Letter(s) to Martin (Belgium)

Letter 1

Dear Martin,I cannot lose work because my machine is bought in 2007 on credit. The bank has given me money and I every month go to bank and I grant the certain sum. As you do not understand simple everyday needs. I cannot write to you about everything, it is not interesting to you. But I have certain obligations and I should work to have money. I do not HAVE husband who would incur my problems, I have no other sources of the income. Only my work gives me financial maintenance!!! How you till now have not understood it? I should eat, buy every day to myself footwear, clothes, underwear, stockings, bags, gloves, who will give me of money to buy? Why you till now have not understood these things? I pay for phone, gas, the electric power, the Internet. Children give money, but it while it is difficult, as work in family only on one person. And the small child! How many it is necessary to it of diapers, meal, fruit, milk to lift it on legs? Children in absentia receive higher education. It is necessary to pay for it of money. You me excuse, but I thought, that you my friend and understand much, but I see, that I was mistaken. Excuse. Now I should go home. And I at office. Rita. Thanks for a call.> Rita ps please send me money for the visa please