Letter(s) to Neil (USA)

Letter 1

Thank for an opportunity to do(make) to me SUCH gift!!!!
I shall be happy to receive it(him)! I shall be glad very much to this complete set! And it is pleasant, what exactly YOU do(make) for me it!

But I want to specify - what way you will send money?
I ask you to not send in an envelope!!! The people on post office have an opportunity to see, if there is money in an envelope and to take away them. Therefore never at us send money in an envelope, even if only on Ukraine.
Best - ask in bank and inform me a way and necessary actions for me. Well?

At us now remarkable weather and the soul sings!)))
It is very good recently, because good weather, because the sun, because is you!

I hope to see you very much! I hope to see you this year! Differently,
I do not see sense in our dialogue! To me, as well as you is necessary the real man (you - woman!).))))
I shall put today point, now I shall hasten on work.