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Name:  Mariya  Bodtrova
Age:  34
Location:  City of Prem, Elabuga, Tatarstan, Russia.
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  NO
Report:  I was scammed by two ladies Anna Bodrovic, and Mariya Bodtrova born 11/May/1978. I sent nearly 28,000 roubles to these ladies for a holiday in England. The money was picked up by Bodtrova, at a Post Office in the City of Prem, Tatarstan, Russia. When they picked up the money Bodrovic said they require a further 36,000 roubles because of a new law brought in by Russian Customs, where you have to show the Russian Customs 36,000 roubles before they allow you to travel. This information was checked and was found to be false, when these ladies were challenged, both the ladies vanished. The Russian Police have been informed and Moneygram have been informed.

Name:  Anna ( Blessed Hope )  Bayno
Aka:  unknown Blessed , Blessed Hope, Anna Bayno
Age:  18
Location:  davao Philipines, & Lanao Del Norte & Kolambgan
Address:  Purek 6 BAYBAYKolambugan, Lanao Del Norte, Philipines
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  Face Book
Report:  Met her on FB and she was very sweet & Nice, always talked about how poor and lonely she was . Lived with her grand mother , worked on the farm and went to school.Chatted a lot on yahoo and would always say she need money or could not continue education. When ask how much she would say she was too SHY to tell.After a few weeks she said she was so shy but need 1500 peso ( aprox $35.00 US ) so I sent it. SHE waould say how much she loved me & how safe and not alone she felt. I did send her clothes from here in us & candy , and a digital camera ( which she sent pictures ) . Later she talked about how much she wished she had a computer , but again professing to be too shy to ask. I finally agreed to send her a lap top, after the lap top was in the mail she was seldom online,saying she was so busy, until the lap top arrived & she needed 2,000 peso to get it ( duty ). SHE asked for 5,000 ( now she was NOT shy any more. I told her NO , that I would send the 2,000 to pick up the lap top and we could chat later about any additional money. The next day she sent a message saying she was robbed at the post office & they took her computer , camera, and all her money. So she could not go online or send any more pictures .She said she still needed more hfinancial help but now she was shy because she knew she dis appointed me & I did not trust her any more . NOW I have not heard from her in several days.

Name:  jullie anne  sims
Aka:  unknown
Age:  ?
Location:  canada
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:
Report:  WELL ITS OK ON AND IM NOT A SCAM IM JUST A REALL GO TO MY REAL SITE TO SEE ME IF YOU WANT riles2732: would much prefer to be nice riles2732: its up to you? Jullie Anne Sims: well hon i told you do completed my link then youll have my show riles2732: no Jullie Anne Sims: or else your card will be on fraud now riles2732: do like you said Jullie Anne Sims: riles2732: card already cancelled Jullie Anne Sims: if you cant completed your vote well not money will left on your card even its cancell Jullie Anne Sims: Jullie Anne Sims: BYE

Name:  sychin  kyutcoo
Aka:  kyutsy chin,luina llido
Age:  20
Location:  phillipine davao
Address:  phase 5 sta. ave. davoa city
Phone:  0116394649223
On web sites:  yahoo,com
Report:  want too get married,real bad after two weeks of chatting!she is 20 and I'm 59 something with that picture don't ask for money directly?

Name:  Natali  Vetlitska
Aka:  unknown
Age:  Says 37
Location:  Ukraine, Kerch
Address:  unknown
Phone:  +380501445308
Email:  mastersporta_85@mail​.ru
On web sites:
Report:  Her ID on the site is 1320752613, she calls herself, Anna Pavlova. She will be friend you and provide a taxi service. The Taxi service gets evermore expensive and she will take you many kilometers to justify the expense. Alex is the driver who I think is her boy friend, he is always there, she will not go out with you unless the taxi is involved. I stated to her on our last date that I did not want the taxi this time. She dreamt up an excuse to use it, I was taken about 15 kilometers out of town on a secluded road supposedly to go for a swim at a beach. We drove past about 5 suitable beaches, Alex would not stop the car when asked, he played deaf and dumb, not even reacting when I leaned into him and said stop loudly. From that moment on I was held against my will. the car did eventually stop and I got out and walked back the 15 kilometers, they proceeded in the same direction the car was going, not even offering to take me back to town.

Aka:  MJ
Age:  38
Phone:  639269267617
Email:  MJ071174YAHOO.COM
On web sites:  DATEINASIA AND YM

Name:  maame  paker
Aka:  doris asantua or doris mintah
Age:  32
Location:  ghana
Address:  16th apartment street amasemen accra
Phone:  00233247018521
On web sites:  oasis daiting
Report:  found on oasis dating site, and after two msgs was asking for money, she asked me to come out of the dating site so we could talk on msn messenger, and after a chat she was emailing with pictures that she says is her, and telling me her dad was dead and she is looking after her mum and brother, who sounds like a computer genius by what shes telling me, but i noticed the picture of her on your site, and blocked her straight away,

Name:  louisa  inkoom
Aka:  unknown
Age:  28
Location:  agona swedru
Address:  po box 876
Phone:  011233261004464 0112332011406733
On web sites:  girlsdateforfree google plus
Report:  has taken alot from me

Name:  Nancy  Sterle
Aka:  Nancy Alder
Age:  65
Location:  US
Address:  unknown
Phone:  unknown
On web sites:  Unknown
Report:  Scammer a la carte Warning do not approach

Name:  melissa  Harrington
Aka:  Stella Winne
Age:  31
Location:  accra Ghana
Address:  unknown
Phone:  00233549190976
On web sites:, facebook
Report:  She was ask for money everytime!

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