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Fast lady [Archive] - Forum
big doubt. Help!!! [Archive] - Forum
Confidential Connections [Archive] - Forum
Scammer information not updated [Archive] - Forum
thinking about a visit [Archive] - Forum
Scammer using a sidekick? [Archive] - Forum
sCAMM OR NOT [Archive] - Forum
what to think about this [Archive] - Forum
Condolences [Archive] - Forum
Potential Scam? [Archive] - Forum
Am I being scammed? [Archive] - Forum
scamm or not [Archive] - Forum
Not Sure If I was Scammed [Archive] - Forum
Scammer or not [Archive] - Forum
A Scammer admitting it!!!!! [Archive] - Forum
Second opinion? [Archive] - Forum
When will they learn????? [Archive] - Forum
anyone know or heard of a keril glaskoff? [Archive] - Forum
Scam odds [Archive] - Forum
Widening The Net [Archive] - Forum
Scammer profiling [Archive] - Forum
What does a Ukraine passport look like? [Archive] - Forum
Need help about Chinese women [Archive] - Forum
need help ( new here ) [Archive] - Forum
found on absolute [Archive] - Forum
james asks if anyone knows elena of Yoshkar ola [Archive] - Forum
Latvian contact..... [Archive] - Forum
Divorced men and young never married FSU girls [Archive] - Forum
scam or not [Archive] - Forum
also new here-need help-a new breed of scammer? [Archive] - Forum
does anybody know these scams are set up? [Archive] - Forum
regarding legit women from FSU.. [Archive] - Forum
Tatyana back again? [Archive] - Forum
toothache in Warsaw [Archive] - Forum
Is she real ? How to do a Background Check [Archive] - Forum
sending flowers when in doubt? [Archive] - Forum
Request for Address [Archive] - Forum
Admin NOT PUBLISHING SCAMMER ??? [Archive] - Forum
I've had a good experience [Archive] - Forum
Mystery in the email title [Archive] - Forum
katya from samara aka karamelka [Archive] - Forum
A tool for you to use to check scammers [Archive] - Forum
Giving Up [Archive] - Forum
I have been with your opinions [Archive] - Forum
Stolen Idenity. What to do? [Archive] - Forum
who know Elena Ushakova ?????????????????? [Archive] - Forum
a very dangerous nigerian careful [Archive] - Forum
SEX MEETING [Archive] - Forum
General questions [Archive] - Forum
I think this is a scam HELP!! [Archive] - Forum
Ekaterina Terjakova [Archive] - Forum
RIP Pope John Paul 2nd 1921 - 2005 [Archive] - Forum
veronika aalexandrova [Archive] - Forum
Loveletter [Archive] - Forum
Galina Semeshko? [Archive] - Forum
New At This [Archive] - Forum
Visa Cost and fees... [Archive] - Forum
I'm getting scammed [Archive] - Forum
Narkomova [Archive] - Forum
TOTAL INSANITY... [Archive] - Forum
Note to Americans [Archive] - Forum
Now that I found out what now [Archive] - Forum
need an advice - scam ? I dont think so!! [Archive] - Forum
Why do Names here NOT appear in Wed Search [Archive] - Forum
Mobile (cell) phones in Russia / Ukraine [Archive] - Forum
Letters from agencies [Archive] - Forum
New info re: [Archive] - Forum
How easy is it for Russain lady to get visa to USA [Archive] - Forum
Scamming, a national pastime in the FSU [Archive] - Forum
OlesiaZverva [Archive] - Forum
Marina from Samara [Archive] - Forum
Svetlana Smirnova [Archive] - Forum
Visa Rules ? [Archive] - Forum
A [Archive] - Forum
I am reeling in a scam !!!! [Archive] - Forum
Noob to the scene [Archive] - Forum
Do Russian Girls Have To Pay For Visa [Archive] - Forum
Married a Scammer-Victoriya Klymenchuk [Archive] - Forum
looking for similar experience [Archive] - Forum
New hobby [Archive] - Forum
Nadezdna [Archive] - Forum
Men's blacklist [Archive] - Forum
Does anyone know [Archive] - Forum
Not sure what to do? [Archive] - Forum
Julia Sihova AKA NASTYA [Archive] - Forum
Yulia Korobkova [Archive] - Forum
personality check in Ukraine [Archive] - Forum [Archive] - Forum
More African scams [Archive] - Forum
how much is a Russian passport [Archive] - Forum
Scam or not - report about Olga Tkachenko? [Archive] - Forum
Irina Rassadneva [Archive] - Forum
- [Archive] - Forum
What is this Scam [Archive] - Forum
Another one pops up lol [Archive] - Forum
VikToria is a maybe or a maybe not [Archive] - Forum
I got another one biting [Archive] - Forum
Making a little Cents [Archive] - Forum
Scam or not? Report about Elena Brueva [Archive] - Forum
Anybody Know about this girl ???, Elena Hromchenko [Archive] - Forum
Someone know about ??? [Archive] - Forum
Scammer or a love sick cow? [Archive] - Forum
The persistance of Elena [Archive] - Forum
I just got A money Order for $2800.00 [Archive] - Forum
