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    "swede" wrote:


    Here follows my proposal to a general introduction for you, who recently have become aware of scamming.

    I will mostly concentrate on cyberdating-scamming or economical scam-systems using internet.

    I will base this introduction on three sources of information from people, who in various ways have had experiences of cyber-scamming. A/ The group (of mostly western men) who's had an actual meeting with a potential partner, normally in this "partner's" own culture. B/ Those who've had several and prolonged contacts with cyber-daters, but only via internet, and finally C/ Those who have expertise and competence for evaluating the validity of channels, sources and other aspects of the technical part of cyber-contact (as f.ex. the authenticity of claims of a certain geographical background, legal aspects, cultural or economical background or procedures connected with f.ex. visa-applications).

    As far as it is possible, I will try not to let my own personal biases or conclusions be too prominent, my intention is to make a kind of general survey showing a range of possibilities. I must add, that I do not have complete, personal information on all subjects taken up here, I often rely on information from other people. Anybody disagreeing with anything said here, have ofcourse the possibilty to object or add information.

    1/ An overwhelming majority of the eastern women seeking serious cyber-dating contact are actively interested in relocation. Their aim is to get away from their homecountries. This does not exclude the possibility of romance being part of their expectations, though much evidence points to, that romance is secondary.

    2/ The present primary means for creating contact, dating-sites, can be divided in two groups:

    a. The completely free sites, which were very popular some years ago, but now seem to be less so. They have, as the definition says, the advantage of not costing the user anything, which means that such sites wouldn't do much in the form of falsifications to attract users. The users would be individuals on a "free-lance" basis. As to the credibilty of these free-lancing cyber-daters on the free sites compared to what you meet on paid sites, it's difficult to say, but my personal experience 3-4 years ago was that there wasn't much difference. I have been unable to find any present informed information about this.

    b. Concerning the paid sites much critique has been raised on two grounds. Quite a few WM users of some paid sites accuse these sites of the criminal activity of more or less creating profiles of women, either by inventing completely non-existing women (using photos taken from elsewhere) or by by employing women, who with promises, threats or offers of a percentage of the profit agree to act as real contact-seeking cyber-daters (but not being so). Even when a cyber-dating woman is "real" (that means existing as a person) many examples show, that she's not interested in making any contact of a serious type, when it comes to the point.

    The paid sites close down and re-open ever so often, when one of them gets a sufficiently bad reputation. Many of them are practically identical and use the same female profiles. The paid sites will from time to time emerge publicly on anti-scam sites and give out "information" about their policies and intentions. A lot of this information is actually disinformation. Sometimes spread by decoys, who will tell wonderful stories about this or that, under pretence of being independant individuals.

    The various fees at paid sites can be out of proportion to the services given.

    3/ When it comes to the individual cyber-dater (mostly eastern women), opinions as to how many of them are scammers differ somewhat. But the general opinion is, that a CONSIDERABLE percentage are either complete fakes (created by a dating-site or by individuals) or persons, who want to get money from their western contacts under various pretexts. The pretexts ranging from personal needs (f.ex. medical needs in their family, for paying rent, learning english, paying of the local maffia etc) to requests
    for money for travel expenses to visit their western contacts, visa-applications etc.

    Experience shows, that these requests normally are pure frauds. Once you've sent money, your cyber-dater usually disappears very quickly.

    Lately a new type of scammers have arrived at the scene. They also use cyber-dating as basis, but they do exist as real persons and they often will meet you in person at their own location. Even starting an intimate relationship with you (or in some cases going so far as to marry). They are, what formerly would be described as gold-diggers or marital frauds. Now often called pro-daters. They can be VERY convincing, and it needs quite a lot of intuition and personal integrity to avoid succumbing to their tricks.
    It's a new version of con-artists, and they can be more troublesome than the purely cyber-operating scammers. You risk getting emotional involved, and the economical risks are also greater. The way to test this is to be a bit restrictive with your money from the start, when you visit. I do not mean directly stingy, but avoid spreading money around you. A pro-dater will soon look for a new victim in this case.

    4/ Finally the scamming variety, which is not based on dating, but on pure economical fraud. You will get an Email telling you, that you are invited to be part of some economical venture, which you can join by doing certain things. Either by sending some money, or by cashing checks etc. These frauds can appear quite convincing, and can even lead to your own getting in conflict with the law.

    So remember, don't let your greed carry you away by the thought of a couple of grand. There are no free lunches.

