Not published reports

Name:  Myra  Garcia
Aka:  unknown
Age:  32
Location:  Philippines ,Bacolod City
Address:  Negros Occidental,Phillipines 6100
Phone:  639162874486
On web sites:
Report:  Sucked into paying for visa,new bags,insurance and air ticket, Showed herself on Skype but wouldn't look directly at camera, Friended each other on face book Approached on by her. No show

Name:  Rebeca  Barden
Aka:  Rebeca Janet Brown
Age:  34
Location:  Las Vegas NV, Sheridan wy, Nashville TN
Address:  unknown
Phone:  702-361-7832
On web sites:  facebook
Report:  I have talked to this person for about 15 months and she spoke of love and marriage. They said they was in a bad auto accident and had head trauma and lost their hearing. They said they lived with their mother and she had lung cancer. They said they were struggling with medical bills. They said they had lost their ID in the accident. When I asked to meet her she wanted me to send air fare to her uncle Danielle Barnett or her aunt Bernilda Gregory in Las Vegas. When I told her she could not fly without an ID she sent me a copy of a fake passport. She also messaged me from an facebook account of Kathryn Barnett because facebook had suspened her account. She finally admitted she was fake and told me her name was Rebeca Janet Brown.

Name:  THAKUM  rungnapa
Aka:  Nim (one,two,tree)
Age:  trente cinq ans
Location:  10260 BANGNA,BANGKOK
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  JECONTACTE
Report:  I recognized the photo on your website, I have others available. She pretends to be a woman of 35 years divorced a French. Of course you are her great love. He still has miles, she wants to come quickly because they will be out of date. She sends you a picture of his Royal ORCHID PLUS card. SKYPE on the mic does not work, it is still 3 minutes you made ??shy cuckoo and clasped hands, the picture is very blurry. It just asks you ? 290. Then it lacks ? 80 for paper, then ? 30 for the movement in his family. Etc .... She sends you pictures. Profile on JECONTACTE met. It is unsubscribed to prove to you that there are only you that matters. She wants to join you as soon as it works a lot. She also wants to help you and work. She has trouble communicating in Thailand which is very unlikely to BANGKOK; Contact lasted 15 days. Thank you for creating this site.

Name:  evgenia  rusegrova
Age:  27
Location:  russia
Address:  cheboksary
Phone:  unknown
Email:  milineo12
On web sites:  email
Report:  She operates on email.

Age:  22
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  chaturbate, xhamster, various webcam sites
Report:  After hours upon, upon hours of Skype conversations, saying she loves me, should trust her. Asked to help her with rent and food and other bills, only to have her stop talking to me. I get an email saying she has take a lot of guys for all their money and now she has married a rich guy and is happy, all within 2 weeks but it all turned out to be lies.

Name:  Amira  
Aka:  unknown
Age:  28
Location:  bulgarien
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:
Report:  scammer from from bulgaria

Name:  Lourdes  Tan
Aka:  Facebook sedroul nat
Age:  31
Location:  Philippines, Demari # 241 A
Address:  Same?
Phone:  09151115652 09152120201
Email:  Lourdes Tan ;
On web sites: / facebook
Report:  I met this woman on date in asia. She got way to emotional and acting way to aggressive. Sent several hundred pictures. Had not even met and started proclaiming her being in love with me. But always had excuses when I asked for her to go on a webcam. Then it was on to asking for money time and again. She was supposed to meet me at the airport. More excuses about why she could not make it. Again asking to send money for transportation. Which I sent a small amount. Texted she was on her way. Next thing you know both phones no longer worked.

Name:  Eugenia  Nelson
Aka:  unknown
Age:  30
Location:  Accra Ghana
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  date app Metme
Report:  She identified with the name of Grace Owusua and she was working as a nurse to help eradicate the Ebola infection in Accra Ghana. she asked me for 100.00 dls to buy some medicine for the poor kids of Ghana and I sent to her

Name:  Sylvia  
Aka:  Sweetie Candy
Age:  30
Location:  Ghana, Accra
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
Email:  Humblesoul472@yahoo.con
On web sites:  Facebook, yahoo messenger
Report:  She initiated contact on FB, then invited me to yahoo messenger. After several e-mails she sent attractive pictures of herself, then invited me to video chat, proceeded to ask several times if I was falling in love with her, then proceeded to ask to send her money for a passport, visa, and plane ticket, of course being skeptical from the start hearing this, said no. I gave her no personal info setup a separate email prior to correspondence. No money was xchanged I just want to be sure she is a scammer

Name:  May  Leo
Aka:  unknown
Age:  35
Location:  UK & USA
Address:  MK42 9XZ & BN1 4EZ
Phone:  07951 746940
Email: &
On web sites:  All commonly used dating sites
Report:  May Leo hangs around dating sites and tries to build up a relaxed online chat and steers the victim away from the dating website to her personal email address, after a couple of weeks after she tells you about her dead husband or abusive boyfriend who left her and took most of her savings from her business she explains that she is using the money that her dead parents left her to rebuild her small business of buy gemstones and gold jewellery that she buys from abroad and sells in either the UK or USA for a tidy profit. She fails to contact you for a few days then contacts you saying that she?s in Istanbul, Turkey and the Turkish customs have seized her goods worth 300,000 euro until outstanding customs charges are paid, she will email you a copy of a letter from customs in Turkey which is rather authentic as well as a copy of her Australian passport. At this point she asks for around $2000 dollars and if needed she can produce all kinds of other fake documents like shipping fee invoice, goods invoice, bank card etc. Really she tries to play around with your conscience of goodwill and honesty towards a fellow human being, if you loan her any money at all she will constantly email you throughout the day and try and get more money out of you by saying if you don?t give her more money then she can?t pay your initial loan back. If you have loaned her anything up until this point stop now and cut your losses. This woman appears to dumb and mixed up and you may not suspect her as being a scanner at first.