Letter(s) to Markus (Russia)

Letter 1

hi, i have send u my mails)
as well me glad much to see you soon too)

Letter 2

hello, Markus, WISH send you my BSET wishes for Easter, i hope you have got a good TIME on thoses days , so, then how about next weekend in Moscow?all as we agred?if so let me know and give me ur mail address i have got some inform and wish to dsicuss all thigns with you if we will be meeting on thsoe wk)
wish u nice day
that as well my number 380993136581 you can call me or sms me there anythign u wish and as well ur mail

Letter 3

(sorry that by misstake i send you the letter that i didnt chek on speling), so if it was difcult to read it, i send you new one with good speling)))
Hello, Markus
How are you?
I was glad to hear that u cld be as well free on those days.
I have made my proposition to u on those days as I saw that evidently I will be having more time on those days too and wanted to share those time with you, and know each other more, but my brother called me after I have written you this, and he told me that he wld like to come to see me and spend this time - The Easter with me , we didn’t spend any big holidays may be nearly for 4 years, and he this time decided to come to me to have Easter day together, so I cld not refuse this, as it wld be not nice,
So, how are you up to do it on next wk , from 13- 15, u be Moscow?, if so then let me know, then it will be more time for us to make preparation for this, I will ask about scheduler of flight, and we can look for some nice hotel that if you wish you cld book for us on those days, as I think it be more comfortable then stay in ur hotel I think for you as well be nice to have as well all change of environment and not see the same faces at list on this wk), what u think? Let me know

Letter 4

oh , well) , i see that all fine, this letter with not cheked spelling wasnt send ),you are lucky) , ( as i speak very good english, but my spelling is very bad and i all time make cheking speling with program to be possibile to read it)). so now u can read it easy with nice spelling),then read and let me know
so , hear from you soon

Letter 5

hello), how are you? you was asking me when i come to visit you .

ok, i will have easter time, and will be free from 6 till 9 April, so how about those days, fine? let me know how are things by you, and if you wish me to visit you on those days let me know and we can tlak over all matters about this

Letter 6

Hello, Markus)
How are you?

Have you already bought ur self new Mobil? I was sorry to hear that it was stolen, that all time such things bring much uncomfortable things, as we usually use to our mobile phones very much and usually we store all our contacts, but I hope you will use soon to your new phone and will be happy of this again)).
As about our meetings I have checked inform and wish to discuss with you how to make it all be possible and organize good.

I have asked about flights to Moscow, actually they have many flights, but I wld prefer to flight with Aerosvit they have comfortable scheduler, I wld prefer to come on Friday and go back later evening on Sunday, that I think be comfortable to you too. I have got as well telephone number of Auerosvit company in Moscow, so please call them 98129 99, and book me flight on Friday - flight that departure from Kiev on Friday on 18.55 - and from Moscow Sunday on 22 35 , I think it very comfortable time scheduler, so please book it
to my name Machevska Olga, and inform me when you do it to be able me to get this ticket in Kiev aerosvit office on those days.

As to our accommodation I think you work in this hotels business and may be you will have some nice ideas as get some nice and cousy hotel for us but of cause in centre, I was looking abit for myself on hotels in Moscow and I like Golden Ring hotel or Marriott Tverskaya Hotel, they are nice and have very good centre location, but if know others that you think it wld be fine , we can stay there too, that not problems, so then let me know and inform me up all things.

I wish you nice day.
And when u will have and fix up your matters with mobile you can call me or sms me)