Checking [Archive] - Forum
Professional vacationer? [Archive] - Forum
Is she Real - or - Is She Scam? [Archive] - Forum
Is she 4 real or just a another scammer [Archive] - Forum
any takers????Alenushka???? [Archive] - Forum
Olga Kuznetsova [Archive] - Forum
A word.... [Archive] - Forum
Ok enjoy this one. LOL [Archive] - Forum
nice site for you to visit [Archive] - Forum
some tips..... [Archive] - Forum
Why are you looking for women from Eastern Europe? [Archive] - Forum
Hello Nick20045 [Archive] - Forum
Russian Woman [Archive] - Forum
does any one know Nastya Shilyaeva [Archive] - Forum
how can a woman come up with a name like that! [Archive] - Forum
anybody heard of a site called Cute Only? [Archive] - Forum
a persistant lady??????? [Archive] - Forum
A [Archive] - Forum
Male scammers. ..The hidden number..! [Archive] - Forum
anybody know this lady - anastasiya [Archive] - Forum
An introduction from ScamHunter [Archive] - Forum
way to get money back from scammers (russia) [Archive] - Forum
Tatyana Novikova or Tatiana Novikova [Archive] - Forum
I found a new scammer I think [Archive] - Forum
Are you being scammed? [Archive] - Forum
Marina Zabolotskih [Archive] - Forum
Anzhela Gorodchikova [Archive] - Forum
Yulia Vedernikova [Archive] - Forum
ISP's etc [Archive] - Forum
I need ya help fella's [Archive] - Forum
scam have you heard the name Yuliana Mazneva [Archive] - Forum
Is this give away behaviour of a scammer? [Archive] - Forum
Russian Ladies [Archive] - Forum
Help me out guys!! [Archive] - Forum
Passport Cost for Ukraine Woman? [Archive] - Forum
SVETLANA is back ( [Archive] - Forum
I'm a Suckah! [Archive] - Forum
Svetlana Grebnefa [Archive] - Forum
WHATS THE ATTRACTION ??? [Archive] - Forum
Anyone know Uilya-love from Russia [Archive] - Forum
ISP Trace Help Please [Archive] - Forum
Scam attempt? [Archive] - Forum
Am I Being Played? [Archive] - Forum
Your private EYE in Russia [Archive] - Forum
Elena Polyanina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Archive] - Forum
Steven MacGregor (England) [Archive] - Forum
Yahoo email info [Archive] - Forum
Possible New Scammer [Archive] - Forum
Marriage [Archive] - Forum
Things to do when you have been scammed [Archive] - Forum
Anybody ever heard from love-machine69 [Archive] - Forum
GlobalLadies & RussianLadies [Archive] - Forum
Are there any genuine Russian dating sites [Archive] - Forum
Russian Agency [Archive] - Forum
Elvira Yamanaeva [Archive] - Forum
New home work tomottorrow [Archive] - Forum
Really Want Wife??? [Archive] - Forum
she is a woman, has her backside licked many ..... [Archive] - Forum
I have got a serious Scammer [Archive] - Forum
Help!!! [Archive] - Forum
Want a laugh, How sad is this! [Archive] - Forum
I'm now worried !! [Archive] - Forum
Bed Time [Archive] - Forum
Looking for your opinion... [Archive] - Forum
Laugh or cry ?? [Archive] - Forum
Simple question about Bat ! email. Sorry [Archive] - Forum
learning [Archive] - Forum
Scam the Scammer [Archive] - Forum (Scammer City) [Archive] - Forum
New Message from my scammer! [Archive] - Forum
how can you find if their name is true? [Archive] - Forum
What is it about Kazan? [Archive] - Forum
Questions, questions, questions? [Archive] - Forum
has anyone ever accused a girl of being a scammer [Archive] - Forum
this is a good one [Archive] - Forum
You know the signs are there but you are blide [Archive] - Forum
I'm a nnew scammer and I need your advice [Archive] - Forum
post office boxes it that common for russians [Archive] - Forum
To nick20045....I want your opinion [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Tessywinks or sleeksusanola ? [Archive] - Forum
they email you the same email twice LOL [Archive] - Forum
Too much thinking for zip!!!! It's ridiculous [Archive] - Forum
Veronika555 - Elitemate [Archive] - Forum
Has any one looked at the RSVP site? [Archive] - Forum
Tanya Pakeeva - Zinaida Paymakova [Archive] - Forum
Tatyana Kirikova [Archive] - Forum
who is this Yuri and how does it work?? [Archive] - Forum
Natasha [Archive] - Forum
any suggestions ?? Natasha [Archive] - Forum
where has everyone gone? [Archive] - Forum
Is this a scam? [Archive] - Forum
And how about this...scam or not? [Archive] - Forum
To Jason Naglich....Scammer Ludmila Anikina [Archive] - Forum
Anti-scammers --> anti-russians [Archive] - Forum
A NEW LETTER ....... [Archive] - Forum
She falls in love with me...hehehehe [Archive] - Forum
no comment [Archive] - Forum
PLEASE HELP ME !! [Archive] - Forum
Russians vs North Americans [Archive] - Forum
