Letter(s) to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

Hello dear, nice meeting you here, am very glad to see you here.

Letter 2

Dear, the lady in the pic with me is the Friend whom i went to borrow the money from. i have spoken more about to her, and she likes you so much, she said you are a good man, with a kind heart.

Letter 3

Yes that is soo sweet of you babe, thanks for you caring and, am very glad that you have those pics, they are for you and no body else. I will try and get you more pics ok, so dont worry about that babe.

Letter 4

Babe, dont worry about that the phone, you can just give me out the details on the mail so that i can get, my phone is working properly now, that is why, like i would be talking to all the time on phone, i love that so much. thinking of changing my phone for a better one when i get enough money. babe

Letter 5

Me to babe i want you the rest of my life, i really care and love you so much,

Letter 6

Yes babe please send me there so that we can chat and i love you so much