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Name:  doris  mensah
Aka:  dasamoah
Age:  28
Location:  accru ghana
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  girls date for free
Report:  Looking for money for new place to live landlady beats her and she gets raped 3 times a week

Name:  Lyubov  Timochko
Aka:  Love_dove_
Age:  25
Location:  chernivtsi, Ukraine
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:
Report:  She made paid many letters by the dating site and finally when she gave me her parsonal e-mail she never didn't replay and argued she had many problems with her account. After all this situation she finally said she wouldn't be able to write me back again because she had many problems with her computer and she will close her account in the site.

Name:  Ekaterina  Kushina
Aka:  Ekaterina
Age:  24
Location:  Denisowo
Address:  post code(zip) - 663715
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  yahoo
Report:  Scammer uses the same tricks as those i see here

Name:  gift  narh
Aka:  Joy, Bemba Saolona
Age:  31
Location:  Wayn
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  unknown
Report:  Tried to get me but thank you for this website she gave me a phone number as +233245623003 I dont know if this helps she said she is from Accra, Ghana she asked for food at ghanamar she has an account name Gifty Wooduah password sarah0242765876 im going to see if I could get more info and pass it on again thank you.

Name:  Vivian  Sowah
Aka:  Grace Clottey, Anita Larry
Age:  32
Location:  Sweden, Halmstad, Ghana, Sweden, Sandviken
Address:  unknown
Phone:  00233244654987
Email:  kiss love [], grace clottey [
On web sites:
Report:  Why do they not vary themselves? Instead I feel like they just send old letter en masse without thinking at all. I took me 50 minutes to get this one eliminated from the dating site. I am beginning to feel tired. I have meet more than 15 scammers since I started on this dating site. And it is not fun to read the same letters over and over again from different identities. Mats

Name:  Irina  Koroleva
Aka:  Ira
Age:  26
Location:  Moscow, Russia
Address:  2655 shell rd., Brooklyn, Ny, 11224
Phone:  7189968888
On web sites:  Facebook, Skype
Report:  Met me in new York, and after a year of long distance relationship took off with a lot of my life savings.

Aka:  28
Age:  28
Location:  NIGERIA
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  MATCH.COM

Name:  Eunice  Lamtey
Aka:  unknow Florence Obeng
Age:  33 yrs old
Location:  Accra Ghana
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  Zoosk
Report:  Well I was on zoosk and i had a flirt telling me her personal email address she sent me pictures exactly like this one in this site then we stared chat via IM in hotmail messanger then she gave me this sad story about her parents died on some liberian civil war she was adopted by Ghanan couple anyways after all this she asked for help{money}of course I didnt sent any where she asked me {Ghana} so she kept calling me but at the time I answer the phone she

Name:  Evelyn  Brown
Aka:  unknown
Age:  30
Location:  Agona Swedru, Ghana
Address:  42 Atempa St
Phone:  +233265468206
On web sites:
Report:  The old saying gents, If its seems to good to be true, it probably is. Evelyn contacted me through a dating site. with in days of chatting she declaired her love and asked me to remove myself from the dating site. A matter of days after that, she wanted $150 to pay her internet bill. Yep, I sent it. then two weeks she wanted $200 for internet and phone. Didn't send that, she desperatly wanted me to send her money for a plane ticket to come and be with me for ever. After reading the similarities on this web site I said I would fly to Ghana to get her, wow! she was coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why I shouldn't come, and that I should send the money so she could come straight here. I held my ground and with in seconds her mother got seriously ill and needs to go to South Africa for treatment. Gents, I know these skammers can be heart breaking, but once you are convinced that she is a skammer, make yourself feel better and dangle some bait that they can't resist, like a little gold mine that you have kept a secret from the world.

Name:  emily  queenie walcott
Aka:  lily
Age:  30 years
Location:  accra ghana
Address:  unknown
Phone:  00233248928056 or 00233244848985
Email: or
On web sites:  yahoo, msn and many others
Report:  i have been scammed by that girl emily , she using pictures of josie ann miller , josiemodel .ca or a south amiscan girls pictures to fool you , she is very pataints to ask you for money , i think its a man , but she got fhones so he is using girls to talk to you , at first she s askinh all kind of things about your family and hobbys and she got the same hobbys as you ,she got me sending money to jelal cecil narty and joseph cobbina , her name is emily qeeenie walcott

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