Letter(s) from Ekaterina Teilor to Jean-Pierre (France)

Letter 1

Hello Jean-Pierre! Finally I can write you! I know, that I made you worry again because of my silence, but last week I didn't feel well again and I had to stay at home! I had tonsilitis and high temperature and today I still have a running nose:( But I was missing you so much, that I cannot stay at home any more and I decided to go and write you finally! Moreover, I know, that you are worrying about me and missing me so much! Darling, How are you and how was your week? It might have been of full of new impressions!!Am I right? I'm glad, that you succeed in your exams! I think, that studies are very important in life! DArling, as for the passport, I told you, that I don't have it yet! So I have been to the agency, that will arrange everything about my passport!They have given me the folowing information: I can go to the passport office by myself and apply for the passport, that will take 2-3 month and will cost 60 dollars for blanks to fill, 40 dollars for the blank of passport, then I'll have to go and make photo for it (10 dollars) and get the inquiry on absence of a previous conviction (that will also take for a month and will cost for about 30 dollars) and when everything will be ready I should go to the chief of passport office to get his signature. it's a lot of people there and I should pay for it for 10 dollars not to wait too long! But the agent also told me, that for 180 dollars he could do all that procedures and it will take less time (1 month)What do you think about it?? This week, that I had to stay in bed, was very boring, but at the same time I get some rest that I needed so much! I was reading a lot and doing some pleasant things, I was watching my favorite TV programs and movies! I had to take medicines, of course, and do some procedures, several days I even couldn't speak well:) and I used 10 packs of Kleenex a day, that was terrible and I only dreamt about getting well!!!So now I can say, that I'm almost ok! LAst
Wednesday was women's day here, and I felt very lonely... I had to stay at home, because I was ill, I was alone, and nobody has put a bouquet of flowers at my bed. Nobody has made coffee, and nobody has scattered petals of roses in my room... My dad brought me a bouquet of tulips, I have put them in a vase and has been thinking about you!!!!I was missing you and I also thought, that may be some day the 8th of March will be absolutely different, than several days ago.... What is necessary for woman??? Probably attention and care. Words of love are very important also, but unfortunately they cannot transfer so much as acts which are made by the person that you love! My sweetheart, I love flowers so much! And I would like the sea of flowers in our house! I remember the time several years ago on one of these holidays, my dad woke up earlier and have run to buy flowers and when mum woke up all her room was in tulips! I have never seen so much tulips in my life !! I had impression, that he has bought all flowery!!!! My mum loves tulips very much, and her room was in multi-coloured flowers! I saw her eyes at those minutes, and I guess she was the happiest woman in the world... darling, I miss you and wait for your reply with impatience Yours KAteyrna

Letter 2

Greetings my sunshine Jean-Pierre! It was very pleasant for me to read your nice words and to feel care about myself. How are you doing? I hope that all is well because such man like you are deserve happiness, and I would like that your unique problem would be my absence right now:) My
honey, I hope you forgive me, but I can't live any day without your letter, and that's why I prefer to go to other side of the city to the Internet cafe then to stay at home and miss your letters, ok?:))))))))))))))))

I'm preparing to the exams and it makes me very tired! Moreover, it seems that summer came here finally!I'm very glad!I need to buy a new pair of sandals, so I will go to look for something this weekend! I wish you could be here for helping me! As I'm not like every woman and I'm getting tired of shopping:)

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything special? We have three days off including Monday, because of Trinity:) I'm so glad, that I will have a chance to relax a little bit:)

I just wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you a lot. I don't think there's been a moment that I haven't. I keep imagining us together doing different things - shopping, walking in the park, holding one another. My head keeps telling me I'm crazy, but my heart says something else. I think I'm going to ignore my head and go with my heart. :)) I've been smiling all day just thinking about you.

Kiss you and dream to read your news

p.s. Honey, can you send me money for our correspondence early next week, as I have spend a little of what you have sent me last time for extra Internet time in order to prepare for my exams, and I'm out of money already! Ok, my sweetheart?