    Go to your bank, lawyer or the police; explain the situation and leave it at that, if you get such invitations. NEVER get involved. Or better: Forget the whole thing.

    A few comments on how to relate to cyber-contacts. Be prepared for scam-efforts. The scammers and the fraud-makers are getting more and more professional, so you must be strong enough to accept the worst possibility, before you engage on such adventures. Examples of men exist, where it has taken these men a couple of married years to discover, that all the while they believed, they were happily married, their loving wives continued scamming from the family PC. Remember: This situation is ALWAYS a possibilty, though you more likely will just meet someone bleeding you for a couple of grand, or be asked for money for granny's medicin.

    OR hopefully you may meet the love or your life.

    But: Be prepared. And NEVER; EVER send money.

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    Hi Admin!

    I must say, Well Done and True!!!!



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    I would like to direct your attention to a post by itzoneofthoz (today 20/2), where he gives an example of an economical scam as described in point 4 of my introduction.

    In this scam the Pepsi company and Mastercard is used to make it more
    credible. Well done, itzone......

    (I wonder what the two companies involved would say?)

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    In a situation when legitimate companies' names are used to make the scam seem legitimate, the easiest thing I've found to do is send a copy of the scam letter to those companies and explain what their "good" name is being associated with. Many larger companies have scam investigators who will look into the fraud and possibly prosecute.

    Train returns

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    My Thoughts also. I suggested it at the original track, where the scam was first put out by "itzone..."

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    I should note that one of my experiences with the scam letters referencing legtimate companies, was one of the 1/4 billion or so GBP that I've won through various lotteries this past year. Which insidently, is how I can now afford "Stately Smoks Manor" and all the emenities that go along with my new stature as a multi-millionaire playboy! (Including the three Olgas!!!) Sorry swede, I had to throw that in there!

    But, seriously, the scam referenced a real courier service and even included a link to their website... unless the website was part of the scam, in which case it was almost genius to do so![:0]

    Either way, the request to forward the courier fees was enough for me to laugh it off!!![8D]

    Train returns

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    Ya, Das!

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    Ya, Understood!

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    It's not that there's so much new information to give apart from the tendency for scamming to be more centrally organised. According to the (now-adays second hand) knowledge I have, the amount of individual, freelance scamming is diminishing.

    In any case I mostly updated this thread, which easily could be overlooked amongst the many other topics on the forum. so it would be easier to find.

    I can only recommend any new net-daters to read all of this thread from the beginning, if you feel you are being scammed. And if you want further communication, we usually are at the thread 'psychbabbling'.

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    Hey newbies! There is a subject that has recently come up over in 'pychobabbling' that I think should be passed along to anyone who may stumble across this thread while you're 'surfing' the web...

    I'm sure it's been discussed elsewhere, but recently, our friend scamfree made the point that the US is one of the FSU/ MOB scam capitals of the world.

    You may visit a website, see it has an office, or it's headquarters is, located somewhere in the US and think, "This place is from the good ole USA and not some foreign country where scammers live! It MUST be legit!!!" Not necessarily the case. Keep in mind that greed is rampant here and this country is full of scam artists.

    The US is not limited to website scams. We have individual scammers as well. There was a recent case of a US national and his real life FSU bride, who were caught posting profiles with pics of her on various sites and scamming guys.

    It must also be noted that scammers can infiltrate ANY site. Even an 'honest' website will have it's share of scammers. also take notice that anti-scam policies really don't mean much. One of the big offenders is RBrides.com. They have an "anti-scam policy", but the site is one of the most scammer filled pay sites you'll ever come across. I've seen multiple profiles of the same girl, using a different name, address and height/ weight stats, running at the same time on that site. I reported it to them and it took almost three weeks for them to remove the profiles. Less than two weeks later, the scammer was back with a new profile!!!

    If writing to a girl on her 'private' e-mail, try using a header tool to verify the origin of her e-mails. Just google 'header tool', find one that's free and works for you and follow the instructions on the site.

    Note: 1)Usually the last address listed is the point of origin.
    2)Some Ukrainian address run through Russian servers.
    3)Just because her address is from the FSU, it doesn't automatically make her legit.

    Definitions of commonly used acronisms:
    FSU = Former Soviet Union
    MOB = Mail Order Brides
    FSUW = Former Soviet Union Women/ Woman
    WM = Western Male

    Hey, if you have any questions, ask! Trust me, no one here will think you're stupid![8D]

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