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    quote:Originally posted by Goddiejens

    quote:Originally posted by Anthony Ferrara


    Hi I am from America and I have been a member of ruladies.com for more than a year now. I have been corresponding with a Wonderful Young Woman also in Krasnodar. I was shocked and disheartened to learn of your ordeal-Truely! I have on a few occassion's spoken to Diana via phone and she was alway's polite and respectful to me so I have no problem's with her so far! I also voiced my concern to my Lady this week in a letter and she made it clear to me she is nothing like Marina and her Intension's for me are True and Sincere!! Well, I am Sorry you had a bad experience and I Hope your new Lady will stay Honorable and simply be Truthful with you at all Times!! In this day of Internet Courtship's it is bound to Happen that a confused and scammer Lady will get into trouble be Deception's, Lie's and Manipulateing a Good Man's Heart and Wallet!! Well, I know this because I was scammed a few year's ago by a Unkraian Wpman who is now in Prison-I Despise Liar's and Thief's and I Love to put them in Jail where they belong!! Well, One Victory for the Good Guy's but how many other's do nothing? I Fear to think of how many Men have done nothing but simply lived in silent shame and humiliation!!! Well, I have I suppose stated my opinion and I Hope I did not bore anyone! All Take Care and stay Well!!

    Hi Anthony,

    thanks a lot for your post. Unfortunately you confuse something what I posted here before. I do not critizise Diana or complain about this translator. She was very friendly to me there, too. The translators are all very friendly to all guests and visitors there, they always offered me coffee and I thanked them with chocolates. On the other hand, they all have boyfriends, so I respected that always and did not even try to invite one of these friendly beautiful Russian ladies for a snack after work.

    I am only missing the pictures. And I left my private mail address to Diana, she agreed with me to send me the pictures but she has not done it. This is the only little issue which now I have with her. Very little, I really do not blame her.

    I only warn here all guys to trust in Marina the massager!!! It is very bad style of this lady to be there with me in the intro-meeting and then in a restaurant and then in the moment I leave all my 15 kgs of gifts to her she gives me a little kiss (which is a very lot for a Russian lady!) and the promess to see me again for more hours 3 days later ... that finally 2 days later she only sends me a mail via the agency channel saying that she would not want to meet me anymore because of her dad does not want her to see me and she also had changed her opinion now ... well, my comment on this attitude "Matilda! Matilda! Matilda, she takes me money and runs Venezuela!" (as a known songtext says).

    So please, I do not blame translators there. And my second lady there who I dated, Natasha, she gave me her private mail address, so I do not blame her. But Marina did not give me anything than doing never kept promisses and simulating being nice to me, then she took what she could get and left me lonely and alone in a town which I don't know ... I would never treat so bad someone who comes from far away like Russia to meet me and get to know me. Shame on Marina!!!

    Hi again Jen's!

    My Apologies, My Intension was not to accuse you of anything and Yes I Truely feel badly for your experience, of course I was not there dureing your visit so I do not have personal experience with this Lady as you did but I also understand that there are 2 sides to every story also! I see it this way, if She was not Interested in you at your meeting-for any reason-She should have been Honest and Respectful to you and told you so at that time and not simply been distant and send you a good bye letter! Again My Apologies to you and I Hope your new Lady will maybe be the right one for you!!



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    Hi Tone,

    it's really wonderful news, that it's possible to prosecute now in FSU
    (at least some places). I think, that this will be still another nail in the coffins of scammers, they are not stupid.

    But it will probably take some time still, before it will have general effect, so the need for our presence here is not ended.


    open markets are like the ideal american mailman. "Neither rain nor snow etc." Besides they also have a lot of shopping-mall like markets, only much more individualised. I didn't see a single supermarket in Sevastopol, only "oldfashioned" shops. Very charming. And they have an infinite patience with foreigners trying to explain, what they want to buy. If you don't intend to marry them or such, it's a lovely people.