Question about phone service in the Ukraine? [Archive] - Forum
Waste of time [Archive] - Forum
President Putin ordered to arrest Internet scam [Archive] - Forum
Typical scammer [Archive] - Forum
Internet search [Archive] - Forum
UKRAINE joins the NATO and screw russia [Archive] - Forum
About prewritten letters [Archive] - Forum
match-com & Yahoo sued over dating fraud [Archive] - Forum
SCAM OR NOT ?!!!!!!!! [Archive] - Forum
North American girls ..... [Archive] - Forum
About replies ...... [Archive] - Forum
And more about correspondence and meetings..... [Archive] - Forum
Please read this... NO COMMENT [Archive] - Forum
Are all of these scammers really Russian? [Archive] - Forum
About correspondence with Russian women [Archive] - Forum
beware of agency ridden/populated forums [Archive] - Forum
I acquired a new habit! [Archive] - Forum
What to do if you have been scammed [Archive] - Forum
I am being scammed right now!!! russian email visa [Archive] - Forum
How to kill the scamming company [Archive] - Forum
What can i do now? [Archive] - Forum
please read [Archive] - Forum
Website to report being scammed [Archive] - Forum
Just finding out that your new love is fake? [Archive] - Forum
is there a whay to stop this whoman? [Archive] - Forum
what should I do?? [Archive] - Forum
How should I stop this scammer [Archive] - Forum
I am also new victim of scam from Bulgarian [Archive] - Forum
Swindler with warrant of arrest-Philippines [Archive] - Forum
Scam the scammer? [Archive] - Forum
Warning Shawna Donato Out Scammed alot of guys and in las vegas,nevada with husband [Archive] - Forum
Question [Archive] - Forum
Friendly advice [Archive] - Forum
Anna Wilson [Archive] - Forum
Need Info, if someone can help [Archive] - Forum
Is her international passport true? [Archive] - Forum
I need help and advice [Archive] - Forum
I just have a quick question for you guys [Archive] - Forum
Advice Needed for A Chinese women? [Archive] - Forum
Scammer jessica michaels [Archive] - Forum
Baiting the hook [Archive] - Forum
Here is another alias [Archive] - Forum
Need some advice [Archive] - Forum
any one know [Archive] - Forum
Interesting comments [Archive] - Forum
Background checks [Archive] - Forum
Condolences [Archive] - Forum
How to Catch a Scammer [Archive] - Forum
How know ekaterina solovyeva or elena volkova [Archive] - Forum
Sutble Agency Scams [Archive] - Forum
Payback - Western Union style [Archive] - Forum
Communicate with me before sending money [Archive] - Forum
Possible scam from Nigeria? [Archive] - Forum
need some assistance [Archive] - Forum
phone calls from Russia [Archive] - Forum
another scam version from Russia [Archive] - Forum
Send her flowers [Archive] - Forum
Scam or not? [Archive] - Forum
Olga Olegovna Nikitina: revisited [Archive] - Forum
watch out for this new one just had it tried on me [Archive] - Forum
Scammer free to good home. Any takers? [Archive] - Forum
No comments [Archive] - Forum
Passport - can it be verified ???? [Archive] - Forum
I found something interesting... did you use that? [Archive] - Forum
Possible Scam? nigeria? [Archive] - Forum
Scam the Scammer [Archive] - Forum
Report a scam [Archive] - Forum
Ekaterina Shirshova [Archive] - Forum
Old scammer-new (?) scammer [Archive] - Forum
Shipping things to me [Archive] - Forum [Archive] - Forum
The Taxi Scam [Archive] - Forum
how to report a scammer to the Philippine gov. [Archive] - Forum
How to catch a black nigerian scammer? I denounced him at EFCC and at London Police [Archive] - Forum
i beleave iam being scamed [Archive] - Forum
Scam or Love? Help against Russian scammer here [Archive] - Forum
Sending items to sell [Archive] - Forum
Scam the Scammer [Archive] - Forum
Playing with scammers [Archive] - Forum
Elena Postnikova whit picture SCAMMER [Archive] - Forum
FUN WITH SCAMMERS [Archive] - Forum
I LOVE SCAMMERS! [Archive] - Forum
Scamming the Scammers: Worth it? [Archive] - Forum
meeting a fake FBI agent [Archive] - Forum from Ghana [Archive] - Forum
Website to report being scammed [Archive] - Forum
visa [Archive] - Forum
Report on forums or blogs? [Archive] - Forum
Lebanon scammers [Archive] - Forum
About marriage with pretty and young women [Archive] - Forum
Agency Scouts! [Archive] - Forum
Info re: Scammer Maria Nizovtseva [Archive] - Forum
Tatyanna Timonina [Archive] - Forum
i also am new [Archive] - Forum
You can get "scammed" after meeting, too [Archive] - Forum
Condolences [Archive] - Forum
Possible new form of scam? [Archive] - Forum
