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Name:  janet  rego
Aka:  unknown
Age:  42
Location:  lagos nigeria
Address:  unknown
Phone:  3128799246
On web sites:  ashley madison
Report:  I was contacted by Janet Rego via a text message. She claimed to be in Nigeria finalizing her fathers estate which was worth at least 2 million dollars. She requested funds to pay for lawyer fees and daily upkeep for her and her 10 yr old daughter. She had no one else to turn to, living uncle in CA ( whom I called to verify) Requested money sent western union and money gram. sent money in her name Janet Rego also Uche Okafor. Sent her a total of around $8,000 USD over a period of 3 months. Every time her flight home was near something else came up, more money needed. Talked to her on the phone several times, Nigerian number 2349056141004. finally tired of playing the game, said she needed another $2500 for the final lawyer fee and to contact her fathers estate lawyer at to arrange this final payment

Name:  fawzia  mamudu
Aka:  samira alhassan
Age:  34
Location:  Accra
Address:  unknown
Phone:  9858868489
On web sites:  zoosk
Report:  she had been texting me. she asked me for money. i suspected something was up anyway so i never sent her any. i found the picture with the miami dolphins shirt on this site. she texted me that picture

Name:  Elena  Kuznetsova
Aka:  Lena, Lenochka, Helen, Freya
Age:  28
Location:  Claims to be in Ukraine, live Norway
Address:  unknown
Phone:  +38061109236
On web sites:,net,au
Report:  Hi, This is one of the scammers I had experienced over a 3.5 years period its only when I paid ?600 to see her and spend time through mypartnerforever. I had purchased different gifts over a period of time through the site so I would estimate at least ?2000 been spent. The is blacklisted and has agents posing as models I traced Elena to a model company and made put the number in my mobile of the model page. I notice that the number came up on vibe but the face was different. Basically Mypartnerforever took the money as a deposit, then said Elena was unavailable during these time. Elena emailed me and said she was working out of the country for two to five months. About three weeks later she was off the site. I felt heart broken, she contact me from her private email which I purchased from mypartnerforever at 80$ the email was quite erotic so I assumed she wanted to be with me. It really was just to misdirect me, then a month later the communication ended with claims I am just a friends and she always felt like that and she met her man. All the stuff to send a person loopy. Checking back through the emails she had two very similar addresses, the phone call through the site the woman sounded the same for any phone call. The story is a little far fetched part time model, dancer and web designer, often traveling to different countries Japan, Dubai, Thailand. She will on occasions talk about sex but never love The emails at first was regular but will drift to every two weeks, once a month. Its likely she/he will use these addresses to scam again Why I hate what this persons done I can't be sure its the models fault just other then being paid.

Name:  Tatyana  ribalko
Aka:  unknown
Age:  40
Location:  sevastopol - ukraine
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  find-bride/
Report:  Hello administrator, I saw and had letters on the site find-bride Tatyana ribalko, I found her in, I am sending the data collected to help arrest or punish somehow these scammers

Name:  Alena  Osei
Aka:  unknown
Age:  33
Location:  Ghana ,Africa
Address:  unknown
Phone:  011-233-24-141-0741
Email:  alena
On web sites:  yahoo messenger
Report:  we have been chatting now for 7,1/2 years to maybe 8 years sense she was 25 and scce scammed me for thousands of dollars and uses ex pornstars photos Sunny Leone now the biggest thing was a couple weeks ago when I ordered her flight from Accra airport to Detroit Metro through ASAP tickets to New York then the flight to Detroit Metro were she never showed up for the flight

Name:  Susan Louise Gordon  
Aka:  Felicia Chavez
Age:  40
Location:  Santa Fe, Utah. , ponce pr
Address:  3082 plaza Blanca sante fe
Phone:  786-545-7777
On web sites: for women
Report:  She is already lied so many times and is looking for a green card and 200,000 grand

Name:  Elizabeth  Edmond
Aka:  unknown
Age:  48
Location:  New York, USA
Address:  unknown
Phone:  1-727-493-5886
Email:  unknown
On web sites:  unknown
Report:  Health Service Job offer, you have to send a money gram to buy G1 Tracker for $850.00 Job $25.00/hr - Training $13.00/hr. Totally a Scam. You send the money gram to Debbie Bean in Texas and they disappear.

Name:  Trisha  Peterson
Aka:  Helga Lovekaty
Age:  23,27
Location:  Tucson, AZ
Address:  unknown
Phone:  626-5157818
On web sites:,
Report:  Operates as a staff (Admin) member of and requires a 'dating' ID to accept date invitations requiring credit card(s) and joining of various 3HookUp sites to verify age, which is a complete lie. Additionally, Ms Peterson will ask for extra funds to help support her soon-to-be bikini fashion business

Name:  marry  frimog
Aka:  angelina osie, regime addy and all one u have
Age:  32
Location:  GHANA , ACCRA
Address:  24 OSUst zip 0023
Phone:  233-263077896
On web sites:  sHYPE ID NEED_TRUELOVE455
Report:  She contact me through I'm in contact with here right now!!!!!! it's some story as the rest from here so I would like to catch her. I do not know how long I can keep her she asking for money I told her I send money wen I got my bonus I told it would be two weeks so please contact me as sone as possible. she would like the money sent to HAUSATU UMARU GHANA ACCRA 0023. SHYPE ID IS NEED_TRUELOVE455 and she like to shype but it's not the girl it's a video need lean edit. and she wrote the bill info ghana telecom batch #: e85471 bill #8524135536 that all I got for info on her have some photos of her wednesday 12/9/2015 at 9:00 pm pacific standard time Thanks MIKE Would love to catcher how it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name:  marina  walker
Aka:  unknown
Age:  34
Location:  usa
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
Email:  not sure
On web sites:  skype
Report:  want a nice single guy as boyfriend ,claiming to be exporter\importer Dubai/Canada/australia sells oilfield/gas products,then runs into insurance problem of 140000 sterling poundsalso sends pictures which I have kept

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