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Name:  Kseniya  
Aka:  unknown
Age:  31
Location:  Russia
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
Skype:  unknown
On web sites:  N/A
Report:  Okay, another Russian scammer, not sure how to start with this one, so I?m keeping it simple for my mind, this one actually went as far as to send me flight information of a flight connection to get here, I think this much effort in a scam is always worth the $530 she/he/it asked for.! The story gets better and better every time, I just go with the...?to bad so sad? boo who, life is just so miserable with out me, here, you want some cheese to go with that wine, or here, do you hear the violin playing your song, now I need a tissue to wipe the tears from my eye...NOT.!!
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