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    Thanks So much for all these posts as I only spent $7.00 on one e-mail to UA. I have great intuition and smelled a rat so I started doing my homework and found this site. So I threw my next letter away and saved some frustration and money. So, thanks again everyone!!!

    On another note....we have all been talking about all the scam sites but are there any "real" sites a guy can go to and have direct communication with the women?



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    most sites belong to the good old bunch of big, junk networked agencies under dozens of trademarks ( just one of them owns like 25 websites ).
    Mom&pop local operations would be best, but i'm not sure how many of them exist these days; and one cannot expect the same "domestic feeling" and service level he would with big junk domestic sites...if being pitched sales by some used car kind of slick talker is what one likes.
    Free dating sites ( EG m@tch-com/ Y@hoo etc ) are literally cluttered with scammers & conpeople, barred domestic women, most of whom exhibit serious personality flaws.

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