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    Hello again Swede!
    Thank's for your input and Yes I agree with you that we all are far from finished here in this anti scam site! I see it also this way, to me this is War-plain and simple because there are alot of Criminal's here in the internet that do not give a second thought to the damage they inflict on people due to thier Insatible Greed and Total Selfishness! I know that most if not all Criminal's are on the internet because they do not Wish to be seen or caught and Frankly they are Great Coward's and hide in the internet,Yes they are All True Coward's!! Damn then All I say!!!! You know I just remembered something my scammer said to me, She Swore to God She would Never Lie to me or Steall from me and would be Loyal only to me for Life, Humm, What a Stone Cold Liar She is and Yes She is a She!! Well Folk's none of us have to Worry about her, at least not for the next 8+ year's and I am sure She will be a much changed Woman when She leaves prison and is once again free! I Hope She has learned a lesson, Action's Speak Louder than Word's-Alway's and they have Reprocustion's and Responsibilities too! I am Sorry if I sound Frigid but She made her own bed, She has to now Sleep in it!!!! Well, enough of my past Heartache's but I Hope some day She will realize the Pain and Suffering She has caused a numerous Men and only She and God know how many She has Hurt!! Well enough for now and Thank You all for your opinion's and support!



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    quote:Originally posted by swede

    Hi Jens,

    unpleasant as it has been for you (and I know how you feel, I've been through it myself), you hopefully have learned something from it. Maybe now you feel hurt or misused, but as you know, time will heal all wounds.

    Personally I'm not very good at this kind of situation, it always takes me a long time to get in balance again afterwards, but I think it is very important not to become bitter. Bitterness can turn inwards and spoil one's life and make later positive contacts difficult.

    I have become more wary now, but I'm still optimistic about people, untill they have proved me wrong.
    Thanks, Swede and Anthony,

    you are right that the way should not be to conserve the pain. I only published here so much about it because I want to show other people who contact ladies of ruladys.com that we all need to be very careful to trust some lady there. The reality to meet them is absolutely different from all the sharing of sweet words before in the correspondence.

    Now I use the possibility to contact ladies for free in first mail. This is the special offer in this month by uadreams.com. May be that my next trip goes to Ukraine. Ukraine is much easier and cheaper than Russia. No visa necessary for citizens of the European Union, so I can arrive in the day time and look for a not so expensive room to stay there at the place.

    I put many questions in my first mail. Is the lady really ready to learn asap English (with a pc language trainer...)? Does she say that she takes decision about her relation only herself or is the opinion of parents and whoever important for her? Is my age or anything in my profile a problem for her? Would she take many hours of time and really care of me whenever I am there to come together with her or are studies and jobs of more priority for her in such case? And, finally, in case that she is really interested in finding me and partnership I ask to let me know in which month she would have most free time to take care of me there.

    I just have collected nice answers. All the requests to get to know each other better by correspondence ... I don't care of it because for my opinion the correspondence is not the trigger to make her falling in love with me, it is only the trigger to improve the business results of uadreams.com. Important is the real meeting there. And if one mail (for free) has been sent out and received before I can make clear that I showed just some months before that I am interested in her ... .

    I go this way now. And a next travel will be followed by a next travel report here, guys.


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    Hey Jens! I for one will speak for many who have not voiced their thanks for your postings here. I promise to do the same on my trip. You're right about Ukraine being a bit cheaper. Ukraine per capita is about $100 USD per month less than Russia, so money goes a bit further. The Ukraine government welcomes most foreigners as they see us as an economic boon. US citizens don't need a visa either!

    As I find my Ukrainian sweetheart to be more and more questionable as my trip approaches, I still hope for the best, but plan for the worst. I started writing to another girl in the same city. Even if that doesn't work out, I hope to hang out and make some contacts while I'm there.

    Train returns

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    quote:Originally posted by Goddiejens

    Hi Peoplesmoks,

    I asked about the 3 couples in wedding party pictures on the wall of the office of ruladys.com. The translators told me that the really married people did not want to have put their pics there so that these pics are not real ones of results achieved by the office!

    What would you experience in Krasnodar, Peoplesmoks?

    First of all, they all work or study & work. So they all have time after work, may be from 7 pm or 8 pm. ALL THE OTHER DAYTIME YOU ARRANGE YOUR PROGRAM YOURSELF! So you are not attended in the daytime. If you do not speak Russian ... it would be just a problem for you to buy a map of the city ... . And your meeting(s) could only be successful with a paid translator.

    Please imagine, you are alone all the day and then from 8:30 pm to 10 pm you sit in a restaurant or cafeteria with your favourite lady and a paid translator. After one hour your favourite lady and the translator start to show you how tired they are from work ... . And as I just told you, HANDS OFF!!!, they are untouchables!!! SHE decides when you can hold her hands. SHE gives you the first kiss someday ever or never comes... .

    In the daytime you can walk around a little as I did. At night you can go to a nightclub of bar as I did not do.

