Letter(s) to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

It's Lisa from Okcupid. Sorry lost of email. Hope you got it now.

My Pleasure,

Letter 2

Sure John i have no problem, Sure finally here. We can write more and also share more and also tell you about my offer and favor i need from you. The best reason why i'm here Okcupid searching and wanting to meet with a good and responsible older man. Guess we can get along now and i'm writing to you now about me in my next mail. And also be waiting for yours too.

Letter 3

Well John i'll do it very short and simple, I'm Lisa Hucks by name, single Mom with a daughter, Rose. In school. I'm half American half Canadian. Working as a business advertiser, and also planner. Well Dad is full American Mon also full Canadian, Ontario. I've once been in the State, California, West Covina which was where Dad was from. I went there with Dad when i was 17 and that is years back before he died. Well also there has been a lot of things which i never knew about my own family and after loosening Mom that's about a year and half now.

Now i'm here in Germany for a court case which lawyer invited me to come so we get along with. I have been told my late father left few things behind in my name and which i should taking over now. Was told it's a plastic and mining company and with that there is a money in the bank which should be giving to me and also manage the company as the next of king. But with this i have to be married before i can take over this with whom i'm married too. And with the will my late father wrote i have to marry an American and that is why i'm online hoping and seriously searching to find a good and God fearing man who will understand me and also help me with this and as we marry so documents can be showed for approval. Well i'll end here and will be glad to read from your opinion and also if you're interested in doing this together with me. I'll be a happy person ever to read a positive reply from you.

My Pleasure,

Letter 4

Ok i understand John. Write when back i'm here for you and also have to eat dinner now. You're invited, A salad and rice with fish. Well that is my problem but your profile says you're in US?

Letter 5

Hello again John, Good to read from you, Sorry i have been in the kitchen preparing dinner. Are you home now. Picture i'll send you few tomorrow i promise. And also are you really willing to help me with the case, The gold and the money in the bank? Are you ready to talk with our lawyer? I like to know John. I wait on your reply.