Is the basic scammer premise really true? [Archive] - Forum
Oh my God..its still active! [Archive] - Forum
Sex trip in Russia??? [Archive] - Forum
Hi can anyone help me? [Archive] - Forum
The bat e-mailer and Elena [Archive] - Forum
Tatyana Gravilova / Ekaterina Veselova - Warning! [Archive] - Forum
Truth about "some site..." [Archive] - Forum
Cut the crap!!! [Archive] - Forum
Agency Photo/Beauty Contests [Archive] - Forum
the bat! [Archive] - Forum
Second Generation Scammers? [Archive] - Forum
What about the Scammers in Nigeria [Archive] - Forum
Calling ndikta [Archive] - Forum
Yoshkar-Ola Scams [Archive] - Forum
Relevant Point [Archive] - Forum
A new kind of scammer [Archive] - Forum
Scam in Romania [Archive] - Forum
Do they think we are all idiots ?? [Archive] - Forum
I just got A ckeck for $4,800.00 [Archive] - Forum
Suggestion [Archive] - Forum
Latest varient [Archive] - Forum
An Option [Archive] - Forum
Elena Demands...LOL [Archive] - Forum
Info on the bat e-mailer [Archive] - Forum
Elena gets the pet [Archive] - Forum
For those who wised up [Archive] - Forum
BBC article [Archive] - Forum
read IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SCAMMED [Archive] - Forum
if you get this letter you have a scammer [Archive] - Forum
New variant of visa/ticket scenario [Archive] - Forum
Just been scammed big time!!! [Archive] - Forum
darn! any of you get these daft letters! [Archive] - Forum
Elena Polyanina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Archive] - Forum
Steven MacGregor (England) [Archive] - Forum
Investigating people [Archive] - Forum
still learning [Archive] - Forum
Scam the scammer [Archive] - Forum
Scam the scammer [Archive] - Forum
still learnig [Archive] - Forum
to prove a point my reply is on its way [Archive] - Forum
yahoo [Archive] - Forum
to see if the girls is the one in pic [Archive] - Forum
New "Russian Brides" scam scenario. Be careful! [Archive] - Forum
new Russian scammers' scenario [Archive] - Forum
Nigerian 419 [Archive] - Forum
International group with hackers too! [Archive] - Forum
Common scenarios used by Nigerian scammers [Archive] - Forum
Scammer that Use God in there profile [Archive] - Forum
Beware: [Archive] - Forum
Is this a new "methodology" being used? [Archive] - Forum
Phillipines Scam Scenario [Archive] - Forum
Now Lesbian & Bi females... [Archive] - Forum
Old scenario with new illustration :-) [Archive] - Forum
scam [Archive] - Forum
Old scenario with new illustration (2) :-) [Archive] - Forum
my walk-in dating agency experience in 1999 [Archive] - Forum
"Anita Dabor" The Internet Con. [Archive] - Forum
Pay per letter scam!!! [Archive] - Forum
The ATP financial and consultancy group [Archive] - Forum
New scenario [Archive] - Forum
Birthday scammer [Archive] - Forum
Charity foundation for poor children in the Philippines [Archive] - Forum
Re: scam //MEYUAN TRAVEL AGENCY CHINA // A SCAM [Archive] - Forum
Kseniya Shabardina and Tour.Dreams in Russia [Archive] - Forum
Top countries with the highest number of scammers [Archive] - Forum
Information about scammers [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Larisa Kungurtseva [Archive] - Forum
BEWARE OF LARISA KUNGURTSEVA [Archive] - Forum still promoting scammers [Archive] - Forum
Can you help? [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Julia from Izhevsk (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Ekaterina Katsyba from Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Julia Krasikowa from Emva (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scammer Alina from Snezhinsk (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Anastasia from Abdulino (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Olga Andreeva from Kansk (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scammer Olga Krasnoperova from Ufa (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Yana Krysenkouva from Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scam Ekaterina Gromova from Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Oksana Lebedeva from Pestravka (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scam Olga from Ekaterinburg (Russia) and Moscow (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Anastasia from St. Petersburg (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Yana from Moscow (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Elena Nekrasouva from Ekaterinburg (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Tatyana Chirkova from Dzerzhinsk (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Ekaterina