Letter(s) from Joyce Bolt to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello my love Keith !!!!!
Thank you very much, that responded positively to my senses. I am glad that we have for each other strong feelings. Can I just say that I love you! This is the beginning of great love every day of my feelings for you are stronger. Now I can open up to you completely.
I'm a little embarrassed to talk to you about it in my last letter.
You probably already realized that I am a hot girl. And I love sex, because it makes people closer. I believe that sex should only be with the man you love! I also believe in the concept of friendly sex. In bed, I'm not a quiet person in life. Keith, I am ready to give you every bit of his body. I know how to bring a man to orgasm, that he was crazy in bed with me. What is sex for you? It is important in your life? Would like you have sex with me? I think my intimate photos, greatly excite you.
I am a young and beautiful girl, and of course at that age I want to be given completely to the man! I think on this subject, we should definitely talk to you!
I do not deny that I want to come to you in the future. When we're together, we give each other unforgettable experiences in bed. Men in my country are very shy and do not take the maximum from sex, they do not last long. I love to have sex all night, to bring you to orgasm every hour. I like the new positions, new experiences and new places for sex. I do not like regular sex, when the man at the top or vice versa. I love these items that just give me a crazy feeling. I very excite your beautiful body, I want him to caress his tongue. Kiss your strong chest, every inch of your body to see how your penis gets bigger. And closer to fall for him! And then, I will give you an unforgettable feeling.
I wish we were experimenting in sex, I'm ready to explore all the love items that are in the book! And then select the 10 positions, it will be only our products! Where we'll forget about the world and the problems and just enjoy the emotion of sex.
This is my little dream, and every day they get bigger. I can not do anything with them, because you make me very exciting! I'll tell you more, because you are my man. And between us there should be no secrets. Sex in a relationship is important, and we need to talk about it. I am confident that we made for each other. And I am ready to give you all the emotions and feelings that you need from a woman. Our love should be pure and strong, only then we will be happy.
I send you the intimate photos, because I think that our relations have moved into a new stage. I can open my beloved man! I have a beautiful body, and I have nothing to hide in front of her man. These are my personal photos, and nobody saw it, but my friend, that make these photos! I also hope that these pictures will not see anybody but you. I will send you more intimate photos that you have not looked at the other girls! And just admired my beauty, and thought only of me!
If you have something confused you can tell me this. Keith I love you, and I want to have sex with you! You are my only man, and I'm happy that you came into my life. I hope that this letter has given you a lot of emotions, and you even have time to get aroused. I would very much like now to touch your intimate zones ... =) So sorry that we are far away from each other! I will finish my letter!
Tomorrow I will write to you my new fancy, and also I'm waiting for your opinion on my dreams. And they may soon become a reality? I'm waiting for your letter as soon as possible!
Your sexy girl Tamar!!!