Letter(s) to Kobus (South Africa)

Letter 1

I was very surprised when I had read your letter.
I must tell you that the photos that I had send you were very expencive for me and I cannot allow myself to do another. May be you will wait untill you will see me in person? I hope so!
But I was very glad to hear about the phone call. Of course it will be very pleasant for me to hear your voice, but I don't think that we will be able to talk without the interpreter. It will be much easy for both of us to speak and to understand each other if all our words will be translated.
Do you agree with me?
I had a crazy day yesterday . I worked 14 hours and I went home very tired. But I slept very good and I am ready for the next working day. It seems to me that it will not be very hard for me and I hope that I shall be able to go home a little earlier.
Kirill will come home tomorrow in the morning. May be I shall take a couple hours from work to meet him and to drive him home. I shal see tomorrow. And today I am planning to cook something tasty for him.
The weather is still very strange. There are a lot of clouds , but it is still no rain. I think that if the rain will fall we all will feel much better, because now it is very stuffy outside. And that is why a lot of people have a headache.
I hope that you will understand everything that I wrote you and I hope that it will not offend you!
I send you my warmest hugs and kisses.
Your, Ira

Letter 2

Dear !
Thank you for telling me about your trip. It was very interesting for me to know about it.
My dear, I will think about the day when we could talk on the phone, ok? I just cannot tell you right now, because as I wrote you in my previous letter, I have a lot of information in my head. I need to rest and to think about the day and about the time, ok?
I want to sleep today all day long. There are a lot of clouds in the sky but there is no rain at all. It seems to me that I will feel much better if it will be the rain!
I don't have any work today already and I think that I will go home and have some rest!
The only one thing that I am sure in that I wil think about you!
I send you my most tender hugs and kisses, your sweetheart Ira