Letinski from Kamyshin (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Veronica Cheglova from Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Natalia from Tomsk (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Olga Sinhik from Holmogory and Novosibirsk (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Tatyana from Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Julia Miyhaleva from Rybinsk and Yaroslavl (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Natalia Nikitina from Kayerkan and Syktyvkar (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Nadezhda from Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Olga Nosoa from Kemerovo (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Alida Shagimardanova from Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Irina Putilova from Kazan (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Lubov Shalagina from Saratov (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Julia Mihalyowa from Kirov (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Veronica Vasilevna Scheglova from Bavli (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Elena Krylova from Syzran (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Julia Titouwa from Dobryanka (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Valeria from Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Lilia from Solikamsk and Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Lina Petrovna Zlaya from Khimki and Moscow (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Elena Martynova from Lykovo and Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Maria from Kaluga (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Maria Glyebova from Astrakhan (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Elena Kiushina from Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Ekaterina from Batyrevo (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Nadezhda Tulkacheva from Kozlovka (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Oksana from Moscow (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Tatyana from Mokshan and Penza (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Regina from Ryazan and Shilovo (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Tatyana Raschupkina from Novosibirsk (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
Elena Reveko from Noginsk (Russia) [Archive] - Forum
are these known scammers [Archive] - Forum
danger scammer [Archive] - Forum
Elena from Simferopol [Archive] - Forum
Stuck @ Gloria Hotels [Archive] - Forum
Another Nigerian Favorite [Archive] - Forum
Nigerian Scammers [Archive] - Forum
If you want to recover your lost money in Africa [Archive] - Forum
I knew right away this was a scam. Just thought I [Archive] - Forum
You can help me contact the other victim [Archive] - Forum
Eunice Lamtey [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Hanna James from Ilorin (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Ann Hudson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Yolanda Angeles from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scammer Angela Bornson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Tamika Sim from Ikeja and Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Alexis Brown from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scammer Mary Wright from Ile Ife (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scam Ellen Micheal Donald from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Amelia Vickery from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Joy from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scam Becky Andrew from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Jessica Markling from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Leah from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scam Sofia Carie from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Sherry Amble from Lagos (Nigeria); Cyberjaya and Selangor (Malaysia) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Nicole from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scammer Linda Benson from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scam Karina Martins from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Marian Scott from Abeokuta, Ogun (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Tonya Massey Carter from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Billyan Wimberly from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Mary Petersen from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Sandra Johns from Lagos and Oyo (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Alexis McFord from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Carol S. Craft from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Kate Wayne from Lagos (Nigeria) [Archive] - Forum
