Scams can be difficult to recognise. Scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and target people of all backgrounds, ages and income levels. Scams succeed because they look real and catch us off-guard.
We specialize since 2001 in helping people who are dating others online who are not sure if they are being told the truth.
We offer all-in-one high-level scams prevention service including deep background checks, documents verification, professional images search, letters analysis and much more. Know who you're dealing with!
Benefits of using this service
Our most experienced staff members will find out if someone you’ve met on a dating site or on social network is a scammer or a real and honest person. We cross reference different databases to match information.
If you have a person’s full name, email address, home address, phone number and pictures you may be able to uncover useful information to help you make important decisions about who you interact with online.
This is great service for people who think they might be catfished or who want to avoid getting scammed.
Background check for scams service includes:
– We'll verify if the information that someone gave you is true by looking at public social accounts.
– We'll make sure that someone isn’t using a VOIP phone number. Most scammers use an internet number because they have a number in any city/state that they want and can answer from anywhere else in the world. This is common with scams.
– We can help you pull the IP to even give location (country) information about where the emails were sent from.
– We use image meta data and proprietary technology that we scan millions of social profiles including the biggest social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even sites like forums and other online networking sites using a roundup of image searches so, you get the most publicly available results in one place.
– We'll verify if someone you’ve met online is really them.
– We'll find out what websites a person has a profile on.
– We'll verify the authenticity of 1 government issued ID.
– Our professional team will complete analyze email correspondence to find out common scam signs, syntaxis, content, tactics, scenarios, words used etc.
.– Delivery within 3 business days.
.– You'll get the complete report and final answer on most important question: Are you dealing with a scammer or not?
Our Motto is: “Validity, Reliability, Accuracy”.
Quality of the report and collected data depends only on how complete and accurate information of the person to check you’ll provide to us.
So, be ready to provide available data of the person to check from the list below:
– Full name (first name and last name)
– Age and (if available) date of birth
– All known email address(es)
– Home address
– Phone number(s)
– Up to 5 photos (.JPG or .BMP or .TIF extension; NO SCREENSHOTS)
– 1 document to verify (.JPG or .BMP or .TIF extension; NO SCREENSHOTS)
– All letters received from suspected person (.EML or .MSG or .DOC or .TXT extension; NO .PDF FILES AND/OR SCREENSHOTS)
Note; If you are going to provide us letters as text file(s) it's very important to provide email headers as well. Find them, copy and paste into text files. How to find the email headers?
$95 only
– The most complete report
– Fast delivery
BONUS: One month Free Gold Membership on or ($16.45 worth)
All Visa/Mastercard/Diners/Amex payments are being processed via PayPal: either using a PayPal account or checking out as a guest with the 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' option.
After completing your payment, you will be forwarded back to our website.
Order form:
You'll receive information on how to send us photos of the person to check, document and letters after confirmed payment.

First name - type the first name of the personr you want to check.
Last name - If known, type the last name of the person you want to check. If you do not know or you are unsure of the last name, please leave this field blank.
Age or date of birth - please enter the age and date of birth for the person you wish to check.
Locations (country and city) - please enter all known cities and countries where this person lives.
Postal addresses - please enter all known postal addresses of the person you want to check. If you do not know the address, please leave this field blank..
Phone numbers - please enter all known phone numbers of the person you wish to check. Otherwise, please leave this field blank.-.
E-mail addresses - please enter all known Email addresses of the person you wish to check.
Found on websites - enter here all known websites where the person you want to check has profiles.

Please type your story here.
As you complete your story, please make sure you address the following points:
1. Who initiated contact?
2. How was contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from?
3. How long did you correspond with this person?
4. Did you notice anything strange during your correspondence?

Your full name - please enter your full name here. We need this for your Free Gold membership.
Your Email address - please enter your Email address here. It is important that you enter a valid address as this is where we will send the report, login information and instructions on how to provide us with photos of the person to check, document and letters.