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Comments by julia430 on 12/28/2009 at 13:08

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well there are the scammers like the mushrooms coming out in the forest and you find them in every datingside even when they say they are secure,mens like thomas manson duedo frienzo samuel oseu agyemang nana kwabenah ansah john smith mucheal cody thats the names which are used and the wotk in a circel of 6 young guys where is the law to stop western union to pay out this money which is scammed from romancescams which they scam out from woman ot men which had bad experience shame on the law and the banks which help crooked people im myself a victim of that i hope CID FBI INTERPOL WILL HELP TO STO THIS TOBBERS


Comments by smarttee on 12/28/2009 at 09:13

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beware of Sarah Rice (
claims she is from LA parents died 2 years ago, boyfriend left her and took her parents valuables, rebuilding her life! into exporting electronics. She asked for money but did not get any. I smelt a scam as her english was appalling. Now I am on UADreams tslking to a young lady with a young child so I hope this turns out ok.Although I do not like how UADreams operate.


Comments by lee beck on 12/17/2009 at 09:26

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look out for berince osei from 21,juaben-ashanti,ghana w/a .she is a scammer she is on skype.she send photos of her look's good but is from a book.look on google

United Kingdom

Comments by satu nielsen on 12/9/2009 at 06:47

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My housband was a victim and it went so far that we are gonna divorce


Comments by chris raychel on 12/6/2009 at 06:40

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Hi, I meet this woman,named bluemoon26 on She claims her name is Regina Tianna Johnson from Stockton,California. I was scammed out of over $2,000 by this woman who has an E-mail of All monies sent to her went by the way of Logos,Nigeria under the name Yinka Johnson. If anyone knows of this person,please contact me at Thanks

United States

Comments by Flavio on 12/3/2009 at 05:58

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Take care with Joyce Tandoh she live in Ghana and use the name of her mother? called Shorine Amissah to get money you send on Western Union if you have contacted with her please tel me I want to get her and may pay for stolen me.Thanks.


Comments by Bill in UAE on 11/29/2009 at 20:51

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Yes there are many scammers and gold diggers out there on internet dating websites, it is true. But please keep in mind, many of them are honest people looking for a life-mate! I joined a dating website 2 years ago, and I met a lovely woman in Ethiopia. We communicated for several months, then I flew to Addis Ababa to meet her in person. To make a long story short, we married 5 months ago. She was everything she said she told me she was. I am a lucky man to find such a wonderful woman - pretty, Christian, professional (engineer). So please don't think that 100% of women on dating websites are scammers and gold diggers because they aren't!

United Arab Emirates

Comments by Michael on 11/28/2009 at 19:32

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Yes well i think i i must of got through to Elena, where you other men did not can you tell me anyone that has recent contact with Elena,
You see this Michael was not ask for money , iwas told i was different then you other guys, maybe it was because i seemed more interest then getting between her tits and she was impressed,
that i knew my name in Russian, serious could you have her contact Thanks

United States

Comments by alex rodrigez on 11/28/2009 at 08:21

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hi i like to say reading your site was a little to late for me as i married a scam myself and now ended up paying the price for it my wife or ex so to be yana cecb rodrigez was a girl from orenburg and she took me for the biggist ride of my life i wish to say to people be very careful before trust any body

Russian Federation

Comments by mohdhussain on 11/25/2009 at 10:14

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Really you are helping from scammers and .And i requesting to all pls dont send any money.


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