Janet Cees Karen from Osun (Nigeria) and Copenhagen (Denmark) [Archive] - Forum
Janet Mathieu from Lagos (Nigeria) and Palestine [Archive] - Forum
Wendy Walter from Lagos (Nigeria) and Kansas (USA) [Archive] - Forum
Rita Munoz from Lagos (Nigeria), Bangkok (Thailand) and Commerce City, CO (USA) [Archive] - Forum
Elizabeth Schafer from Lagos (Nigeria) and Irving, TX (USA) [Archive] - Forum
Need Advise ASAP [Archive] - Forum
Mavis Donkoh accra ghana [Archive] - Forum
There was a Big Misunderstanding [Archive] - Forum
Nichole Williams from Ghana [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Adu-Nti Asare from Sunyani (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scammer Cynthia Mantebea from Accra (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Dora Amoako from Accra (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Selina from Accra (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scam Stella from Accra (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Kelly Michelle Emmanuel from Accra (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scam Aye Kwity from Accra (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Jennifer Brown from Accra and Agona Kwanyako (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Mary Bentume from Agona Swedru (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Arisha Namal from Accra (Ghana) and Darfur (Sudan) [Archive] - Forum
Candrella Holtby from Accra (Ghana) [Archive] - Forum
Angelica Halverson from Accra (Ghana) and Isle of Man (UK) [Archive] - Forum
Rudy Istre from Accra (Ghana) and Cullman, Alabama (USA) [Archive] - Forum
Mary Osew from Accra (Ghana), Las Vegas and California (USA) [Archive] - Forum
Kate Handbburg from Accra (Ghana) and West Palm Beach, Florida (USA) [Archive] - Forum
Victoria Smith from Ghana [Archive] - Forum
Dating scammers [Archive] - Forum
Being scammed from Ghana [Archive] - Forum
has anyone [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Rita Wilson [Archive] - Forum
Ghana Scammer Marilyn Lane [Archive] - Forum
Nothing here? [Archive] - Forum
Ukraine Scammers on FoxNews!!! [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Ludmila Romashka from Donetsk (Ukraine) and Svobodne (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Anastasia Sladkaya from Lugansk (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Tatyana from Khmelnytsky, Lugansk, Rakhnovka (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scam Elizaveta from Kharkov and Malinovka (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scam Maria from Lugansk, Ukraine [Archive] - Forum
Romance scam Yana from Stryi (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Dating scam Jenny Cole from Kharkov and Malinovka (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Inna from Tarasovka (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Irina Shulzhenko from Gorskoe and Lugansk (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Valentina Tereshkova from Zhitomir (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Alla Simonenko from Donetsk and Nikolaevka (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Natalia from Lugansk (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Natalia from Lugansk (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Natalia Tokar from Lugansk and Svatovo (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Natalia from Popasnaya (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Svetlana from Lugansk (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Anna from Aleksandrovsk (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Irina Bashich from Kharkov and Kiev (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Marina Laziuk from Nikolaev (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Anna Livarenko from Lvov (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Elena Volkova from Lvov (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Julia Zolotarewa from Lugansk and Rubezhnoe (Ukraine) [Archive] - Forum
Romanian Scammer Rovena Pichiu [Archive] - Forum
Scammer Ramona Gabriel NITU from Galati [Archive] - Forum
