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    True, dreamsr and smokes, only thing I have done there is buy a video for $2.95 but then later girl stopped writing, so those ones who writes many men, and I checked Jims List and they still are in black list because one 19 y.o nice looking profile wrote me but I never fell for it, Jims writes awful stuff about them

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    I don't necessarily put too much trust in "Jim's List". He has advertising links to sites and I've heard he can be for sale? I've also heard the way far side, that he even blackmails people and sites that he'll blacklist them if they don't pay up? GD we live in such a twisted world!!![V]

    Train returns

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    I signed up to UAdreams about a month ago...and just let my account sit.. I haven't received even 1 single unsolicited email from anyone.

    In fact I was so surprised that I didn't that I had to actually send a few "winks" to see what the hell was going on. I must have sent about 10 random winks.. and only received 2 replies..

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    Hey thatcrazy! I guess you're just not as interesting as a pig farmer from Hooterville!!!

    Actually, many sites use a frequency of usage type search engine. In other words, if you don't log on for a long time, your profile slips to the bottom of the list. Still, it's a bit surprising that you didn't get a lot of hits while you were "fresh meat". So, once again I have to think you're just not as interesting as our buddy Mr. Haney???[)]

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    I sent you an email through the email form... they won't let me post the link here..

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    I haven't seen it yet.

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