Letter(s) to Edmond (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear.I am sorry for my short letter because I hurry to my lessons.But I will answer to your quation about hotel. "Furkat"
Samarkand.32Mulakandov str.
Your Nina.
Thank you for your great letter.I will read it with pleasure.

Letter 2

Hello my dear.I am very glad to listewn from you again.You asked me about my desigeon.So I need to see you but I need computer too.I know that is not so easy.But I do not ask you to buy for 1000or5000$I just need one of the chipest note book that will help me to work.If you know it take a lot of time to find free computer and I should pay for this one a lot of money.It is too much difficult for me.As you know I am just student and no one did not help me.You told me that you do not care about how I will spend this money but I will tell you.I thing that is honest to tell you.A half I gave to my mother because she need to buy smth.And another half I payed for my stupid theacher.Because they asked me about this.So I see that I should find a work again and make a money.But every my work need to make smth in computer.So anyway for me it is very important to see you here.Anyway I miss you and hope to see you again.
I hope that you will be here as soon as it will possible.My last exam will finish at 24 of February.So I will be free and I will be with you.Do not worry I will care about you.
Your Nina with love.

Letter 3

Hello my dear.
How are you? Why you letters became so small?
I need to know more information about you.
I told you if I will be no at home just call me to my sell phone. I was in my girl frien house. She has not phone so just only one way to find me it to call to my sell phone. Things going very boring for me without you. I do not know why but EdIII still did not write me anything. I do not why. So if he just do ot want I will not write him again. Tomorrow I will go to my institute and will begin to study again. Nothing interesting here as you guess.
I think that now between us all things clear. But as I understand you are not so happy as I ecpect from and as understand from your letters. You know that I miss you very much and for me to see that you are not fine with your mood or with smth else it is kill my heart. You also know that if you feel not good or you mood is not good it is mean that I am also not feel well. I love you and becom to love you more and more each day. And each day for me very difficult that you are not with me write now. It is probably very hard to understand for you but I saw that for you much more important what said your friend Mike about my profile and all things round it. You do not care that I miss you and very loyal with you. I do not know if I took a right word but what I mean it is that you can trust me in evry way. That I am not siting hear and write to other man from this agency.
That I need only you in my life. It is very important for me to make you undertand it from every way. You know that I waiting you here no one else just you.
You see that I trying to do my best in the way that you ask me to do as you wife.
I telling every day if someone ask me about if I married and I am telling Yes that I have a wonderfull husbend. That we love each other. It seems like do it every moment tolking with everyone and trying to share or show you happy and proud of family life.
I am very happy and you should understand not just because it is words that you have a person that love you and only you. And that you love me too. You should also understand the word trust. As I saw for you it is and some other words thatyou said to me it just words. You do not realy realise how they are important. For me it is not so easy to tell some one that I love him. But now I feel it and want to tell this because I am shure but what about you. I feel that you love me, I feel this.
I want you to understand it.
Do not be upset on me.
Today I have a letter from my agency I mean marrige agency they said they delete all information from ther about me and they will delete my profile after few days.
So do not worry about this anymore. Also they ask me about to give them some information how we met and other things.
I am not gonna write them something about this.
I will not tell them anything about this.
I miss you very much.
Your wife Nina. It is very interesting I never have been married but I feel myself realy your wife.
For me I am already have a husbend.
Not just that you engaged me but that I am already. I hope that you will understand what I am talking about this.
Your Nina.

Letter 4

Hello my honey.
Where are you? I have not from you news for a long time but you should remeber that I love you very much and as I told you I waiting you here in Samarkand.
I miss you very much.
Your Nina with love.

Letter 5

Hello my dear.
How are you? It is realy a pity that you did not understant this carefully that I told you true and only true. If you realy want to discus this thing with me you can call me. First of all I remember how spell this form my school. I do not realy know why you think so. Also all that I told you about Lars it is true that he was my very good friend. I do not realy understand why I should explane this more that in two words. You did not even wrote to me all that I asked you also. You told that the quation shoud answered in the same time as you ask me but you did not.So. I do not care what do you think about my grammer that is one of the stupid thing to think like this. I apsolutly positive shure that I never wrote such kind of letter. It is your problem if you do not believe me but it is also your misstake. I am very upset as you said that you closed my e-mail box. This e-mail box was for me just for your friend. You asked me to wrote you. And first of all that you did not alread!
y trusted me when you opended my personal information. I am sorry but I tryed also to chek up you in this. I even changed my password to see will you open this or not. Do you remember when I told you I have no secret from you and you said that you trust me O.K. but why you have done this I just interested in this. I never have seen in my e-mail box such kind of letter also. Again it not my problem if do not trust and believe on this. It is a pity. I am very sorrow that I spend so a lot time in believing you trying to trust you and in saing that I love you. For you as I guess it was just word to me that you love me. For for example it was not easy to tell you from my side as you remember. I think that I spend enough time in trying to prove you that I love you. I do not know if you still care about this but it's true. Then also I can not understand why your son wrote me such kind of letter. I do not know why you told me that you did not sleep two night because as you have smt!
h to say have to call or write me and ask. Also I told you that it cou ld be that someone will do this thing I mean to to see how I spell my password in the internet cafe I guessed about this when I told you this when you was in Samarkand if you remember and you said that you will call me and we will tolk about this. But be shure that I never wrote such kind of letter. Do not chek up me.It is realy a pity that only after this e-mail, again that I never heard I can see how you realy think about me.It is also realy funny, how do you think, just I am very cureouse, I know that you opened this box for me. You know how to inter there. It is not so difficult as for that person who have done this. And you think that I will wrote from this e-mail something like this. First of all Lars, I will tell you on the phone who is that person. I am Nina. And you know that I always told you just true and nothing else, that is it. If you still respect me even little bit call me. Do not make me call you it is realy very expensive for me espessialy now. I want to t!
Tell you a lot of thing I do not think that is a very good idea to wrote this things in e-mail. Today I will be in my aunt house because my granny there. Tomorrow you should wrote me e-mail and when do you want me to be at home I mean good time to call me.
I love you with all my heart even you so difficult person but it is nice that I found you. I miss you very much. And remember one thing you all my life. I am with you and you still can trust me.
I love you and kiss you many times O.K..
I waiting your call to me.
It is very important believe me.
Your Nina and only your.