    So I arrived on Saturday and thought that my favourite lady would have time for me because Marina informed me about holidays and not jobbing from that Saturday and the following week. But when I was there I had to face a different reality. She well had to work on Saturday, too, beauty & wellness centers for ladies have peak seasons on weekends! So she had time for me from Saturday 7 pm. Then her father bothered with phonecalls every 10 minutes so the communication failed ... she promissed to see me again may be not on Sunday but on Monday and for sure some more hours on Tuesday ... but on Monday I received only a "nice" letter from her saying that it would not work out with us ... she would not meet me again. I left 15 kgs gifts to her (sweets...) on Saturday night, I paid the taxi and left her some more money that she takes a taxi to see me asap, and she did not only say goodbye to me, I was lucky to receive a little kiss from this beauty! I hope you can understand my frustration when I read the letter from her on Monday in the morning in an internetcafe which was hard to find there.

    I am not a sextourist because I have never and I would never pay for sex to any lady, I do not go to any prostitute or places of prostitution. But "joining hearts" is different from "stayfriends", isn't it? The lady shares a lot of mails with me and tells me also some very sex-relevated fantasies ... for the final pic in the office of the agency after the first official meeting she came a bit close to me and I could put my left arm around her shoulder sitting there on the sofa with her ... but then she is untouchable! This is like washing without water!!!

    They are really cold, Peoplesmoks! They are as cold as the ground in Sibiria now.

    Don't think that they suffer from bad living conditions and need to look for the way how to go west! Last year was a very good year for all Russians, also the poorest ones received more there, and they are more happy there now whenever! They have family members and friends there, they would miss a lot abroad! So you are welcome if you bring in a lot of money for their business ... because they all dream of own business ... in such case you might have a chance.

    Diana S. #175 works as translator in the office of ruladys.com in Krasnodar, sometimes in managing position. She told me that she has a boyfriend. But her profile says that she "looks for her second half".

    "Type of man I decide... It is quite had question to answer. I could write a book about it. But lets get serious. I don't have any special type of man I would want to meet. I value such qualities as intelligence, sense of humor, honesty, openness, possibility to understand other person and many many others. Ask yourself ? did you meet such person? And I guess the answer would be ? no. If a man doesn't have one or more qualities I like, it doesn't mean that I might not like him. So I can say that I am open for new meetings and experiences. And I always believe that if the man doesn't have some quality, he would have another personal quality which would be even better. I am hopeless optimist. And this is my life position."

    Ksenia S. #214 : I had not conversation with this translator. Bus she is much much more beautiful than in the video and on the pics!!! She was one week on holiday and came back last week. In Russia working people get 1 week paid holidays, only. They can have more holidays but unpaid only! The working time per day in fulltime jobs is 9 hours and more. And the prices are similar to the prices in Belgium or Netherland based on the rate to change euros in rubles.

    Well, guys, welcome to reality whenever you go there!!! For me this has been my only and last experience with Russian untouchables and lack of service in Russia. I had to pay 25 euros penalty because my visa expired the day before I left Russia. My late departure was fault of AEROFLOT, they did not provide the flight back from Krasnodar to Moscow ... and at midnight in Moscow I had to go to 3 different places to arrange the hotel voucher with AEROFLOT, fully packed with all my baggage through Sheremetyevo 2 and then 1 ... and then 40 minutes more in the queue at the reception of NOVOTEL at Sheremetyovo 2 ... so that after 1 am I achieved to sleep there.

    Flight back to my place in Western Europe there was again snowfall in Moscow and delay ... I needed to pay 70 euros for the taxi at night then to come home from the airport. So in case you arrange your visa for Russia yourself please please ask for 2 more to prevent that you have to pay a 25 dollar penalty fee in case of such inconvenience!!!

    Enough comments and advices. I will remove my profile at ruladys.com in these days. May be I go and collect another experience in Ukraine this year. But then, no mails before (to save this money) and only dating online the lady at the place there with the option to date another one in case that she is not available there... .

    I wish you a good travel, Peoplesmoks!!!

    I wish you so very very very much that you have success!!! (But I am honest enough to say that success in such date would surprise me very very very much!)


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    Hi liketosmooch,

    hope you'll feel at home here on the forum.

    I'm sorry, but I have the impression, that something was missing from your post. As far as I can see, you only posted something from Jens.

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    Hi Swede,

    you are right. I have the same impression. I would also like to know the comments of liketosmooch here. Hopefully he comes back to us here.


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    Maybe liketosmooch is affiliated with RUladies??? Post and disappear, is that some kind of a message? Hopefully will hear from that individual again!!

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    Humm, Ditto everyone!!



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