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Comments by nuning on 10/15/2010 at 01:40

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i just got by a man, claim from poland work at shell - UK, named Wilson Bowen. Horrible


Comments by Mike on 10/13/2010 at 19:40

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I have found about ten scammer's that are on the international dating sites and their pictures and letters are on this site , keep up the good work it saves lot's of time when we are sincerely looking for a partner Thanks for you site.

United States

Comments by Kenwyn Subidar on 10/6/2010 at 19:56

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I'm just visiting the site but i like what i see. Keep up the good work.

Trinidad and Tobago

Comments by Mike on 10/3/2010 at 10:29

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I can verify that Carmen Elena Rocha of cartagena, Colombia is a scam also. she got me once, see her profile in the Colombia section. But a woman with lots of plastic surgery and no real job hahahaha shame on me, and Colombian? live and learn, many of them are prepagos like Carmen, its their job to extract money from as many guys as possible. It is what it is.

United States

Comments by james sims on 10/3/2010 at 10:27

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looking for lizzy love in ghana


Comments by e.kilic on 10/3/2010 at 01:28

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Hallo Ihr lieben,bin eine Frau und ich find Ihre Seite nicht schlecht! für Männer wäre schön sie auch für Frauen geben wü ist leider anders herum auch der Fall von den Scammers.Dank der Seite von habe ich einen scammer stopen können Danke und macht weiter so


Comments by john jones on 9/28/2010 at 19:38

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this is about a person i know as ola david,said to be female.this person claimed to be in the UK. now iam told this person went to nigeria to be with her uncle an to get work.

United States

Comments by Gie on 9/25/2010 at 19:07

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I like this website, but why sounded thats all scammers are females and the victims are males, althought there's many women had been cheated by scammers especially asian women

Hong Kong

Comments by Elly Begg on 9/17/2010 at 17:37

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Hey, I am a beautiful honest open woman who chatted with this dude from NIGEWRIA and you guessed it...a horrid scammer...but I had bell going off like crazy...he now wiped and reported to The Australian Federal police...He got nothing.....ONE LOVE


Comments by Giles on 9/14/2010 at 07:22

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I would like to thank the guys at Stop Scammers for their continued work. I would also like to thank the guys who spent the time and trouble to submit reports. I have just been contacted by Precilla Martin aka Kelly Bates. A quick look at Stop Scammers saved a lot of trouble. With Stop Scammers we are making it harder for these people to steal our honestly earned money.I have said this before but I say it again! Let's work together and save a lot of money and heartache!

United Kingdom

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