the same words [Archive] - Forum
How can we stop her? [Archive] - Forum
Dating scammer Ashley Verga from Manila (Philippines) [Archive] - Forum
Romance scammer Ashley Brickman from Lagos (Nigeria) and Manila (Philippines) [Archive] - Forum
Scam Angie Cassie from Manila (Philippines) [Archive] - Forum
Simmy Winterstrom from Manila (Philippines) [Archive] - Forum
Ale Jean Christo from Surigao (Philippines) [Archive] - Forum
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Checking [Archive] - Forum
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Philippines [Archive] - Forum
The faces of Diana [Archive] - Forum
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Scam or Not [Archive] - Forum
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How i got my husband and sick lil girl back home [Archive] - Forum
suspicious [Archive] - Forum
Clever Scammer? [Archive] - Forum
Odd but is this a scam? Red Flags went off. [Archive] - Forum
Suspicious scam websites? [Archive] - Forum
Romanian Woman is driving me nuts [Archive] - Forum
Questionable lady [Archive] - Forum
russian scammer asking my address details to sent me a bank check to clear it [Archive] - Forum
Confidential Connections [Archive] - Page 2 - Forum
UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections) [Archive] - Page 2 - Forum
UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections) [Archive] - Page 3 - Forum
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UALadys.Com (Ex Confidential Connections) [Archive] - Page 5 - Forum
psychobabbling [Archive] - Page 2 - Forum
psychobabbling [Archive] - Page 3 - Forum
showthread.php 1023 pages
Email header analyzer
How to...?
Re Chida Oslin
Cielo Estiva Abarla Scam
Darling please this is my full life story with love and the trus
Emotional Devastation of being Romanced Scammed.
Be active, post on our Forum and become Free Gold Member
New scammer modus operandi at the dating sites.
Forum Rules
Any suggestions and feedbacks are welcome!
Are ther any REAL Russian dating sites?
get back
deter the scammer
do not hide it!!!do not close it!!!
Check your Russian girl
Funniest or most interesting scam encounter you've had?
On average, how many scam emails do you get per week?
Have you ever actually sent money over?
Manipulated into scam or affair?
Ever met a scammer in real life?
funny scamming
scammers on social networks
A new scam?
What's your trick?
Scammers-Who are they ?
How to determine photos are real?
Scam Likelihood Increases With Age Difference?
Does she belong here?
I do not think she is a scammer.
A Tale of a Cheap Romanian Money Whore- Bookofher (Chaturbate Name)- Caution
One thing to understand about Scammers
Could she be real?
Scammer language
Easy way to check scam
email address
Some Countries Worse Than Others...
odd things in letters
Website to report being scammed
7 tips how to recognize a scammer
Examples of International scams
Customs Supervision Fee
Some of the signs...
russian scammer asking my address details to sent me a bank check to clear it
Questionable lady
Romanian Woman is driving me nuts
Suspicious scam websites?
Odd but is this a scam? Red Flags went off.
Clever Scammer? - scam or not?
Scam or Not
Please advice
Warning Shawna Donato Out Scammed alot of guys and in las vegas,nevada with husband
I am also new victim of scam from Bulgarian
Scam the scammer?
Website to report being scammed
Swindler with warrant of arrest-Philippines
what should I do??
I am being scammed right now!!! russian email visa
How should I stop this scammer
is there a whay to stop this whoman?
Just finding out that your new love is fake?
any one know
Is her international passport true?
Need some advice
Here is another alias
Baiting the hook
Scammer jessica michaels
Advice Needed for A Chinese women?
Need Info, if someone can help
I just have a quick question for you guys
I need help and advice
Sending items to sell
Scam or not?
Shipping things to me
i beleave iam being scamed
Scam or Love? Help against Russian scammer here
How to catch a black nigerian scammer? I denounced him at EFCC and at London Police
how to report a scammer to the Philippine gov.
I found something interesting... did you use that?
The Taxi Scam from Ghana
meeting a fake FBI agent
Scam the Scammer
Scamming the Scammers: Worth it?
Playing with scammers
Elena Postnikova whit picture SCAMMER
Report on forums or blogs?
Website to report being scammed
Kseniya Shabardina and Tour.Dreams in Russia
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