account while planning the new work strategy. You can pass a remark on our site in Support section.

    We hope for the successful collaboration with you in the future. We will do everything possible to help you in finding your soul mate.

    Sincerely and wish best wishes,

    NEW YORK CITY, NY 10013
    212 614 0100

    If you wish to be removed from this mailing, please send an e-mail with your member # and Email address
    to stopit@ualadys.com, you will be removed from our mailing list or click here.

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    I received a new letter today from the famous Elena G. #1586 so read on. I will remind everyone that I sent this gift out before the whole shutdown of CC and then sent a letter to the support why I have not received my photo of her getting the gift I sent and now I just received this today.

    12 January 2007 03:25:47

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:


    My dear _______!

    It`s me Elena.

    My dear, I am sorry, that last time I didn't mention your present- wonderful bouqet of white lilies.

    To tell the truth, I just don't know what to say?

    _______, your attention is so pleasing, I like your care and I do realize that only with thanking you I can't express all gratitude to you.

    You know, I don't want to be cunning, but as any girl I am very pleased to get such signs of attention. Thank you very much!

    With tendeness..


    Has anyone received anything like this before from any girl your talking to?


    The Shackles Are Undone

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    So will you release the girls names, both of them? If not you can email me at lexiematsi@yahoo.com

    We need as much as possible to keep a record of everything and it would be great if this info was shared between another person or so, if not I completely understand and take care.


    The Shackles Are Undone

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