Letter(s) from Grace Dorcelle to John (USA)

Letter 1

Zoals ik u vertellen dat ik was de verkoop van cosmetische producten had ik een probleem dat ik beter uit te leggen

Letter 2

Honey I'm a little worried now because this morning when I went on my first site exposed to cosmetic products, it puts a misfortune happen I had donated was a little girl of 7 years and instantly she was killed . I was at the police station after the accident I had discussed with the family of the girl, so he asked me a very large sum to their compensated instantly I winced but officials wonder to obey and do what the family asks me if I do not want to finish behind the beams in some words I'm in serious trouble darling. He asks me a sum of ? 15,000 thing I have not but I could now contacted my bank and my knowledge finish is able to raise a sum of about ? 12,000 while I still have a huge amount to achieve the exact sum. So I immediately thought you and I suggest you make me a loan like that once I finished with the family and I go after I pay you what I took you this may be too demand all know that but I am obliged it's not my people to ask for help to others but you are different because you are part of my life now so I wish you were good liver and you maid has finished with this story.