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Comments by Rupert Graf Koks von der Gasan on 2/19/2007 at 14:01

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Ifound your site while looking for on google. See, I received a mail from a young lady; I know it was SPAM, cause I´m running a site showing spammers.
You can read the young ladies mail and my answers on the german antispammer sites:
I think I´ll give you a link from my linkside.


Comments by Xandrogar on 2/17/2007 at 20:13

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Looking for information and found it
at this great site...

Comments by Rafael Rios on 2/16/2007 at 16:32

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I have just found out about this site and am pleased to report one scammer. Thank you for this opportunity to help others.

Puerto Rico

Comments by Kitano12 on 2/15/2007 at 02:32

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Best site! Thank you.

Comments by mike dillard on 2/12/2007 at 14:04

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your site is great except when I pull up all photos it does not show all of them. I know this because it will 16 items and when it gets down to 10it zips through and there will only be a few photos.So many scammers use different photos it is hard to tell for sure without several samples. Why is it not showing all photos?

United States

Comments by raketa15 on 2/7/2007 at 23:21

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You Have a great web site!!!!
Thank you!

Comments by Bengt on 2/7/2007 at 05:36

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I can say that most of the ads at any contact-sites are some kind of fake. The east-euorpean ladies are either gold-diggers or fake. The american and african ladies are involved in some kind of syndicate in Nigeria. It's a large enterprise where girls working from early morning to late night merely with fake profiles in order to get out some money from credulous men in the western-world. It's hilarious how simple minded these letters are. A girl in a profile uphold that she's from US. In next letter she either works or have to go to Nigeria. I have wrote to at least 20 ladies from the site ThaiKisses who claims they are from the US. Suddenly, like a magic trick they are in Nigeria. When I have questioned there sudden apperences in Nigeria, they instanteously stop writing. So please don't ever respond to anyone with any connections to Nigeria. OK?


Comments by marcuswotznika on 2/4/2007 at 10:49

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Just want to say that you have a really informative and amazing site.
Really helped me further, much thanks :-)

Comments by Gary Fortner on 2/1/2007 at 15:52

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I am so thankful for your site,I have had lots of girls try to get money from me, but I said hell or high water I will never send money to no one that I have not met,then I met Olga Kozlova,she was Gooood.she didnt ask for money for 2 months,and then tried for $250 for visa,and i am sure lot more was to be ask for,.I was going to tell her I would pay online to the visa people,but before I sent her letter off,I went to a Russia map to see how far a airport was from her town,and up popped your site.I was crushed,but I still have my cash......Thanks a million......I have 10 letters if you want them.....I read the letter on your site,Its almost like mine....Shes an asshole and needs to be taken down.....Gary

United States

Comments by Darryn Shieffelbien on 1/31/2007 at 03:42

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I have continued to cross-check specific generic lines within my letters and have found further indications of template style letters from individuals through out the database to individuals around the world.

New Zealand

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