Letter(s) from Vanessa Dereck Jared to Marcel (Netherlands)

Letter 1

hi Marcel, thanks for replying. I wish i can write the way you do. I feel so embarrassed because i can't. but i hope i can improve.
how was your day ?, I understand your job is tasking , how do you combine job and relationship together ?,
Yes I have plans of going back home and resuming work as an RN.I specialize in Pediatrics.
I would like a live a wonderful life with my husband and kids always having fun together and being happy.
how do you mean i stole your heart ??
what do you want from me Marcel ?
hey you are writing so well , expressing your self with English language even though is not your first language.
what is your first Language ??
well honestly I understand you have been on badoo for years and never had time for anything. does it mean you have not dated any one online ??
I want to say more by writing and expressing my self to you. but the problem is writing it down.
I hope i can change and write more longer mails to you.
thank you for your quick response.
hug and kisses

Letter 2

hi Marcel, how are you?, thanks for the music I love it.
Yes i love massaging a lot and i would love you to massage me with the herbal oil. Anything herbal is good and essential for the body.
yes is is better to find out if your partner loves sex, so it won't be a problem in the relationship.
I am a passionate woman and I love and adore sex.
well am surprised that Badoo does not show birthdays.
Marcel the organization can't help with what am doing for the kids because I am doing that solely on my own.
I made the commitment without knowing it will be expensive.
Please i know you don't know me enough OK?, I assure you that am honest , I am not here to hurt you or for your money or wealth.
all i need is your help so i can meet up my commitment to the kids, so they can be happy and i will be happy too.
I am a Christian Marcel , I am not a Christian because i go to church, I am a Christian because am honest , faithful to my fellow beings , respectful , truthful , and having the fear of God in me.
here is my ID card details here.and attached here is copy of my passport.


please am counting on your help.

warmest Regards to your kids.

Letter 3

hi Marcel ,
how are you ?, how are the children ?, hope you are having a good time ?, I missed you and thanks for calling me honey , It been a while i was called that, thank you.
Yes i have thought about waking up beside you several times , and I know i will some day.
Today has been a wonderful day , the Children sang birthday song for me , It was wonderful and touching.
We went to the hospital to Vaccine children against Malaria and Polio.
And i went home to rest, I promise the kids that i will give them their gifts on Wednesday.
Honestly dear life here has not been a pleasant one. because the hardship and suffering is too much.
Yes I live in a kind of compound , fenced round.
I plan to buy them toys , Clothing and shoe , depending on their age and what i can get.
Well ... I am looking at 45 children or more.
thanks for finding the MoneyGram store , I equally did my reseach and found one here. I was told i need your contact details before i can pick the money.

your Full Name ?
Home Address ?
City ?
Country ?
Zip code ?

I was told i need a security question and answer too , so you can decide that when sending the money.
I have an International Passport, i will use that to get it.
here is my ID details ok ?, in case you need it again.

ZIPCODE - +2341

thank you for all you are doing , hope to hear from you.


Letter 4

marcel , I understand how you feel about me now , I am not a fraud , neither have i thought of doing that to you.
I promised i was going to send you a video of my work place. but it seems you don't believe in me any more, and you are not ready to listen to me either.
there are things i hate so much and that is , Criticizing, Condemning, and Comparing.
I feel you are prioritizing this whole thing and don't want to give it a try.
I want to be out of the so i can send you all necessary documents you need , then you can decide either you still want me or not.